Kweller Prep Common Core Grade 3 Mathematics: 3rd Grade Math Workbook and 2 Practice Tests: Grade 3 Common Core Math Practice

Kweller Prep Common Core Grade 3 Mathematics: 3rd Grade Math Workbook and 2 Practice Tests: Grade 3 Common Core Math Practice

by Kweller Prep
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Kweller Prep’s Common Core Practice Book Grade 3 for ELA is to provide students, educators, and parents with practice materials focused on the core skills needed to help students succeed on third grade State assessments.

A student will fare better on a test when s/he has practiced and mastered the skills measured by the assessment. A student also excels when s/he is familiar with the format and structure of the test. This book helps students do both.

Students can use this ELA practice workbook to review key material and practice with standard-tethered skill-building exercises. They can also take ELA Grade 3 practice tests that reflect the rigor and format of the State tests. Students will become accustomed to how test content is presented, which will enhance their test-taking skills. By exam day, students will feel confident and prepared to do their best on challenging English Language Arts assessments.

CCSS Test Preparation - College and Career Readiness ELA Grade 3

The Grade 3 end-of-year ELA test determines if students have mastered third grade Common Core reading and writing standards, and makes sure that they are getting ready for fourth grade. Preparation for these State assessments is essential. This workbook includes questions that mimic the format and content on official assessment so students can excel on exam day (covering all the 3rd grade ELA curriculum).

What You Get When You Purchase this ELA 3 Common Core Book

Skill-building exercises organized by Common Core standard to help students learn & review concepts in the order that they will be presented in the classroom. These worksheets also help identify weaknesses that need to be addressed to excel on the exam. We include a variety of question types to help build skills in answering questions in multiple formats, so students don’t get tripped up by unfamiliar questions on test day.

Two Grade 3 Practice Tests: Our practice tests are based on official State assessments for the Grade 3 Common Core curriculum. They contain the major question types, including Multiple-Choice and Constructed Response, and include the same rigorous content found on State tests.

Practice with “Technology Enhanced Items” (TEIs) in a paper-based format. By using this workbook, students can get used to all Grade 3 item types & response formats.

Answer Keys that contain detailed explanations to help students not make the same mistake twice. If a student is having difficulty in one area, encourage the student to practice that specific set of skills in the relevant worksheet.

Test Prep Tips so students approach the test strategically & with confidence.

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ISBN-13: 9781948255714
Publisher: Origins Tutoring
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Pages: 212
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