A Leader's Guide to Giving a Memorable Speech: How to Deliver a Message and Captivate an Audience

A Leader's Guide to Giving a Memorable Speech: How to Deliver a Message and Captivate an Audience


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Expert advice on delivering an unforgettable, stirring talk or lecture!
“Highly readable, immediately useful and deeply enjoyable!” —John J. Nance, Aviation Analyst , ABC World News
“Insights on avoiding panic and other pitfalls, the use of rhetorical devices, and how to wow audiences from this masterful speaker who has done over 1000 speeches and interviews.”
—John N. Kennedy, United States Senator for Louisiana

A good leader must be intelligent, charismatic, strong, and inspiring. A good leader must stir passion and instill knowledge in the minds of followers, whether in the field of business, medicine, politics, sports, or entertainment. A memorable speech is a powerful tool for demonstrating leadership and inspiring listeners for years to come. You can give a stirring, memorable speech, and be seen as a real leader, and Donald J. Palmisano can help you.

Here Palmisano shares proven tips on delivering an inspiring and motivating speech. Drawing from his popular seminar at Tulane University School of Medicine and over 1,000 speeches and interviews, Dr. Palmisano teaches readers how to:
  • Use rhetorical devices effectively
  • Stay on message
  • Practice delivery
  • Glean lessons from great speeches of powerful leaders from the past, such as Cicero, Winston Churchill, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan
  • Organize speeches to emphasize the message
  • Weave in stories that are unforgettable
  • And more!

If you are a professor or teacher, if you are a CEO or manager, if you are thinking of running for office or trying to raise money, then A Leader's Guide to Giving a Memorable Speech belongs on your bookshelf. It's a great gift for anyone with aspirations of teaching, leading, or managing.

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ISBN-13: 9781510755277
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication date: 04/07/2020
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 1,218,033
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Donald J. Palmisano, MD, JD, FACS, a New Orleans native and USAF veteran, is the principal of Donald J. Palmisano Consulting (Intrepid Resources ®). He is a frequent speaker on leadership, risk management, patient safety, and how to give a memorable speech. Former president of the AMA, he served on the boards of the American Medical Association, the Joint Commission, the National Patient Safety Foundation, and The Doctors Company, as well as on the editorial board of the Journal of Patient Safety. A sought-after speaker at national meetings, he frequently contributes Op-Eds and does media commentary on national TV and radio. He teaches Leadership: How to Give a Memorable Speech as clinical professor at Tulane University School of Medicine and lives in New Orleans. His previous books include On Leadership and The Little Red Book of Leadership Lessons.

Table of Contents

Dedication v

Foreword Tess Gerritsen vi

Introduction: Why Another Book on Speeches? viii

Chapter 1 Panic! 1

Chapter 2 The Four Key Elements of a Memorable Speech 6

Chapter 3 Aristotle's Rhetoric 12

Chapter 4 Learn from Leading Advocates, Now and in the Past 16

Chapter 5 A Speechwriter's Playbook 31

Chapter 6 The Speechwriter's Toolbox 36

Chapter 7 Libraries as a Resource 44

Chapter 8 Rhetorical Devices Make Speech Soar 49

Chapter 9 In the Beginning 57

Chapter 10 Once Upon a Time 67

Chapter 11 Memorable Speeches of Yesteryear 77

Chapter 12 Memorable Speeches in Times of Crisis 90

Chapter 13 Memorable Speeches by Women 101

Chapter 14 Memorable Speeches from the Web and Movies 107

Chapter 15 TED Talks 111

Chapter 16 Experimental Writings as Part of a Speech 117

Chapter 17 To Project or Not to Project … That Is the Question 120

Chapter 18 A Few Words about the Teleprompter 126

Chapter 19 All Good Things Must Come to an End 129

Chapter 20 Equipment for Practicing Speeches and Recording for Social Media 131

Chapter 21 Camera-Ready: Looking Your Personal Best 139

Chapter 22 The Ever-Ready Two-Minute Speech about You 148

Chapter 23 How to Get an Invitation to Speak 152

Notes 155

Index 163

Acknowledgments 177

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