Leadership: How To Make Difficult Co-Workers Respect, Admire And Follow You

Leadership: How To Make Difficult Co-Workers Respect, Admire And Follow You

by Alan Schmidt


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Are you facing a new role as a leader? If so, you probably know this feeling when you have to be something you are not sure you really are. What I mean is, if you haven't done something before over a longer period of time, you can't really tell if you have what it takes.
And of course, leaders face many challenges that other people don't. They have to manage people and guide them in ways that make them follow and respect them. However, many new leaders fail at this, even though it doesn't have to be the case.
They don't have to experience the embarrassment of not being taken seriously or even made fun of by difficult co-workers. They don't have to spend their time and energy on people that envy them for their new role or deal with slander every day. Being a leader that is respected, admired and followed isn't as hard as many new leaders think. You already have the skills in you. You just have to become aware of them and cultivate them, step-by-step. And this book will show you exactly how.

This Book is a Must Have for You:
  • If you want to have the unshakable confidence to handle any uncomfortable situation at work
  • If you want to develop your natural charisma and impress people whenever you enter a room of co-workers
  • If you want to be assertive AND build friendly rapport with people around you
  • If you want to be able to enhance your own productivity and the productivity of your co-workers
  • If you want to be seen as the leader you are really meant to be

  • It takes some mental work and a shift in your thinking since new situations require new sets of skills and changes in perspective. As a leader, you can't think in exactly the same way you thought before. But, it doesn't have to be a massive struggle to feel comfortable and confident in your new role.

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