Leadership Through the Dark: Godly Leadership Is Not Hindered Because of the Dark or Its Predators...

Leadership Through the Dark: Godly Leadership Is Not Hindered Because of the Dark or Its Predators...

by Dr Johnny J. Boudreaux


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This book will explain the procedures in which leaders should use to develop their ministry while offering instructions in how this is done. The process will be different for each individual, and this is presented in the chapters of this book. Each chapter has its own issues expressed by way suggestions in how to concentrate on them. It presents the mode and characteristics of leaders and what appear to be their motives and concerns. The book displays leaders in many different ways, good and bad. It reveals that darkness is not always a see-less disposition, but, a self made category that place excuses and self made reasons for failure. You will love the descriptions given along with the circumstances incurred in these chapters, and may feel at some point in the book it is speaking about you...that's when you will realize how energizing it will be to the ones who have read this book!

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ISBN-13: 9781468531923
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/08/2012
Pages: 120
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Leadership Through The Dark

Godly leadership is not hindered because of the dark or its predators ...
By Johnny J. Boudreaux


Copyright © 2012 Dr. Johnny J. Boudreaux
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-3192-3

Chapter One

Leadership Through The Dark:

When hearing the term dark or darkness used, the first thing that is imaged will be something lacking light, night time, gloom, and dismal. The metaphors here establish the prospect for the reader to put the symbols and images together with a sufficient understanding. The setting for this chapter is to allow the reader the ability to identify him or herself in areas of danger and controversy, while working out a method in how to govern his or herself in the mysterious areas of life when confronted with controversy. I have discovered that the dark is not the problem; it's the individual in the dark living in sin.

Leadership is something many people never give much consideration to until they are challenged by some type of catastrophic event. Oh yes, we claim to make it our top priority, but never taking a critical view of our surroundings. The everyday functions for leaders such as marriage, parenting and relationships with people, will demonstrate a comprehensive portrait of what type leaders we are.

The advantages given to leaders are limited to a set of elements or attitudes, which satisfies specified geometric postulates. These elements are integrity, intensity, and intimacy. Such essentials will challenge leaders as well as speak vigorously about those who are engaged in the occupation and possession of such status. The darkness is ... the stage, which provides a leader platform to execute what he or she has revealed should be accomplished. The darkness will be determined by the faith leaders have in the one who has called him or her to a specific duty. Gravity in a leader is something that will be identified, and the stability of the leader will be materialized with enough preparation; and we will learn how to cope with the magnitude of this kind of influence.

The dignity of our character, manner, or language will exhibit why God has made man to rule, and how this process is presented will be determined by the darkness of the path or by the life-style a leader choose to live. The area of the test is not always the path connected to something; it may concern circumstances completely different from the norm. David said, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me." (Psalm 23:4) The darkness of David experience was defeated by his faith and the experience he shared with God on a journey that just happened, threatened, to take him where his life would be threaten by someone close to him, who would attempt to destroy him.

The darkness in David life reveals the present of jealousy, doubt, fear, guilt, hate and fleeing, which will turn the average life upside down. But, how we keep the light around us shining is by walking with faith and trust in God. Faith is the essences of a believer's life, which removes all doubt and fear. Let's look at a few opposite of faith:

Faithless Living

We cannot live a meaningful life without faith; and such a reality will not produce truth. The darkness about such a life-style would be to live without the love and integrity of God, which was displayed in the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6). The question that is now being asked is "how can we come out of the dark without Jesus"? The reason we are in the dark is because we are out of the presence of Jesus. When man begins to think for himself, he pushes Jesus aside by sending the message, that He is not needed any more. Faithless living is easily defined and detected. The leader must at all times live a defining life-style.

How can leadership be activated without Jesus Christ; the one who has shown us how living is done? There are many individuals who would like to lead, but, they don't want the responsibility that comes along with the task. Leadership is more than just the example; it is the pattern and engrafted principles, which displays the manifestation and the hope of what God is looking for in the lives of humanity. Every leader has his/her specific goals, patterns with objectives, which reveal their vision and agenda for completing the task. Darkness appears when we cannot see or hear God in what is simply desired or accomplished. If all the people observe is you, if all of what the people gather is about you, then God is not in the picture and darkness prevail.


