Juke Joints

Juke Joints


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Four discs of ragged, rocking blues and R&B that might have blasted from a jukebox in the 1950s South, this generous set features both familiar names and not-so-familiar names, and that's part of the fun of it. From the first track on the first disc, Slim Harpo's classic Excello Records side "I'm a King Bee," Juke Joints roars into life and never lets up. Welcome to Saturday night.

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Release Date: 05/22/2012
Label: Jsp Records
UPC: 0788065715021
catalogNumber: 77150
Rank: 88984


Disc 1

  1. I'm a King Bee
  2. My Woman Has a Black Cat Bone
  3. Steady
  4. Late Hours At Midnight
  5. Ludella
  6. Sail On, Little Girl
  7. Alley Special
  8. Play My Juke Box
  9. Chicago Blues
  10. Shackles Round My Body
  11. Throw a Little Boogie
  12. Dial 110 Blues
  13. About to Lose My Mind
  14. You Better Move On Away From Here
  15. Applejack Boogie
  16. Seems Like a Million Years
  17. Western Union Man
  18. Silver Haired Woman
  19. She Got Me Walkin'
  20. Ride My New Car with Me
  21. After Hours
  22. 1958 Blues
  23. Bad Feeling Blues
  24. Feel So Worried
  25. I Want a Roller
  26. Gary Stomp

Disc 2

  1. Operator Blues
  2. My Baby Left Me
  3. Lookin' For My Baby
  4. I'm Gonna Love You
  5. She's Gone with the Wind
  6. Eula Mae
  7. Ardelle
  8. Happy Home Blues
  9. I've Got Love If You Want It
  10. That's All Right
  11. Hello Central, Please Give Me 209
  12. Crying
  13. I'll Move You
  14. Awful Shame
  15. Cadillac Blues
  16. Hollywood Boogie
  17. Chicken Stuff
  18. Please Mam Forgive Me
  19. You Better Watch That Jive
  20. Walking Talking Blues
  21. Locked In Jail Blues
  22. Highway 51
  23. Jet Black Woman
  24. I Had a Dream
  25. Got a Letter This Morning
  26. Down South

Disc 3

  1. She's Tough
  2. Baker Shop Boogie
  3. Ridin' Home
  4. Sad and Lonely
  5. Crawdad
  6. No One to Love Me
  7. Wonderin' and Worryin'
  8. Lightnin' Slim Boogie
  9. A & B Blues
  10. Homesick Blues
  11. Fat Mouth
  12. Number Writer
  13. King's Highway
  14. John Henry
  15. Jammin'
  16. Take It Easy
  17. Mr. Ticket Agent
  18. Which One Do I Love
  19. Little School Girl
  20. Excuse Me Baby
  21. Have You a Match
  22. Goin' to New Orleans
  23. Want to Boogie-Woogie
  24. Love Me Mama
  25. Log House on the Hill
  26. You'll Always Have a Home

Disc 4

  1. Jimmie's Boogie
  2. Rather Be Sloppy Drunk
  3. G-Man Blues
  4. No One to Love Me
  5. Y M & V Blues
  6. Sittin' Here Wonderin'
  7. Strange Love
  8. Size 4 Shoe
  9. I'm In Love
  10. You Gotta Lay Down Mama
  11. Jelly Roll Man
  12. Cold in the Evening
  13. Mistreated Blues
  14. My Baby's Gone
  15. Forgive Me
  16. Don't Do it Again
  17. Good Lookin' Woman
  18. Goin' Back to Mama
  19. Truck 'Em On Down
  20. Goin' Back Home Today
  21. Uncle Sam Blues
  22. Harlem Women
  23. Don't Want Me Blues
  24. Broke and Hungry
  25. I Don't Know Why
  26. Boogie

