Learn Unity 2017 for iOS Game Development: Create Amazing 3D Games for iPhone and iPad

Learn Unity 2017 for iOS Game Development: Create Amazing 3D Games for iPhone and iPad

by Allan Fowler, Philip Chu

NOOK Book2nd ed. (eBook - 2nd ed.)

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Discover how to use Unity with Xcode to create fun, imaginative 3D games for iPhone and iPad. This book shows you how to optimize your game for both speed and quality, how to test and profile your game, and how to get the most out of your iOS device features, including the gyroscope and accelerometer.

You'll also learn how to incorporate the latest Game Center improvements in iOS into your game, how to make sure your game gets into the App Store, and even how to promote your app and track revenue.
Unity is an incredibly powerful and popular game creation tool, and Unity 5 brings even more great features, including Mecanim animation. If you have a great 3D game idea, and you want to make it a reality in the App Store, then Learn Unity 5 for iOS Game Development has exactly what you need.
What You'll Learn
  • How to include iAds
  • How to integrate Game Center leaderboards and achievements
  • How to profile and optimize performance
Who This Book Is For
iOS developers interested in using Unity and Unity developers who want to customize their games for iOS devices.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781484231746
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 11/24/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 440
File size: 10 MB

About the Author

Allan Fowler is currently a professor of software engineering and game development at Kennesaw State University and is a former senior lecturer in game design at Waiariki Institute of Technology. Allan managed a multinational research project which involved investigating the use of a free game development tool for children called Kodu Game Lab. This award winning research received considerable attention from the local, national and International media. In his spare time Allan teaches martial arts, is a keen armature photographer, and makes video games.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Getting Started


Install Unity  

Manage Unity  

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Chapter 2: A Unity Tour

Bring out the Angry Bots  

The Editor Layout  

The Inspector View

The Project View

The Hierarchy View

The Scene View

The Game View

The Console View  

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Chapter 3: Making a Scene

Create a New Project

The Main Camera  

Add a Cube to the Scene

Camera Control  

Add a Light  

Add a Skybox

Add a Flare  


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Chapter 4: Making It Move: Scripting the Cube

Debug the Script  

Make It Rotate

Children of the Cube

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Chapter 5: Let’s Dance! Animation and Sound  

Import the Skeletons Pack  

Add a Skeleton  

Hide the Cubes  

Orbit the Skeleton  

Make the Skeleton Dance  

Make the Skeleton Dance Forever  

Watch the Hips  

Add a Dance Floor

Add a Shadow (Pro)

Add Music

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Chapter 6: Let’s Roll! Physics and Controls

Make a New Scene  

Make a Ball

Customize Collision

Make It Roll  

Be the Ball

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Chapter 7: Let’s Bowl! Advanced Physics  

Lengthen the Lane

Make Some Pins

Keep Playing

Bowling for Barrels

Add Sounds  

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8: Let’s Play! Scripting the Game

The Game Rules  

Scoring the Game

The Pin Status  

The Game Logic

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Chapter 9: The Game GUI

The Scoreboard

The Pause Menu

The Main Page

The Credits Page  

The Options Page  

The Audio Panel

The Graphics Panel  

The System Panel

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Chapter 10: Using Unity iOS

Bring Back the Angry Bots  

Test with the Unity Remote  

Install Xcode

Customize the Player Settings  

Test with the iOS Simulator

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Chapter 11: Building for Real: Device Testing and App Submission

Register as an iOS Developer

The Provisioning Portal  

The Xcode Organizer  

Build and Run


re App Store Graphics  

Add an App on iTunes Connect

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Chapter 12: Presentation: Screens and Icons  

Bowling for iOS

Scale the GUI

Set the Icon  

Set the Splash Screen (Pro)  

A Second Splash Screen  

Display the Activity Indicator

Script the Activity Indicator  

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Chapter 13: Handling Device Input

The Touch Screen

The Accelerometer  

The Camera

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Chapter 14: iAd: Banner Ads and I

nterstitial Ads

iTunes Connect

Add a Banner Ad

Add an Interstitial Ad

Track Ad Revenues

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Chapter 15: Optimization

Choose Your Target

Pro le   

Optimize Settings

Optimizing GameObjects

Optimize Assets

Optimize Scripts

Optimize Of ine

Final Pro le  

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Chapter 16: Where to Go from Here?

More Scripting

Tracking Apps

Promo Codes  

More Monetization  

Final Words

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