LAS VEGAS ... ARE WE THERE YET? A Book by Kids From Las Vegas (and Their Parents, Too!)

LAS VEGAS ... ARE WE THERE YET? A Book by Kids From Las Vegas (and Their Parents, Too!)


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Embark on a new way to see Las Vegas and kick your holiday into high gear with this invaluable compilation of up close and personal suggestions for a memorable family vacation!
• Experience the energy and vibrancy through the eyes of children living in Las Vegas and their candid, unpretentious, and inspiring "AWESOME IDEAS" of fun.
• Find unbelievably FREE ENTERTAINMENT AND ATTRACTIONS, vital insider tips, and wholesome first-hand details of family-friendly activities from local authors.
• Discover an unparalleled world of art, culture, cuisine, outdoor getaways, offbeat exploits, and under-the-radar destinations through "MOM'S AND DAD'S SUGGESTIONS TO ..." unique activities in the city, plus must-sees and must-dos in Nevada's scenic byways and beyond.
• Visualize your own family's travel adventure through our stunning collection of mesmerizing and down-to-earth personal FULL COLOR PICTURES.
• Find your way around effortlessly with the simple, quirky, and eye-popping colorful MAP.
• Juggle and manage expenses like a pro utilizing the easy and practical BUDGET CHECKLIST.
• Travel stress-free with the essential PACKING LIST especially designed for kids/youngsters and parents/adults.
• Explore with confidence and orchestrate your schedules using the information-at-your-fingertips and loaded-with-trip-planning ideas SAMPLE ITINERARY.
• Jumpstart your extraordinary trip with some helpful suggestions, invaluable travel tips, and web links through our OTHER RESOURCES feature.
• BEST OF ALL ... create a delightful memento, chronicle exciting activities, and decorate it with evocative and vivid memories that will last forever. Our one-of-a-kind creation: the TRAVEL BRAG BOOK section (Journal & Photo souvenir), is distinctively designed to immortalize your unforgettable experience.
Rev up the momentum! Capture the essence of a vibrant city!
Plan the ultimate opportunity to bring the entire family together, engage in a vacation you'll remember forever, and preserve the special memories in an exceptional show and tell book that will last a lifetime!

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ISBN-13: 9781478700210
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 12/13/2013
Pages: 62
Sales rank: 1,029,361
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.25(d)

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