Latin Jazz: La Combinación Perfecta

Latin Jazz: La Combinación Perfecta


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It's such a simple idea that it's hard to believe no one has done it before: a chronological history of Latin jazz. Tied to a book of the same name, this is a superb disc that takes the listener from the start, in 1949, with Machito & the Afro-Cubans offering the splendid, rhythmic "Tanga," all the way to Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes at a descarga (jam session) in 1998. What's astonishing isn't so much how the form developed, although it obviously has, but how fully formed it was in the beginning, whether in the drive of Dizzy Gillespie on "Manteca" or the exotic blossoming of Coltrane's "Giant Steps" in Justo Almario's version. Trumpet, piano, and percussion have always been important elements in Latin jazz, and all three get a workout on the disc, with the legendary Tito Puente giving the timbales a thorough pounding on the exciting "Mambo Beat" from his most creative period in the late '50s -- the first golden age of Latin music in the U.S. But, as the disc shows, there hasn't been a bad period for the style. And the range of big names here is excellent, guaranteeing some wonderful music from some real virtuosos in the field. More than just a simple introduction, this is an in-depth history (with excellent liner notes) of an area of music that's grown and shows no signs of quitting.

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Release Date: 10/22/2002
Label: Smithsonian Folkways
UPC: 0093074080221
catalogNumber: 40802
Rank: 67017


  1. Tanga
  2. Manteca
  3. The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero)
  4. Mango Mangüé
  5. Mambo
  6. Mambo Beat
  7. Mambo Inn
  8. Afro-Blue
  9. Soul Sauce (Guachi Guaro)
  10. Juana Mil Ciento
  11. Giant Steps (Pasos Gigantes)
  12. Bye-Ya
  13. Friday Morning
  14. Los Aretes de la Luna
  15. Con Poco Coco

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Machito   Maracas
Tito Puente   Leader,Timbales
Justo Almario   Tenor Saxophone
Laurindo Almeida   Guitar
Benny Bailey   Trumpet
Eddie Bert   Trombone
Michel Camilo   Piano
Buddy Childers   Trumpet
Bob Cooper   Tenor Saxophone
Paquito D'Rivera   Saxophone
Harry Edison   Trumpet
Dizzy Gillespie   Trumpet
Stan Kenton   Piano
Mark Levine   Piano
Shelly Manne   Drums
Cecil Payne   Baritone Saxophone
Art Pepper   Alto Saxophone
Flip Phillips   Tenor Saxophone
Buddy Rich   Drums
Gonzalo Rubalcaba   Piano
Hilton Ruiz   Piano
Arturo Sandoval   Trumpet
George Shearing   Piano
Dave Valentin   Flute
George Young   Flute
Dave Burns   Trumpet
Ken Hanna   Trumpet
Howard Johnson   Alto Saxophone
Armando Peraza   Percussion,Conga
Gene Quill   Alto Saxophone
Chucho Valdés   Piano,Keyboards,Leader
Jane Bunnett   Flute
Giovanni Hidalgo   Percussion
Danilo Pérez   Piano
John Clark   French Horn
Carter Jefferson   Tenor Saxophone
Luis Miranda   Conga
Jimmy Cobb   Drums
Chano Pozo   Conga
McKibbon   Bass
Johnny Rae   Drums
Alex Acuña   Drums
Francisco Aguabella   Percussion
Porcino   Trumpet
Bob Ascher   Trombone
Carlos Averhoff   Saxophone
Mario Bauzá   Trumpet
John Benítez   Bass
Milt Bernhart   Trombone
Steve Berrios   Drums,Timbales,Bells,Claves,Bata,Shekere
Harry Betts   Trombone
Willie Bobo   Bongos,Jawbone
Andres Boiarsky   Clarinet
Percy Brice   Drums
William Cepeda   Trombone
Kenny Clarke   Drums
Julio Collazo   Conga
Luis Conte   Conga
Jack Costanzo   Bongos
Adam Cruz   Drums
Guillermo Figueroa   Violin
Christopher Finckel   Cello
Vincent Frisaura   Trumpet
John Frosk   Trumpet
Barry Galbraith   Guitar
Joe Gayles   Tenor Saxophone
Alvin Gellers   Piano
Bob Gioga   Baritone Saxophone
Andy González   Bass
Joseph Grimaldi   Saxophone
René Hernández   Piano
Lonnie Hewitt   Piano
John Hilliard   Bass
Ralph Irizarry   Timbales
Ted Kelly   Trombone
Harry Kim   Trumpet
Dale Kleps   Alto Flute
Jose Madera   Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Matos   Timbales
Rebeca Mauleón   Piano
Ubaldo Nieto   Timbales
Charlie Parker   Alto Saxophone
Ricardo "Tiki" Pasillas   Timbales
John Pena   Bass
Enrique Pla   Drums
Gene Rapett   Trumpet
Emil Richards   Vibes
Roger Rosenberg   Bass Clarinet
Michito Sánchez   Conga
Mongo Santamaría   Conga
Fred Skerritt   Alto Saxophone
Toots Thielemans   Guitar
Cal Tjader   Leader,Vibes
Hilario Durán   Piano
Oscar Valdés   Percussion
Jorge Varona   Trumpet
Bart Varsalona   Bass Trombone
Papo Vasquez   Trombone
Arturo Velasco   Trombone
Carlos Vidal   Conga
Mark Walker   Drums
Ray Wetzel   Trumpet
Elmon Wright   Trumpet
Armando Cuervo   Percussion
Carlos del Puerto   Bass
Sol Rabinowitz   Tenor Saxophone
Leslie Johnakins   Baritone Saxophone
Orlando "Maraca" Valle   Flute
Jerry Gonzalez & the Fort Apache Band   Trumpet,Conga,Flugelhorn,Bells,Shekere
Chico Alvarez   Trumpet
Frank Davilla   Trumpet
Joe Rotondi   Piano
Paquito Davilla   Trumpet
Harry Forbes   Trombone
Pernell Saturnino   Chimes,Conga
Bobby Woodlen   Trumpet
Francis Williams   Trumpet
Ray Vega   Trumpet
Toby Appel   Viola
Omar Sosa   Piano
Tom Christensen   Oboe
Ray Wallace   Trombone
Claudia Acuña   Voices
Edsel Gomez   Piano
Valerie Turner   Violin
Martin Holmes   Tenor Saxophone
Carlos Emilio Morales   Electric Guitar
Alain Pérez Rodríguez   Vocals,Acoustic Bass
Raúl Píñeda Roque   Cymbals,Drums
John Richard Lewis   Piano
Chris Washburne   Trombone
Gene Johnson   Alto Saxophone

Technical Credits

Allen Fields   Field Work
Ira Gitler   Liner Notes,Annotation
Danilo Lozano   Author,Annotation
John Santos   Liner Notes,Annotation
Raúl Fernández   Producer
Suzan Jenkins   Producer
Herman Leonard   Cover Photo
Max Salazar   Liner Notes,Annotation
Willard Jenkins   Liner Notes,Annotation
Leonardo Acosta   Liner Notes,Annotation
Isabelle Leymarie   Liner Notes,Annotation

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