''Key Difference Between Freud's and Jung's Theory of Dreams.''

''Key Difference Between Freud's and Jung's Theory of Dreams.''

by Wojciech Filaber

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Sigmund Freud suggested that the interpretation of dreams enables revealing the unconscious content of the mind. Meanwhile, Carl G. Jung began developing his own theory. Both, leading experts in the field of discovering unconsciousness meet for the first time in 1907. The years which both committed on the road to the rediscovery of the unconscious content of the mind and dream analysis influenced Jung in his further work. In 1913, Jung choose distinct from Freud’s direction. From there, Jung continued developing his own theory of dreams by implementing ideas from mythology, anthropology, history and religion. Jung’s disagreement with Freud and his incomplete and the unnecessarily negative model of the ‘personal unconsciousness’ lead Jung to propose the existence of the second far deeper model that underlined the ‘personal unconsciousness’. Jung’s development of ‘collective unconscious’ allowed for the new model of understanding unconsciousness to emerge.

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