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Kaplan Word Power: Score Higher on the SAT, GRE, and Other Standardized Tests

Kaplan Word Power: Score Higher on the SAT, GRE, and Other Standardized Tests

by Kaplan
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*750 must-know words

*Engaging lessons to help you utilize words in context

*55 practice quizzes to test your skills

*Helpful tips and strategies for figuring out new words, roots, and more

*Key words used on standardized tests like the SAT and GRE

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ISBN-13: 2900743241150
Publisher: Kaplan Publishing
Publication date: 02/25/2003
Series: Kaplan Power Bks.
Edition description: REV
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

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Kaplan is the world's largest, most successful test preparation company, with 185 centers and 1,200 satellite locations worldwide. Top markets include Metro and Upstate NY, Los Angeles, Illinois/Indiana, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Michigan, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Southern Connecticut, Central Florida, Houston, Minneapolis, North and Central Texas, Southwest Ohio, and Seattle.

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Would You Abdicateor Advocate? abdicate v. to step down from a position of power The king decided to abdicate in favor of his smart, though woefully impetuous, son. The abdication (n.) heralded a new era. abridge v. to shorten, condense, or lessen in length At first he planned a lengthy abdication (adj.) speech, but then he decided to give an abridged (adj.) version so he wouldn't bore his kingdom to death. Had he not decided to abridge (v.) the speech himself, the queen was planning to lose it. absolve v. to forgive or free from blame As part of the king's historic decision, he decided to absolve all those villains who languished in the tower. abysmal adj. (a-biz-mal) extremely wretched, bottomless The prisoners had been living in an abysmal situation. acquiesce v. (ak-wee-ess) to comply passively, to give in The king's cabinet did not easily acquiesce to the pardons. Their acquiescence (n.) was critical. advocate v. to support, or be in favor of Not one cabinet member could advocate (v.) the king's position. They all became advocates (n.) of his proposal, however, when the king's son threatened to behead them. aesthetic adj. (es-thet-tic) concerned with or appreciative of beauty The queen, with her fine aesthetic sense, decided to stage the abdication with an eye towards high drama and bright colors. The queen considered her lady-in-waiting a true aesthete (n.) and often consulted with her when it came to matters of beauty and taste. affinity n. sympathy, attraction, kinship She possessed an affinity for the local artists, so she called upon them to display their wares at a pre-abdication crafts fair. agenda n. program, things to be done The queen's agenda grew longer every day and was impossible to address. aggrandize v. to make great The king's wealth had aggrandized (v.) during the time of his reign. The queen had also experienced an aggrandizement (n.) of her wealth. allusion n. (a-loo-zhun) an indirect reference She was sometimes referred to as Queen Jackie, which was an allusion to Jacqueline Onassis and her famous shopping sprees. altruistic adj. (al-troo-is-tic) unselfish concern with the welfare of others The royal family, despite their excesses, had been quite altruistic in its treatment of the poor. amnesty n. an official pardon for a group of people who violate a law In fact, the king himself had granted amnesty five years before to a ring of conspirators who had been planning to rob a bank. animosity n. ill will, active dislike He harbored no animosity towards the conspirators, even though a portion of his own money rested in the bank's vaults. anomalous adj. (a-nom-a-lus) irregular, abnormal, unusual The prince secretly plans to hang all criminals once he is crowned, as he considers his father's decision regarding amnesty an anomalous one. Plug In Plug in your answers to see if you've got the right word power connections. For this quiz, circle the correct definition. 1. abridge (a) to cross (b) to build (c) to shorten 2. abdicate (a) to rush toward (b) to step up (c) to relinquish power 3. abysmal (a) sickly (b) wretched (c) dark and dank 4. anomalous (a) interesting (b) unattractive (c) irregular 5. absolve (a) to forgive (b) to argue (c) to inspire 6. acquiesce (a) to approve (b) to inherit (c) to give in 7. advocate (a) to punish (b) to support (c) to disdain 8. affinity (a) hatred (b) familiarity (c) indecision 9. agenda (a) diary (b) schedule (c) reference book 10. allusion (a) reference (b) trick (c) saying 11. altruistic (a) truthful (b) generous (c) secretive 12. amnesty (a) affection (b) gift (c) pardon 13. aggrandizement (a) flattery (b) growth (c) pleasure 14. aesthetic (a) sense of beauty (b) joy of freedom (c) joy of life 15. animosity (a) love (b) dislike (c) attraction for The answer key appears on the following page. Plug In Solutions Here are the answers to the Plug In quiz. Check to see if you made the right connections! Test yourself again on the words and definitions you missed. 1. c 6. c 11. b 2. c 7. b 12. c 3. b 8. b 13. b 4. c 9. b 14. a 5. a 10. a 15. b