Every man desires to do his own thing! When this occurs, confusion and misdirection evolves and everyone begins to accuse each other for the crisis that follows. Confusion, hate and anger are a sure signs of darkness. Our society has found itself in a dark room and the pointing of the finger has become a way of life to many. Instead of accepting responsibility, leaders are playing the blame game. The world's leadership has produced little effort in showing those who are depending on them the transparency in their lives. An overwhelming amount of leaders are holding on to what they call "their business", when their lives should be an open book. If leaders have the right to keep their affairs private there would not be anything to exhibit, which would make it difficult to be an example to others. It is imperative that the leader hides nothing; making it difficult for the devil to have evidence to condemn him or her in any matter.

Christian leaders are not prefect by any measure and should not direct others toward the idea that they he or she have a perfect life-style. The people should not look at a leader beyond his/her capabilities, but as called of God and able to make transition on their individual short-comings, while expecting others to do the same. If the people can identify their leaders as the Noah's, Abraham's, Jacob's, Joseph's, David's, Peter's, and Paul's, just to name a few, they will be better informed with a clearer understanding of what God is looking for in leaders and all who are followers of Him.

Leaders are not supermen! They are men and women with desires just like all other men and women with aspiration. Leaders are those who follow and depend on God for all their needs. They are those who demonstrate that trust can happen and will pay off if they are willing to display the patience needed to overcome. Leaders are like those I have mentioned above, they are over-comers, who has achieved things everyone believed could not be done. They have challenged the system and did what everyone said could not be done. Believers many times assumed the privilege of calling on those who have made many accomplishments and are called heroes, without giving God any glory. Now that is selfish!

Lack of Communication

The problems we are experiencing the majority of the time are those we have created. God is not getting the glory for our success and we are paying the price for not giving Him all of what is His. The leaders in the church are giving glory to themselves and the people; not God, which leads many in the wrong direction, and these are some of the reasons why communication is so unattractive to many. The church is feeding the poor, but boasting about self, where as many times depending on government grants to accomplish the task; that is ugly. The church is winning souls for Christ, but is not willing to have long-term relationship with those being saved. The Word of God directs us, "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will Of God. (Romans12:2) Are we there yet?

Supporting the Church

Is what the church doing God sanctioned or world pleasing? Jesus never gave orders to Roman to give money to feed those who followed Him; Jesus did not direct the church to order Roman to support the people outside of the church! The churches were instructed to give benevolence to help the church in Jerusalem for needs of believers. This was not an option for the church; it was mandatory. We are required to help each other and are given directions on how to get everything they may receive from the people for this particular purpose (1Corinthians 16:1-7). This offering was not to be taken specifically in one hour or day, but time was given for them to accomplish the task by setting aside a little each week or month, until someone authorized would come by and receive what was taken up for those in Jerusalem.

God has not turned any lights out, He has yet to return and until that happens we are the light of the world. (Matthew 5:14) Until Jesus return, we are the dynamics that will produce activities and changes in this world. Being the instruments of change in this world calls for us to stand and hold fast to the responsibilities that comes with the leadership position. Now in this case, if there is not any light, we are the cause, because we are not allowing the light in us to shine.

If the lights are off at home the family will look at the father or mother for answers, and something must be given. If we have not paid the bill, you could tell them that communications has been lost with the company, and until communication is reestablished we will be in darkness. I must inform everyone that many of us do not have the communication with God required, which will get us out of the dark. The family is always fussing and fighting; not believing one another; not trusting one another, and not working with one another. This is darkness at its best!

Self-inflicted Darkness

Sin is not an addiction! Many people today desire to blame their condition on the "can't-help-it" allergy, but, this is not affecting anything with God. God never forced Himself on us; He has said, Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hears my voice and open the door, I will come in unto Him ... (Revelation 3:20). It is for this reason I say that God has not forced His way into our lives, nor will He allow anyone else to attempt to do the same. The choice is ours to choose who or what we will follow and obey. Life is not given the "can't help it" mentality without our submission. Everything man does is his choice; nothing more or nothing less.

David said, "I have sinned against you Lord" (2Samuel 12:13) Confession with remorse is the only way out of the darkness we have encountered. Much of our encounters with darkness have been brought-on by our self-centeredness. Acknowledging your sin is the first step to healing or escape from the dark. The woman, whose daughter was healed by Jesus from being demon-possessed, confessed to living her life as a sinner; she repented by saying, "Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat the crumbs which fall from their masters table." (Matthew 15:27) Jesus was pleased by her response and commended her for the faith she displayed in Him, and blessed her with what she ask Him for, which was for her daughter's healing. If sinners can find their way to Jesus in His day, we should be able to do the same today with fewer fractions.