Album Credits

Performance Credits

James Cotton   Harmonica
Slim Harpo   Harmonica,Vocals
Earl Hooker   Guitar
John Lee Hooker   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Kirkland   Guitar,Vocals
Lightnin' Slim   Guitar,Vocals
Little Walter   Harmonica
Louis Myers   Guitar
Dan Pickett   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Reed   Harmonica
Eddie Taylor   Guitar,Vocals
Bill "Boogie Bill" Webb   Guitar,Vocals
Big Joe Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Liggins   Guitar
Lazy Bill Lucas   Piano,Vocals
Homesick James Williamson   Guitar,Vocals
Snooky Pryor   Harmonica
Willie Baker   Guitar,Vocals
Edgar Blanchard   Guitar
John Brim   Guitar
Ted Brinson   Bass
Little Milton   Guitar,Vocals
Buddy Chiles   Guitar,Vocals
Christopher Collins   Guitar
Ernest "Big" Crawford   Bass
Pete Douglas   Guitar
Duncan   Drums
Alfred Elkins   Bass
Frank Fields   Bass
Sam Fowler   Harmonica
Guitar Gable   Guitar
Lonnie Hayes   Drums
Hop Wilson   Steel Guitar,Vocals
Ike Turner   Piano
Sammy Lewis   Harmonica,Vocals
Walter McCain   Drums
Willard McDaniel   Piano
Muddy Waters   Guitar
Willie Nix   Drums,Vocals
Elmore Nixon   Piano
Earl Palmer   Drums
Earl Phillips   Drums
Rev. Cleophus Robinson   Bass
Jimmie Lee Robinson   Bass
Jimmy Rogers   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Shines   Guitar
Sunnyland Slim   Piano
C.W. Tate   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Willie Wilkins   Guitar
Albert Williams   Piano
Leroy Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Johnson   Guitar
Austin McCoy   Piano
Louis Pitts   Bass
Lawrence Taylor   Alto Saxophone
Little Sammy Davis   Harmonica,Vocals
Grace Brim   Drums
Gus Jenkins   Piano
Arthur "Big Boy" Spires   Guitar,Vocals
Hank Kilroy   Vocals
Robert Lee Westmoreland   Guitar,Vocals
Wichard   Drums
George "Earring George" Maywether   Harmonica
Houston Boines   Harmonica,Vocals
J.D. Edwards   Guitar,Vocals
Schoolboy Cleve   Harmonica
Freddie Simon   Tenor Saxophone
George Lawson   Tenor Saxophone
Ted Porter   Drums
Clarence "Jockey" Etinne   Drums
Wright Holmes   Guitar,Vocals
P.T. Hayes   Harmonica
Andrew "Smokey" Hogg   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Mitchell   Harmonica
J.D. Horton   Harmonica,Vocals
Junior Blackmon   Drums,Vocals
Pine Top Slim   Guitar,Vocals
Silver Cooks   Drums,Vocals
Stick Horse Hammond   Guitar,Vocals
Clarence London   Guitar,Vocals
David Wylie   Guitar,Vocals
Chicago Sunny Boy   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Country Jim   Guitar,Vocals
Boy Green   Guitar,Vocals
Tommy Ridgely   Piano
Sugarman   Guitar,Vocals
Elga Edmonds   Drums
Sunny James   Guitar,Vocals
D.C. Washington   Guitar,Vocals
Pine Bluff Pete   Piano,Vocals
Pete McKinley   Guitar,Vocals
Leslie Louis   Guitar,Harmonica
Lost John Hunter   Piano,Vocals
Wilson "Thunder" Smith   Piano
Ivory Lee Semien   Drums
Papa Lightfoot   Harmonica
Luther Stoneham   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Beck   Guitar,Vocals
Jerry McCain   Harmonica
John Perrodin   Bass
Honeyboy   Vocals
Jesse "Cleanhead" Love   Drums
Charlie Booker   Guitar
James "Ice Water" Williams   Bass
Gutiar Gable   Guitar
Fred Bush   Piano
Watler Horton   Harmonica
Nat Terry   Guitar,Vocals
Manny Nicholls   Guitar,Vocals
Lloyd Renaud   Drums
Joe Nathan Franklin   Drums

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