Lancaster Burning Trilogy

Lancaster Burning Trilogy

by Linda Byler


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The Amish community of Lancaster is being terrorized by barn fires. David and Malinda Beiler’s barn was the first to go. When a second Amish barn burns for suspicious reasons, the Amish grow more restless. Can Sarah, David and Malinda’s daughter, end the terror that is pulling apart their community, even as her own heart is pulled between two young men?

Fire in the Night, Book 1: Sarah observes her parents’ agony after their barn burns to the ground, apparently by an arsonist. Not only is she afraid, and wishing she could protect her parents, she’s entranced by the flirtatious Matthew Stoltzfus. He’s dating her friend Rose, but when he tenderly bandages Sarah’s hand after she burned it at the barn raising, she wonders whom he’s really interested in.

Davey’s Daughter, Book 2: Sarah thinks Ashley, whom she's met at the local farmers market, knows more about the fires than she will admit. But Sarah can't convince her to share her secrets. Should the Amish finally resort to police protection? Matthew is asking if the Amish church is the right fit for him. Will Sarah follow him if he decides to leave the community? Sarah’s mother urges her to pay more attention to handsome newcomer Lee, the hardworking Amish man who helps anyone in the community in need. How will Sarah respond to all of the forces that are pulling her in different directions?

The Witnesses, Book 3: When Sarah spots flames late one night in the widow Lydia’s barn, she refuses to let the fire win. She gets the horses out just in time, but not before a beam explodes overhead, knocking her to the ground as the barn rages in flames all around her. Gone were her lovely good looks, her life as a teacher, and perhaps the attention of the two young men who had been so drawn to her.

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ISBN-13: 9781680990621
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Publication date: 11/03/2015
Series: Lancaster Burning Series
Pages: 1008
Sales rank: 224,294
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.90(d)

About the Author

Linda Byler grew up Amish and is an active member of the Amish church today. She is the author of three bestselling fiction series, all set in the Amish world: Lancaster Burning, Sadie’s Montana, and Lizzie Searches for Love. Linda is also well known within the Amish community as a columnist for a weekly Amish newspaper. She lives near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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Lancaster Burning Trilogy 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The focus of this trilogy is Sarah, who spends the first 2 1/2 books agonizing over Matthew. Sarah and Matthew grew up as close friends and Sarah assumed that they would marry one day. Matthews mother adored her son and excused his laziness and bad behavior. She wanted him to eventually marry Sarah, but he saw Sarah only as a friend - one he could use and abuse. Everyone tried to tell Sarah that he would be a terrible husband for her, but of course she didn't listen to anyone's warnings. For over two books the only thing going on (besides the barn fires) is Matthew doing nothing, Sarah bemoaning Matthew's lack of interest and people warning Sarah. It got quite boring. Along the way Sarah teaches at the one-room school house, serves coffee when barns are burning, etc. The second half of the third book in the trilogy got much more interesting. I was tempted to put these books away and not finish them, but pushed my way thru (and skipped over all the repetition) and did enjoy the ending. *** esk 01/2018 ***
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed this series
Anonymous 6 months ago
Great Trilogy. Loved it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this trilogy! Learned about the Amish, farm life, and the challenges of different cultures and individuals coming together. Great read. Addictive!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a very very emotional book. Animals being burned and the screams of them. I have bad anxity and this book really made it hard on me. I cried so much which made my pain level go sky high. I love the books except for those parts.
faithsnana More than 1 year ago
Linda Byler writes three books in this series that grab your attention and make you want to keep reading. Ms Byler is a new author to me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series! I couldn’t wait to finish one book and begin the next to find out who was going around burning barns on Amish farms. I was also eager to see if Sarah Beiler would come to her senses and get over Matthew Stolzfus whom she’s loved since she was a girl. In my opinion, Matthew was a real jerk and played with Sarah’s emotions. Even though barn burnings are a serious matter, Sarah’s brother Levi had me chuckling at times. Levi has Downs Syndrome and some of the things that came out of his mouth were kind of funny. You’ll want to pick up a copy of this book and meet the characters and the trials they go through. Sarah’s father is the bishop and some of the men in the church give him a hard time about the fires. He keeps preaching forgiveness and they want to get the police involved. Will the arsonist be caught? Can Bishop Beiler keep his church from going against the old way of forgiving?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very well written book by an author with intimate knowledge if Amish life. I like that she doesn't romanticize it the way a Beverly Lewis might, but shows the Amish as people with the same human flaws as all of us. The one thing that keeps me from giving it a higher score is the almost unbelievable amount of tragedy in the story. In addition to the barn fires, a small child dies, (which is completely irrelevant to the plot and seemed designed to just add further misery), and there are at least two additional deaths so "convenient" as to stretch credibility. All in all, though, an absorbing read. I will be on the lookout for more Linda Byler books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago