Learning Russian Marathon: How to Speak Russian in 10 Years

Learning Russian Marathon: How to Speak Russian in 10 Years

by Denis P Ivanov


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The language learning guru behind 'Learning To Know Russian' shares his secrets: How to become a more effective Russian learner.

Millions of people studied Russian before you and made the same mistakes that you are probably making right now. So why repeat their mistakes? In just 6 chapters, this language learning expert and enthusiast will change the way you study Russian!

Learning Russian CAN be easy and effective, but only if you know the answers to questions like these:

• How can you learn the most Russian words possible?

• Is there an easy way to master Russian grammar?

• Why do native speakers sound so fast and incomprehensible?

• What's the point of written exercises?

• How can you start speaking Russian without stress?

You will find surprisingly simple solutions to these and many, many more questions in the book.

You can implement what you learn from the book right away - access your video bonuses and you'll start to understand the benefits of this method:

• FOUR Russian video lessons

• THREE video lectures focusing on the learning techniques

• Pocket Guide for Russian travellers

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Each chapter presents an explanation and solution to your Russian learning problems. You will start to understand why you were having problems and will start to do things the right way - to learn Russian effectively and easily.

• What are your sticking points? What is causing you the most problems? For example: 'super complex grammar' or 'fear of actually speaking'?

• What are you doing wrong? Learn and understand the source of your problems and what you have been doing wrong.

• Try a new approach! Start studying effectively - get simple and practical solutions, step by step, with access to video lessons.

Don't wait 10 years - study effectively and start speaking Russian right now!

You can get access to the quick-start bonus video lessons right now.

A few of words from the author:

"I give you my honest, expert opinion. I tell you about my experience and tell you what gets results and what doesn't. The aim of this book and the video lessons is to simply explain to you everything I know about learning Russian.
You can be amazing Russian speaker. This book will teach you how!"

-- Denis P. Ivanov

This practical, smart, and original guide is absolutely essential reading for any learner looking to speak Russian fluently and effortlessly without years spent in language classes.

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ISBN-13: 9781518802294
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/27/2015
Pages: 158
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Denis P. Ivanov is the creator of the Learning To Know Russian™ system, author and course designer. He is an enthusiast and researcher of language learning methods.

You can be an amazing Russian speaker. I'll teach you how.

Facts about the author. Denis
• Holds two higher degrees and has a bunch of certifications
• Has devoted 5 years to language learning R&D
• Was taken by surprise to find that Russian is studied abroad and appreciated far more than it is in Russia

What Denis loves doing:
• Researching and writing super-long and serious articles about the Russian language
• Creating multimedia courses when he has some free time
• Publishing articles all the time, adding to the never-ending wealth of information on the web.

"The goal of my research and work is to make Russian learning effective and effortless... at least painless. To create a system that lets any willing student speak Russian like a native. It seems to be a huge task, but I don't regret taking up the challenge for a second when I see people achieve their goals."
-- Denis P. Ivanov

Author's blog: www.learningtoknowrussian.com

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