La-La Means I Love You: The Definitive Collection

La-La Means I Love You: The Definitive Collection

by The DelfonicsThe Delfonics


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A lush collection of classy Delfonics tracks. The trio had a more soulful sound than the Stylistics whom Thom Bell (who produced the lion's share of these tracks) later produced. Initially flooring the world with "La, La Means I Love You," the Harts, William & Wilbert, Randy Cain, and later Major Harris churned out delightful ear candies for years. "I'm Sorry," "Break Your Promise," "Ready or Not Here I Come," and "You Got Yours I'll Get Mine," included here, were as potent as "La, La." But, it took the eloquent, French-horn embellished "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time," however, to put them on top again. "Somebody Loves You" is a luscious B-side featuring William's sweet falsetto and harmonies that run over. Later, less successful recordings provide the most thrills: "Over & Over," "Lying to Myself," "Think It Over," and "I Told You So" are as smooth and as creamy as whipped cream. "Hey Love," an exquisite slow jam, featuring Wilbert Hart's heavier tenor, has shown an amazing longevity for a flip side. Not quite definitive, they could have omitted the awkward "Funny Feeling," and "Loving Him" -- a B-side -- for "I Gave to You" and "Can You Remember." But this is still fantastic, and more than enough Delfonics for most; you'll want two copies -- one for the car and one for the crib.

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Release Date: 08/26/1997
Label: Arista
UPC: 0078221897921
catalogNumber: 18979


  1. La-La (Means I Love You)
  2. I'm Sorry
  3. Break Your Promise
  4. Ready Or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love)
  5. Somebody Loves You
  6. Funny Feeling
  7. Loving Him
  8. You Got Yours And I'll Get Mine
  9. Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
  10. Trying To Make A Fool Of Me
  11. When You Get Right Down To It
  12. Over and Over
  13. Delfonics Theme
  14. Hey Love
  15. Walk Right Up To The Sun
  16. Tell Me This Is a Dream
  17. Think It Over
  18. I Don't Want To Make You Wait
  19. I Told You So
  20. Lying To Myself

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