Joyce in Context

Joyce in Context

by Vincent John Cheng, Timothy Martin


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This challenging collection of essays by an international group of scholars aims, through the critical concept of 'context', to put the work of James Joyce in its 'place'. The four sections explore a range of contexts, offering significant perspectives - historical, theoretical, feminist, cultural and linguistic - on Joyce's writing. Essays on the modernist context place Joyce alongside contemporaries, like Woolf, Ford, and Freud, re-evaluating accepted notions of literary relationship and ideology. The context of the 'other' is invoked in essays drawing on recent developments in feminist, post-structuralist, and psychoanalytic literary theory, and taking Joyce's work as a site for provocative investigations into the nature of sexual, national, ethnic and cultural marginality. Some original re-readings of Joyce's relationship to particular writers, critics and cultural traditions draw him into proximity with Homer, Lacan, the comic strip and Irish popular literature. Finally, in essays that examine aspects and evolutions of his distinctive style, Joyce is considered within the parameters of his own oeuvre.

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ISBN-13: 9780521112079
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 06/11/2009
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

List of illustrations and cartoon figures; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Notes on contributors; Editors' introduction; 1. The 1989 conference: a retrospect Timothy Martin; Part I. Modernist Context: 2. Is there a case against Ulysses? Denis Donoghue; 3. Woolf and Joyce: reading and revision Johanna X. K. Garvey; 4. Joyce and Ford Madox Ford Vincent J. Cheng; 5. Joyce and Freud: discontent and its civilizations Brian W. Shaffer; Part II. The Context of the Other: 6. Joyce on the Margins: cheating on the father: Joyce and gender justice in Ulysses Colleen R. Lamos; 7. Demythologising nationalism: Joyce's dialogised grail myth Theresa O'Connor; 8. Joyce and Michelet: why watch Molly menstruate? Bonnie Kime Scott; 9. Re-visioning Joyce's masculine signature Suzette Henke; Part III. Contexts For Joyce: 10. 'Scrupulous Meanness' reconsidered: Dubliners as stylistic parody Roy Gottfried; 11. Joyce and Lacan: the twin narratives of history and history in the 'Nestor' chapter of Ulysses Garry M. Leonard; 12. Joyce and Homer: return, disguise, and recognition in 'Ithaca' Constance V. Tagopoulos; 13. James Joyce and cartoons Daniel Schiff; Part IV. Re-Reading Joyce: 14. Joyce in his own Context: Refining himself out of existence: the evolution of Joyce's esthetic theory and the drafts of A Portrait Ian Crump; 15. Entering the lists: sampling early catalogues Fritz Senn; 16. Cataloguing in Finnegans Wake: counting countries Bernard Benstock; Translating Ulysses, east and west Di Jin.

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