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Keeping Human Relationships Together

Keeping Human Relationships Together

by Anthony O. Nwachukwu


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"The Reverend Father Anthony Odinakachi
Nwachukwu, Ph.D., Psy.D., has ventured into unchartered territory in this provocative and stimulating study of the creative integration of spiritual psychology and the West
African mind. His insightful probing into the inner workings of the human mind and spiritual development as epitomized in human relationships is a major contribution to the related fields of West African studies, spiritual psychology, and religious consciousness".
John H. Morgan,
Ph.D. (Hartford), D.Sc. (London),
Psy.D. (FH/Oxford)
Senior Fellow of Foundation
House, Oxford.

"If discipline [i.e. - doing the right thing when no one is watching] and sound moral living are the measurements for solid education, self-fulfillments,
religious practices and healthy relationships, then, the book has said it all. It has, not only, provided the various management strategies that resuscitate broken relationships,
but also, created conscious inner strengths that keep the healthy ones alive, both in the private and public sectors.
I recommend that everybody joins Nwachukwu in this timely opportunity and the 21st century campaign for sound radical changes in the individual lives and society".

Anthony J. Grieco,
MD, MACP, Professor of
Medicine, NYU School of Medicine

"The African erudite author once more avails every reader of his psychological insight into the secrets of maintaining a healthy relationship. While promoting a positive and optimistic attitude, he gets to the root of the illusions,
presumptions and projections that impact negatively on its attainment. The author's reflections in a way seem to have translated the Tillichian idea of the paradoxical co-existence of the good and the bad into its psychological,
ethical and practical relevance. I highly recommend this book to everyone who is out to make his life a success story".
Dr.-theol. Sylvester I. Ihuoma,

Delegate for Africans, University of Muenster,

"Wow! This book is more of the GPS system that guides each individual life". It is actually a book for every rational person".


"Many authors have written on a variety of related subjects on human relationships. But this book practically touches on every aspect of human life, political, socio-religious,
spiritual etc and this makes it unique for everybody to read".

Mr. Andrew Clerico
Income Portfolio Manager, NY)

"Sex has no religion - I agree. Your book is as exciting as the Action
Alert Tonic - AAT you have provided for the young generation and society. Congratulations!"

Dr. Innocent E.
(Upstate University, SYR, NY)

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