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Learn Spanish for Beginners: A Simple Guide to Start Learning Spanish Language:Including Spanish Grammar,Pronunciation,Reading,Writing and 20 Short Stories

Learn Spanish for Beginners: A Simple Guide to Start Learning Spanish Language:Including Spanish Grammar,Pronunciation,Reading,Writing and 20 Short Stories

by Paul Banos


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Do you want to learn Spanish Language in the least time possible?Do you want to know how to read Spanish language?

This book will help you increase your vocabulary with modern phrases, along with their translation using the 10 Spanish short stories covered.

In this guide, you will find valuable methods on creating a learning program for yourself as well as tips and tricks regarding how and where to start. The most important factor to consider is your reason for learning Spanish. You will need to call upon this reason to motivate you and provide the drive you will need to stick with this commitment. Refer to the lessons outlined in this guide to hold yourself accountable as you take this journey.

Don't put off learning Spanish as something you'll do someday, and start with these easy steps to learn Spanish NOW! Even a small commitment of time each day will be beneficial, and the sooner you get started, the faster you'll be able to say, "Estoy tan feliz de haber aprendido Espanol" (I am so happy that I learned Spanish!).

Learning Spanish should not be hard and tiresome. Therefore, this book has provided beneficial tips to understand various Spanish accents and exposed you to some of the Spanish grammar rules. Learning Spanish will also make your travel adventure fun and exciting if you visit places where Spanish is spoken. We all have to start somewhere. Do not be discouraged if you are not learning the language as fast as you want to. Learning a new language is not easy, but it can be made fun and fast if you have the right attitude. Positive attitude motivates, and it influences learning. It will make learning the hardest lesson appear easy. It is also important to surround yourself with people who will encourage you to do more and be the best you can be. We cannot hide the fact that, in the future, the Spanish language will be widely spoken across the world, just like English.

This book will help you increase your vocabulary with modern phrases, along with their translations. It's divided into four lessons that range from common Spanish phrases and greetings to relationships and dating. These lessons include example sentences where you can read the word in action so that you can come to understand, not only the meaning of one single word but, most importantly, how to use it and the most appropriate context where it should be used. All these terms and phrases are accompanied by their translations in English.

The learner is encouraged to read the book and use its information as soon as possible. Practice makes perfect, so don't feel embarrassed to use the vocabulary you're learning. On the contrary, come back to the book every time you need to remember a certain word or phrase and use it successfully and with courage!

Learning a new language is like a long path you need to walk to become proficient, but you don't need to walk alone. This book is your companion in every situation you encounter yourself in. You have the help you need to grow your vocabulary and say that you truly speak a new language.

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ISBN-13: 9781914183133
Publisher: Barbara Di Stanislao Ltd
Publication date: 11/22/2020
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.79(d)

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

Learn Spanish for Beginners: 1

Introduction 5


Chapter 1: How to Learn a New Language 7

Chapter 2: The Fundamentals of Spanish 10

Chapter 3: Basic Spanish Words and Phrases 21

Chapter 4: Common expressions and Questions 24

Chapter 5: The Alphabet 36

Chapter 6: Pronunciation Differences 41

Chapter 7: Spanish Phrases 94


Chapter 8: El peor verano- The worst Summer 132

Chapter 9: Hora de creer-Time to believe 137

Chapter 10: Blogueando Ando-Blogging Ando 140

Chapter 11: No te excedas-Do not overdo it 143

Chapter 12: Amor Prohibido-Forbidden Love 147

Chapter 13: La Familia Cooper-The Cooper Family 150

Chapter 14: ¡Me voy! (I'm leaving!) 154

Chapter 15: El Pincel Mágico 161

Chapter 16: Los hermanos del bosque 166

Chapter 17: Los nombres (The names) 171

Chapter 18: El huevo podrido (The rotten egg) 178

Chapter 19: Terror en el ático (Horror in the attic) 184

Chapter 20: Sin café no hay paraíso 190

Chapter 21: El estudiante y el maestro-Students and Teachers 193

Chapter 22: Los talla calabazas-The pumpkin carvings 197

Chapter 23: Un gran pequeño descubrimiento-A great little discovery 200

Chapter 24: El mejor vehículo de Uber-Earn money by driving uber 203

Chapter 25: Fotos rústicas-Rustic Farm 206

Chapter 26: Cuidado con lo que deseas-Be careful what you want 209

Chapter 27: T-areaH4me 212

Chapter 28: El rey del callejón (The king of the alley) 215

Conclusion 221

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