Let It Come Down

Let It Come Down

by SpiritualizedSpiritualized


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Back in the earliest days of rock 'n' roll, people like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard struggled with an internal battle between total sensual pleasure and thoughts of the Man Upstairs -- a tug-of-war that's captured in stunning detail on the long-awaited return of Spiritualized. Leader Jason Pierce has long done his best to harness the spiritual cleansing aspects of sacred music and fuse them with the inner-mind explorations of pure psychedelia, and he's never been more successful than on Let It Come Down, Spiritualized's fourth studio album. With gospel choirs, dizzyingly flanged drums and guitars, and swelling strings, the disc's intensity matches Pierce's unashamed, unreconstructed hedonism, which he flaunts on the smirking, fuzztone-drenched garage-rocker "The Twelve Steps," where he challenges prohibitionists with lines like "The only time I'm drug and drink free is when I get my drugs and drink for free." But while there's certainly plenty of meaning to dig out from behind the wall of sound, it's just as sensually pleasing to bask in the spangled textures emanating from the tinkling pianos and snarling guitars of "On Fire" and "Just Do Something" and the lush percussion of "Do It All Over Again." The centerpiece, a ten-minute exploration called "You Won't Get to Heaven," brings together all of the above, with swelling orchestration that'd do Bacharach proud. There's almost too much going on here to absorb during one pass-through, but like an overflowing smorgasbord, it's impossible to resist diving right in.

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Release Date: 09/25/2001
Label: Arista
UPC: 0078221472227
catalogNumber: 14722
Rank: 98576


  1. On Fire
  2. Do It All Over Again
  3. Don't Just Do Something
  4. Out of Sight
  5. The Twelve Steps
  6. The Straight and the Narrow
  7. I Didn't Mean to Hurt You
  8. Stop Your Crying
  9. Anything More
  10. Won't Get to Heaven (the State I'm In)
  11. Lord Can You Hear Me

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Spiritualized   Primary Artist
Chris Clark   Piano
Paul Archibald   Trumpet
Roger Brenner   Trombone
Heather Cairncross   Alto (Vocal)
Roger Chase   Viola
Andy Findon   Flute
Graham Lee   Trombone
London Community Gospel Choir   Background Vocals
Ann Morfee   Violin
Kate Musker   Viola
Johnathan Rees   Violin
Colin Sheen   Trombone
Cathy Thompson   Violin
Andrew Gray   Tenor (Vocal)
Cor Anglais   Double Bass
Mary Scully   Double Bass
Helen Tunstall   Harp
Tony Pleeth   Cello
Patrick Kiernan   Violin
Jackie Shave   Violin
Bruce White   Viola
Martin Owen   French Horn
Jason Pierce   Banjo,Guitar,Harmonica,Piano,Vocals
Dave Heath   Flute
David Fuest   Bass Clarinet
David Daniels [cello]   Cello
Andrew Crowley   Trumpet
Peter Davies   Trombone
Cathy Giles   Cello
Philip Dukes   Viola
Paul Gardham   French Horn
Ian Humphries   Violin
Gavin McNaughton   Bassoon
Pery Montague   Violin
Anthony Pike   Clarinet
Michael Dore   Bass (Vocal)
Nigel Short   Counter Tenor (Vocal)
Daniel Thomas   Choir Director
Jane Marshall   Double Bass
Everton Nelson   Violin
Mimi Parker   Vocals
Rachelle Weston   Alto (Vocal)
Miffy Hirsch   Violin
Nigel Black   French Horn
Jonathan Tunnell   Cello
Jeremy Morris   Violin
Sonia Slaney   Violin
Hugh Seenan   French Horn
Thighpaulsandra   Guitar,Piano,Hammond Organ,fender rhodes,Mini Moog,Kurzweil K-2000
Roger Argente   Bass Trombone
Dai Emanuel   Violin
Richard Addison   Clarinet
Chris Cowie   Oboe
Kevin Bales   Drums
Pete Whyman   Clarinet,Saxophone
James Adams   Trombone
Michael Hext   Trombone
Ray Dickaty   Baritone Saxophone,Soprano Saxophone
Ben Edwards   Trumpet
Dave Temple   Clarinet,Saxophone
Steve Morris   Violin

Technical Credits

Spacemen 3   Composer
John Coxon   Producer
Jason Pierce   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Mads Bjerke   Engineer
Guy Massey   Engineer
J. Spaceman   Composer,Producer

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