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Laudato Si: An Integral Ecology and the Catholic Vision

Laudato Si: An Integral Ecology and the Catholic Vision

by Anthony Kelly


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Pope Francis' Laudato Si' is a game-changing document for the life of the Church and the ecological health of this planet. A Catholic vision is deficient if it does not include the earth and its life-forms. Loving one's neighbour must include loving the planetary neighbourhood in which all live. For its part, the 'integral ecology' on which the Pope insists must include the dimensions of mind and heart, science and art, faith and the whole spiritual life of culture. Here, the great theological themes animating the Catholic vision, play their part as ever-renewable resources: the Creator and the gift of creation,, the incarnation of the Word amongst us, the inexhaustible life of the Trinity itself, the Eucharist as communion with Christ in the here and now of earthly life, just as 'Sister Death' must be given her place for the sake of ecological and eschatological realism. Integral ecology and Catholic vision are two sides of the conversion of mind and heart necessary to promote the communion of life now, and in the world to come.

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ISBN-13: 9781925486209
Publisher: ATF Press
Publication date: 09/20/2016
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 5.94(w) x 9.06(h) x (d)

About the Author

Anthony J Kelly, CSs R, is a professor in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at Australian Catholic University. A member of the International Theological Commission for ten years (2004-2014), he has written numerous books and articles many of which deal with ecological topics in relation to spirituality and theology. He is at present a Senior Research Fellow in the University's Institute of Critical Inquiry, and is based in Melbourne.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

Chapter 1 The Encyclical: Seven Perspectives 9

1 Inspiration 11

2 Ecology and Consumerism 13

3 Problems Resulting 18

4 Dialogue and Collaboration 19

5 The Church and Ecology 21

6 The Gift 30

7 Human Nature in the World of Nature 32

8 The Milieu of Christ 35

Chapter 2 Creator, Creator and Ecology 39

1 The Meaning of Creation 40

2 The Character of the Creator 49

3 A Changed Understanding of the World 53

Chapter 3 The Incarnation and Integral Ecology 63

1 The Human Question 65

2 The Word Incarnate in the World 69

3 The 'Body Language' of the New Testament 73

4 Ecological Conclusion 80

Chapter 4 Trinitarian Connections 83

1 An Unusual Connection? 84

2 A Biblical Perspective 85

3 A Trinitarian Horizon 88

4 Trinity and the World 93

5 An Expanding Spirituality 99

6 Continuing Exploration 104

Chapter 5 A Eucharistic Ecology 111

1 Cultural dislocation 111

2 A Eucharistic Ecology 113

3 Body and Spirit, Nature and Grace 114

4 From the Imagination of Jesus 117

5 An Ever-Renewable Resource 119

6 Eucharistic Contemplation 123

7 Eucharistic Action 128

Chapter 6 Integral Ecology and 'Sister Death' 139

1 The Deadliness of Death 141

2 The Denial of Death 143

3 Death in Christ 153

4 'Before the Foundation of the World' 157

5 The Realm of 'Otherness' 160

Chapter 7 Ecological Conversion 167

1 Conversion to Hope 168

2 Turning to Christ 170

3 Grace and Nature 172

4 Many-Levelled Conversion 174

Conclusion 199

Bibliography 193

Index of Subjects 199

Index of Authors/Names 203

Index of Biblical References 205

Index of References to the Encyclical Numbers 207

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