Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia

Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia


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Come jaw-to-jaw with an amazing array of awe-inspiring prehistoric reptiles and other incredible creatures in this dramatic trek back in time to the dawn of life on our planet and the age of the dinosaurs. Spectacular, full-color illustrations, photographs, and realistic dinosaur reconstructions based on the latest scientific discoveries bring each creature to life. The text combines hard facts about dinosaurs with interesting and intriguing details about their lifestyle and behavior. Species spreads detail the members of specific dinosaur families, giving information about their habitats and behavior, sizes, and the locations of fossil finds, while special subject spreads focus on various aspects of dinosaur life. Packed with dramatic photographs and illustrations, this colorful volume is an indispensable reference for young dinosaur enthusiasts and a captivating resource for the whole family. Special Features: Comprehensive, chronological encyclopedia of dinosaurs through the ages. Timelines give a visual guide to prehistoric periods. Up-to-the-minute research focuses on the latest finds. Includes glossary and general index.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780753452875
Publisher: Kingfisher
Publication date: 09/28/2001
Series: Kingfisher Encyclopedias Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 8.97(w) x 10.74(h) x 0.96(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

David Burnie is an accomplished zoologist who was a nature reserve ranger before becoming a natural history author and editor. A prolific writer of many books, including several on dinosaurs, he has seen many of his titles win educational awards and science prizes. His titles forKingfisher include Kingfisher Knowledge: Endangered Planet and The Kingfisher Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia, which was nominated for the Aventis Prize for Science Books in 2002.

Table of Contents

Life in the distant past9
The beginning of life10
Earth's first animals12
How animals evolve14
Evidence from the past16
How fossils form18
Studying fossils20
Continents on the move22
Setbacks and disasters24
Dividing up time26
The Age of Ancient Life27
The Cambrian Period28
Cambrian animals30
The Burgess Shale32
The Ordovician Period36
Ordovician animals38
The Silurian Period40
Silurian animals42
The Devonian Period44
Devonian animals46
The Carboniferous Period48
Carboniferous animals50
The Permian Period52
Permian animals54
End of an era56
The Age of Reptiles57
The Triassic Period58
Triassic animals60
Early dinosaurs64
The Jurassic Period66
The Cretaceous Period68
Dinosaur groups70
Plant-eating giants71
Brachiosaurs and Camarasaurs76
Feeding on plants78
A question of size84
Fossil hunting in South America86
Life in a group94
Fabrosaurs and Heterodontosaurs98
Colors and camouflage102
Fossil hunting in Asia108
The Meat eaters113
Moving on two legs118
Studying dinosaur tracks120
Bird mimics122
Dinosaur brains128
Eggs and parental care130
The origin of birds132
Early birds134
Giant Meat eaters135
Megalosaurs and Segnosaurs140
Fossil hunting in North America146
Were dinosaurs warm-blooded?148
Armored dinosaurs151
Dinosaur defenses152
Fossil hunting in Africa160
Weapons and ornaments162
Nodosaurs and Ankylosaurs164
Dome-headed dinosaurs166
Dinosaur droppings168
Reptiles in the Air169
Wings of skin170
Long-tailed pterosaurs172
How pterosaurs fed180
How pterosaurs bred182
Reptiles in the Sea183
Adapting to life in water184
Swimming styles194
Fossil hunting in Europe198
Shelled reptiles202
The Age of Mammals203
The end of the dinosaurs204
Early Tertiary206
Late Tertiary208
Human evolution214
Index and websites219

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