Laws of the Bandit Queens: Words to Live by from 35 of Today's Most Revolutionary Women

Laws of the Bandit Queens: Words to Live by from 35 of Today's Most Revolutionary Women


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A couple of years ago, Ali Smith had an inspiration. She decided that the time had come to make an “intensely personal and sincere piece of art” that would honor the women whose work she respected and whose lives had had an impact on her as a woman and on the world as a whole. So, one by one, she began to contact each of these outrageous, courageous, and influential women and invite them to be part of her project. She named it Laws of the Bandit Queens after Phoolan Devi, an Indian woman who rebelled from childhood against everything her culture demanded of her.

After two years of photography sessions and interviews in every thinkable location, from a rooftop in New York City to the women’s ward of a prison, Ali’s work is done. The result is a fun and inspiring collection of portraits—in words and pictures. Each of these incredible women offers a law for women and girls to live by.

Freeda George Foreman: Pure passion is achieved by revving up the heart, soul, mind, and spirit. Pure passion is pure power. You are bigger than life; you are unlimited.

Alice Walker: I am certain that we were meant to be creative, to make love, to sing and dance and play. Everything else was dreamed up for us.

Jane Pratt: Another woman’s success is a success for us all.

Amy Sedaris: Laughter through the tears.

Laws of the Bandit Queens is an amazing journey and essential reading for every woman or girl, and as Ali says in the introduction, “a celebration of original thought and the bravery it takes to live accordingly.”

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