La guerre des clans tome 2 (Fire and Ice)

La guerre des clans tome 2 (Fire and Ice)

by Erin Hunter, Cécile POURNIN

NOOK BookFrench-language Edition (eBook - French-language Edition)


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Au sein du Clan du Tonnerre, Coeur de Feu est devenu un valeureux guerrier. Une chance ! Il aura besoin de toutes ses forces pour déjouer les plans diaboliques de Griffe de Tigre qui cherche à lui nuire et à l'exclure de son clan. Sans parler des accidents et maladies qui s'abattent depuis quelque temps sur sa tribu. Lorsque le clan voisin, celui du Vent, est chassé de ses terres, sa méfiance grandit encore. Déchiré, Coeur de Feu s'interroge : comment aider les autres quand on doit se défendre soi-même ?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9782266222686
Publisher: Univers Poche
Publication date: 12/08/2011
Series: Warriors: The Prophecies Begin (Foreign-language Editions) Series , #2
Sold by: EDITIS - EBKS
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 232
File size: 3 MB
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Erin Hunter puise son inspiration dans son amour des animaux et du monde sauvage. Elle est une fidèle protectrice de la nature. Elle aime par-dessus tout expliquer le comportement animal grâce aux mythologies, à l'astrologie et aux pierres levées.

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La guerre des clans tome 2 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: (Bruh!!!) <p>Age 14 <p>Gender: &male (male).<p>Apperance: All black with a white tip on the tail. Also has magenta eyes. <p>Peraonality: you will find out later on =3. <p>Skills: Great fighter and at parkour. And my Rank is a Warrior/Assassion. <p>No family but would like some kits.<p>Rper: Thuggninja &#44444
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Mosspelt Gender: she-cat Appearence: Amber-brown with whie and dark brown spots. With golden green eyes. In the sun they look like pure gold or the sun. The tip of tail, paws and ears are white. It looks like she has mittens on the front paws and socks on the back paws. Age: 13 moons Personality: Sweet and kind. Even to elders that are grumpy. Some what quiet. No not quiet more like you are sure to hear her when she as some thing to say. And if she tells you to do some thing do it. Espesuale if it is when she is helping a cat or a queen in the proses of giving birth.(sorry for my spelling) Kin: not known Histery or old clans: I was fond by a clan with out a name when I was one or two moons old. They took me in and I trand to be a med. cat. I had been an aprentes for 5 moons beffore I became a full med. cat. So I was a full med. cat for 1moon then one day I went out to look for herbs and when I can back they were gone. For a whole moon I have been looking for a clan and now I have found you and you said I could join. So thank you for letting me join. Mosspelt
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name- Smoldercloud <p> Age- 11 moons (he just became a warrior :3) <p> Gender- hmm, how about male? <p> Appearance- small, lean, fiery ginger tom with ashy gray eyes. <p> Crush/Mate/Kits- idk, there's a bunch of cats he could like../nupe/nada. <p> Family- Rock (father, deceased), Firestorm (mother, loner), Pebblepaw (brother, deceased), Otterkit (brother, deceased). <p> History- he was born a loner and raised that way until he decided to join FireClan. <p> Rper- &dagger Qualls &dagger (I dont write. xP)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: CloudTail <br><p> Age: 14 moons <br><p> Looks/Personality: a Fennec fox with huge ears she has a sandy colored coat with a white belly and paws she is mostly happy wears a lily behind her ear. <br><p> Bio: When she was a young fox living in the desert her mother and father were out hunting her father was killed by poachers and her mother got away safetly not knowing what to do, they had to make the best of life without him cloudtail was origanally named cloudpup but was change before she and her mother were captured by twolegs after hours of driving her mother managed to unclick the lock the er cage she was in she hopped out accidently leaving her mother behind and feeling horrible guilt when she joined fireclan she adopted an abonded kit named eaglekit little did the kit know that her mother only died because foxes attacked her mother flodded with hate and pain she attacked cloudtail she did not know eaglekit was on her back and accidently wounded her very badly she clung o the cliff for dear life calling cloudtail a killer and let go of the ledge even though eaglekit did not like cloudtail she still mourned the kits death <br><p> Siggy: ~CloudTail~
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
&#9826Name&#9827<br>Cloudjumper<p>&#9826Gender&#9826<br>&female<p>&#9826Age&#9826<br>15 moons<p>&#9826Species&#9826<br>Arctic Fox<p>&#9826Rank&#9826<br>warrior/mentor<p>&#9826Looks&#9826<br>Cloujumper has pure white fur. She has black speckles along her spine. Her eyes are a piercing blue, and can unnerve even the bravest cat at times. She is very slender.<p>&#9826Crush&#9826<p>&#9826Mate&#9826<p>&#9826Pups&#9826<br>Ember(adopted)<p>&#9826Personality&#9826<br>Kind, loyal, protective, never afraid to stand up for others, always ready to fight, never afraid to speak her mind<p>&#9826Likes&#9826<br>Ember, friends, Heatstorm(adoptive mother), kits<p>&#9826Dislikes&#9826<br>Her real mother, being bored, being insulted, BloodClan<p>&#9826Siggy&#9826<br>&star C|&sigma&upsilon&delta<_>j&upsilon<_>m&rho&epsilon&pi &star<p>&#9826Theme Song&#9826<br>Centuries by Fall Out Boy<p>&#9826Other&#9826<br>Ask!<p>&nbsp;<br>&#9830Name&#9830<br>Stormbringer<p>&#9830Gender&#9830<br>&female<p>&#9830Age&#9830<br>12 moons<p>&#9830Species&#9830<br>Cat<p>&#9830Rank&#9830<br>warrior/queen/mentor<p>&#9830Looks&#9830<br>Stormbringer is a silver she-cat with blue-grey tabby stripes. Her eyes are a stormy blue. She has a long tail, making her extremly agile. She is very slender and pretty.<p>&#9830Crush&#9830<br>Smoldercloud<p>&#9830Mate&#9830<p>&#9830Kits&#9830<p>&#9830Personality&#9830<br>See Cloudjumper<p>&#9830Likes&#9830<br>Kits, Smoldercloud, friends, mice<p>&#9830Dislikes&#9830<br>Being bored, BloodClan<p>&#9830Siggy&#9830<br>&#9830 S&tau&sigma&pi<_>m&beta&pi&iota&eta<_>g&epsilon&pi &#9830<p>&#9830Theme Song&#9830<br>Dark Horse by Katie Perry<p>&#9830Other&#9830<br>Ask!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Oops xD if you see "Sunleafs bio",thats my bio xD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: look you bloody twit. Age: 18 moons. Looks: He has red fur with white stripes here and there, golden eyes and a scar across his left eye. Personality: Fun, aggressive, often short tempered, caring. Crush/Mate/Kits: well let's see... I just got here so... Things he's good at: Fighting, helping, keeping thing interesting. Other: Ask...