The value of marriage has been lowered dramatically because of the dark room metaphor. Many couples are breaking apart because of differences, which was why many of them were drawn together. Every one of us must be able ask ourselves, was getting married a feeling or a decision? People are being married without acquiring counseling, which would give them a clearer picture of what is mandatory while they are together. Men and women believe that if they read the Bible themselves they do not need anyone's advice about what they will be experiencing. Anyone with this inclination of thought could never be as distant from the truth, if this is their propensity of thinking.

Marriage is not taken seriously enough today, and the consequences are enormous. A relationship such as marriage is defined today as that of a corporation or business with a mortgage; if you cannot pay the notes you are foreclosed or forced to file for bankruptcy. More time, more money and more consideration are spent on the day of the wedding and the days of the honeymoon than the marriage itself. Something is wrong with this picture! Couples will attend sessions or conferences for counsel that has no relativity with a long-lasting relationship in a marriage situation. God should be the reason for man and woman uniting for a life journey; and He should be the one giving the directions for making this union successful.

When separation occurs, we always find a source that will agree with what we are doing and encourage the disconnection. Why not look for a reason that can maintain the marriage? It is at this time in the relationship you will discover that you are the individual that desires these things in the relationship to be terminated. Now, the blame should not be the imperfection of another party. One of the first questions asked when counseling two people before marriage is "Is marriage a co-operation, business or a family"? How this question is answered will provide you a clear idea of what kind of relationship this couple has. If it is corporation, when an agreement cannot be reached with the recommendations of the leaders, stocks and shares are sold to someone else. If it is a business and it is not progressing, they will change the name and procedure and continue with life. If it is family, you must reshape the areas in your life that will make living together easier for the household. Corporation and business are created overnight and can close suddenly without notice. The union of marriage is not just feelings or emotions; it is a decision that will be with you for the rest of your life; with or without him or her.

God made a decision to love mankind and He holds to that decision in that He gave His only Son to have a relationship with mankind again (John 3:16). Not being able to see or understand is one sign that you are in the dark. Not wanting to turn your life around is a sign you are in the dark. Not wanting to talk things over is a sign you are in the dark. Desiring to proceed with your life without that special someone you have promised to be with forever is a sign you are in the dark and being led by others, which is moving you farther from the light. Doubt is darkness, confusion is darkness, lying is darkness, these and many more like attributes have become a part of our lives and vocabulary. Wow, no wonder people cannot seem to stay together long. How stable is your marriage?

Premarital Sex

Many Christians, who are getting married, are living together before the vows have been made publicly. They are having all the benefits of a marriage relationship, and after getting married they take a vacation from the activity. This stage is where they begin having questions about infidelity in the relationship. Premarital sex will always produce distrust in the marriage. Discipline before marriage is the answer for trust in marriage. If an individual is not sold-out to his or her intended spouse, marriage should never be an option.

If any decision is made for marriage on emotion alone, the couple making the decision will soon discover reality at its best. Water is somewhat the same; some of it is cold; some of it is hot and some of it is warm, yet all of it will get you wet. The feeling you experienced in emotions will change like water, and when you have dried-off, this type of emotion is called a catharsis; a rush to decision making that never includes reality. This is what produces divorce; temperature change!


When getting married, we should know all about the individual background to whom we are being married. Trusting them is good, but knowing who you are trusting is even better. If you do not know him/her why would you trust them? The credit background of an individual will speak clearly of who he/she is or have been. Time and work must go into clearing the matter of bad credit because this is extra baggage no one needs to take part in unless he/she were the reason for the dilemma. Many of us desire large weddings, but, don't want to pay for huge expenses.


Excerpted from Leadership Through The Dark by Johnny J. Boudreaux Copyright © 2012 by Dr. Johnny J. Boudreaux. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Leadership Through The Dark:....................1
Chapter 2 Illuminating Character....................13
Chapter 3 Walking Toward Light....................25
Chapter 4 How Wide Are Your Boundaries....................34
Chapter 5 A Renegade Leadership:....................46
Chapter 6 Building Character....................54
Chapter 7 People Pleasing Leaders....................62
Chapter 8 Full or Part-time Service:....................69
Chapter 9 Fractured Relationship....................76
Chapter 10 Light and Dark Living:....................83
Chapter 11 Training Children Through The Dark:....................91
Chapter 12 Recognizing Jesus in the Dark:....................96
References: Another Book from this Author....................105

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