Lessons from a Desperado Poet: How to Find Your Way When You Don't Have a Map, How to Win the Game When You Don't Know the Rules, and When Someone Says it Can't be Done, What They Mean is They Can't Do It

Lessons from a Desperado Poet: How to Find Your Way When You Don't Have a Map, How to Win the Game When You Don't Know the Rules, and When Someone Says it Can't be Done, What They Mean is They Can't Do It

by Baxter Black

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A mind-tickling romp through the formation, fermentation, and fruition of the author's career as a poet in a country where publishing poetry is "practically illegal," Lessons from a Desperado Poet boldly injects a poem now and again when it is relevant, just to prove a point!

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ISBN-13: 9780762769148
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Cowboy poet and large-animal veterinarian, Baxter Black, says "I was raised with the coyotes. No, this is serious. I was raised in New Mexico, did three years at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, then four more years at Colorado State University to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Veterinary school was hard for me. (The price of a gallon of gas was higher than my GPA!)"Throughout the summers of my college years I worked at different livestock operations as 'cowboy labor.' To help support myself, among other things, I had a band and rode bulls. Upon graduation I practiced for thirteen years in the livestock business and would still be there if cowboy poetry had not hijacked my life."Since poetry is virtually illegal in the United States, I have had to work around the edges of the mainstream to make a living - outside the box, as it were. For thirty years I have been successful performing cowboy poetry (think of Shakespeare rather than Robert Frost) at venues across the country and in Canada. The greatest blessing in my business is that I have never had to solicit appearances. It has all been word of mouth."To augment my performances, over the years I have expanded into best-selling books, CD and DVD publishing, a regular column, a commercial radio program, National Public Radio appearances, cable television, and producing commercials."Our entertainment business, my wife's and mine, began in Colorado. Twelve years ago we moved to Arizona to take care of my folks. I still have a heavy travel schedule and we have five employees in our office. We have a married daughter and a teenage son. "We live on a small ranch close to the Mexican border and I punch cows when I'm not on the road. It ain't a bad life."

Table of Contents

Foreword vii

Introduction ix

Section 1 How I Learned: Through early entrepreneurial ventures, Through wrestling with implanted but disorganized values, And through dealing with the fear of losing a regular paycheck.

Chapter 1 The Basque Infusion 2

Chapter 2 It Is Illegal to Publish Poetry in the United States 12

Chapter 3 The Making of a Self-Sustaining Poet 20

Chapter 4 A Poet Enters the Real World 35

Section 2 What I Learned: To depend on my marketing ability to survive, To think outside the box, And to appreciate the importance of integrity.

Chapter 5 Starting in the Book Business 54

Chapter 6 Me and NPR 68

Chapter 7 Self-Publishing: Marketing, Promotion, Distribution, and Sales 79

Chapter 8 Marketing Outrageously 88

Chapter 9 How to Control Your Tech Addiction 104

Chapter 10 The Act of Self-Publishing-Preparing Your Manuscript 116

Chapter 11 Spectacular Belly Flops! 131

Chapter 12 Dead Horses and Moving On 142

Chapter 13 Good Management Is Good Help and Enough of It! 150

Chapter 14 Managing Your Finances 164

Chapter 15 Travelin-Goin' Down the Road 169

Section 3 Why I was Able to Learn: By maintaining my inner values, By trusting my intuitions, And by developing a faith that transcends publicity.

Chapter 16 Doin' Business on a Handshake 182

Chapter 17 Controlling Your Life-Big Decisions Like Turning Down Johnny Carson 193

Chapter 18 Faith 206

Index 213

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