Kick-Ass Lesson Plans TEFL Discussion Questions & Activities - China: Teacher's Book - Complete

Kick-Ass Lesson Plans TEFL Discussion Questions & Activities - China: Teacher's Book - Complete

by Andy Smart


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This is the paperback version of Smart English - TEFL Discussion Questions & Activities (Kindle)

Before buying please drop by or and have a look at the sample material provided. Also note that there is a free book of PDF printables available when you buy it. This can be obtained by using the code and e-mail address in Chapter 5.

TEFL Smart English Discussion Questions & Activities China is a complete set of lesson plans giving 80% student talk time, while delivering great classes with a sense of humour that your students will love. You can simply march into class and use the material directly from your Kindle, laptop or iPad, with the only prep work needed being to read up for half an hour the night before. Material is specific to the PRC from Andy Smart's extensive role delivering spoken English classes across the country.

With Smart English DQA you will find 66 two hour lesson plans covered by the following topics:

Part 1: People

1. Age

2. Personality

3. Feelings and Emotions

4. Personal Appearance

5. Parts of the Body

Part 2: Relationships

6. Family

7. Friends

8. Romance and Dating

9. Marriage and Divorce

10. Parties

Part 3: House and Home

11. Houses and Apartments

12. Describing Objects

Part 4: Daily Life

13. Shopping

14. Clothes and Fashion

15. Banks and Money

16. Giving Directions

17. Numbers and Quantities

Part 5: Food

18. Food

19. Cooking

20. Eating out

Part 6: Health and Fitness

21. Drink and Drugs

22. Hospitals

23. Common Health Problems and First Aid

24. Health and Fitness

Part 7: Holidays and Leisure

25. Sport

26. Games & Gambling

27. Hobbies and Spare Time Activities

28. DIY

29. Festivals

30. Transport

31. Travel and Tourism

Part 8: Education and Work

32. Studying abroad

33. Schools, Teachers and Education

34. Jobs and in the Office

35. Appraisals and Losing your Job

36. Telephoning

Part 9: Culture

37. Books and Literature

38. Languages

39. Music

40. Art

41. History

42. Science

43. The Supernatural

Part 10: Media and Communication

44. Films

45. Show Biz

46. Television

47. Computers and the Internet

48. Advertising

49. The News

Part 11: The Natural World

50. The Earth

51. The Sea

52. The Air

53. Space and the Planets

54. The Environment

55. The Weather

56. Natural Disasters

57. Animals and Pets

58. Plants

Part 12: Society

59. Cities

60. Social Problems

61. The Law

62. War and Unnatural Disasters

63. Politics

64. Religion

65. Success

66. Review

Each topic contains the lesson plan, teacher's notes, additional questions & activities plus printable material such as flash cards for role-play.

Also find information for new teachers:
• Office Management: Useful information on how to deal with Chinese management systems in English language centres
• Students: Advice on how to help your class achieve the best results in their spoken English.
• The Teacher: Identifying the ideal goals for you as a teacher and how to maintain a professional approach.
• Classroom Management: Handy tips on how organise to your classroom efficiently, maximizing the degree of learning by your students.
• About the Lesson Plans: A step by step guide on how to run through each topic
• During Class: A few tips on how to bring extra energy and life into your classes

Smart English DQA China can be used by the following teachers:
• Already established teachers who need to bring new ideas and approaches to their existing lesson plans.
• New teachers who haven't taught in China before.
• Foreign students who travel to China for their further education. Many are preoccupied with college study rather than seriously planning as an English teacher. In this respect these ready-made lesson plans are ideal.
• IELTS and TOEFL teachers who have to teach spoken English classes.
• Backpackers who are travelling through Ch

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ISBN-13: 9780992691240
Publisher: Andy Smart
Publication date: 04/25/2014
Pages: 632
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.27(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

About the Author

About the Author

Born in the UK, Andy Smart has been a qualified teacher since obtaining his PGCE at the University of Brighton in 1990 and involved in education ever since. In England he taught at secondary school level for many years and was also strongly connected to work with SEN students including those with severe learning difficulties. This focused on integrating them into mainstream classroom activities in order to achieve their GCSE's and 'A' levels. Later, this commitment led to the establishment of a new day centre and an accompanying curriculum for people with autism. Moving to management in further education, his primary role was in finding placements to meet SEN students' individual requirements as well as setting up and running various outreach projects.

From there Andy's involvement shifted to supporting EBD students who had been excluded from school. His work aimed at guiding young people back onto a pathway, safe from the negative influences of modern society. During this period, his team successfully created a specialised centre for their students' education, fostering the skills needed to survive in the outside world.

In 2005 Andy relocated to China where he began teaching English to adults in the city of Guilin, Guanxi Autonomous Region. From there he moved to South Korea working in Seoul, teaching young people at academies and also giving private tuition to teenagers in their homes. Returning to China in 2007 he started work in Beijing creating a strong network throughout the city. Since then he has been primarily involved in teaching his spoken English lessons, delivering lectures and training.

In many ways this book is a culmination of years of practice in the classroom. Drawing from a diverse background in education and extensive practice during his time in Asia, Andy has been able to develop a successful learning package aimed at people who want to improve their oral English skills. This is a strong and effective system that promotes fluency, confidence and accuracy, building a platform where the learner comes away with a high level of self-achievement. Students therefore start to perceive English in a different manner, instead regarding it as a natural part of their daily life rather than a separate entity that is an ongoing struggle.

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