Table of Contents

Foreword: The Power of Word Power Lessonsix
Power Up: So You Want a Power Vocabularyxi
Section IWords You Really Ought to Know
Lesson 1Would You Abdicate or Advocate?3
Lesson 2Climb Every Mountain9
Lesson 3Peaceniks13
Lesson 4Love Me, Love My Writing19
Lesson 5Was She a Diva or a Dupe?25
Lesson 6Eric the Eccentric29
Lesson 7Send in the Clones35
Lesson 8Her Lucky Break41
Lesson 9Slumming It47
Lesson 10Justin Time53
Lesson 11Everyone Knows It's Windy59
Lesson 12Safari, So Good63
Lesson 13To Catch a Thief69
Lesson 14Drain, Baby, Drain!75
Lesson 15A Provincial Precept or a Pretentious Precept?81
Lesson 16Is Randi Raucous, Resilient, or Resplendent?85
Lesson 17Is Chris's Attitude Stoic or Sardonic?91
Lesson 18Politics--Tedious or Odious?97
Lesson 19Was Tanya's Tryst a Torturous Travesty or Just Trite?101
Lesson 20Is Van Virulently Verbose?107
Section IIHarder Words You Really Ought to Know
Lesson 21With Accolades or Accoutrements?113
Lesson 22Is This Therapist Assiduous, Ascetic, or Apoplectic?117
Lesson 23Was the Bathos Bilious?123
Lesson 24Was the Conflagration Chemical or Chimerical?129
Lesson 25Is a Diaspora a Deleterious Debacle?135
Lesson 26Is Diurnal Ennui Endemic in Transylvania?139
Lesson 27Is Erik Erudite or Ethnocentric?145
Lesson 28The Garrulous Gamine Also Gesticulated!149
Lesson 29Can Homeopathy Cure an Ignominious Past?155
Lesson 30Libidinous Libations or Military Machinations?161
Lesson 31A Mirthful or Miasmic Milieu?167
Lesson 32Is Natalie the Nonplussed Neophyte?171
Lesson 33Is the Panegyric an Opus in Patois?177
Lesson 34A Perfidious or Phlegmatic Plebeian?181
Lesson 35Is Protean Paulo Also Punctilious?187
Lesson 36Is a Raffish and Ribald Repartee Enough?193
Lesson 37Will Sasha Sally Towards a Sagacious Story?199
Lesson 38Is Sy a Stalwart Spelunker, or a Simpering Sycophant?203
Lesson 39Is Tendentious Todd Temporizing?209
Lesson 40Is Zaftig Zillia Like a Zephyr?215
Section IIIReally, Really Hard Words (For Word Nerds Only)
Lesson 41Is Angie's Agathism the Opposite of Atheism?223
Lesson 42Is the Arriviste Bilious or Atrabilious?227
Lesson 43Does Bibulous Braggadocio Befit a Bellwether?231
Lesson 44Did the Claque Clap at the Clique's Canard?235
Lesson 45Did David Desire a Demimonde or a Demitasse?239
Lesson 46Ellie Rules with Eclat and Eclairs!243
Lesson 47Is Gregory a Galoot or a Grig?247
Lesson 48Evan, Inured to the Ineluctable and Ineffable!251
Lesson 49Lachrymose Logan Loved Leanna255
Lesson 50Did Marty's Minions Mouth a Moue or a Moo?259
Lesson 51Is Pappas a Parvenu?263
Lesson 52Phillipe, the Proselytizing Poltroon269
Lesson 53Were the Satraps Sequacious or Loquacious?273
Lesson 54Thomas--Not a Temerarious Tatterdemalion277
Lesson 55Did Willow Welter, Wither, or Winnow?283
AppendixRoot Juice287

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