Kootenai Brown: The Unknown Frontiersman

Kootenai Brown: The Unknown Frontiersman

by William Rodney




Kootenai Brown's life was a series of adventures, calamities, and accomplishments. Whether as gold seeker or frontier policeman, Pony Express rider or Rocky Mountain Ranger, Kootenai Brown seemed to find trouble at every turn. He was wounded by a Blackfoot arrow on the Canadian prairie and captured by Sitting Bull in the United States. After barely escaping the hangman's noose in Montana for killing a man, he started a reclusive life just north of the 49th parallel.

Brown and his Métis wife, Olivia, settled at Waterton and campaigned to protect the area's wilderness and wildlife for the next four decades. Alberta author and former lieutenant-governor Grant MacEwan proclaimed him one of the greatest of heroes.

When first published in the 1960s, Kootenai Brown won recognition in both Canada and the United States, and today, in environmental circles on both sides of the border. Kootenai remains a favourite son.

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About the Author

William Rodney was born, raised and educated in Alberta. He earned a degree from the University of Alberta, then an MA from Cambridge and a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. He was later appointed a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Royal Geographical Society.

Rodney has written several books, many articles and radio documentaries. For Kootenai Brown, he received the University of British Columbia’s Medal for Popular Biography. The book also won an Award of Merit and Distinction from the American Association for State and Local History.

Literary awards, however, are only one aspect of Rodney's life. During the Second World War he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and survived an operational tour with the RAF Bomber Command. This duty was extremely hazardous, with some 50 percent of the air crew killed in action. During his service Rodney won the Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar.

William Rodney is now enjoying retirement after his last posting as professor of history at Royal Roads Military College (now Royal Roads University) on Vancouver Island.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

1 Brown's Early Life 12

2 With the Army in India 26

3 In Search of the Golden Rainbow 35

4 The Goldfields of Cariboo 43

5 Pony Express Rider 58

6 Facing Torture by the Sioux 74

7 Buffalo Hunting with the Métis 90

8 "A Bloody Deed" 109

9 Land of the Shining Mountains 118

10 Chief Scout: Rocky Mountain Rangers 136

11 Return to Waterton Lakes 153

12 Oil and "A Stampede of Speculators" 166

13 Canada's Unique Civil Servant 181

14 Kootenai's Living Memorial 198

Epilogue 217

Postscript 220

Kootenai's Waterton Today 224

Bibliography 227

Index 246

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