Joseph Goebbels

Joseph Goebbels

by Curt Reiss


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Coming generations will ask themselves how it was possible that millions of people, victims of an artificially induced enthusiasm, could be moved to do the very things which led to their own ruin. The answer could be given in hundreds of thousands of words, but, if it were expressed in one word alone, that word would be: Goebbels. Curt Riess, a Jewish Berliner who fled Germany upon Hitler's appointment as Chancellor in 1933, considered Goebbels to be 'the most outstanding man of the Nazi regime, not even barring Hitler himself'. Without Goebbels' genius for organization and propaganda, Nazism could never have amassed the support it needed to gain and keep power in Germany.

From provincial obscurity, Goebbels scurried through the Nazi ranks to become one of the most dominant and trusted members of Hitler's inner circle. His career was marked by formidable powers of administration, his ruthless hatred of the Jews, his resourcefulness in promoting Nazi ideals, and his inflexible devotion to the Führer, asserted in his final morbid gesture of propaganda: the sacrifice of his wife, six children, and himself in Hitler's bunker in 1945. Riess' biography was first published in 1949, and benefitted greatly from the discovery of Goebbels' diaries in 1946. It explores the many fascinating and pertinent aspects of Goebbels' character: the insecurities brought on by his diminutive stature; his rejection by his family; his consuming jealousy of his rivals; and his obsession with sex. It remains one of the most authoritative biographies of the man whose manipulative genius steered the German nation to ruin.

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Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publication date: 07/19/2015
Pages: 448
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About the Author

Curt Riess was born of Jewish-German origin in Wurzburg, Germany in 1902. As a young man, Riess studied in Paris, Munich, and Heidelberg, and spent time working as a merchant in both New York and Berlin. On a business trip to the USA he discovered his talent for journalism and decided to pursue a career in the industry. Riess’ first journalistic position was for a liberal 12 o’clock worksheet in Berlin, for which he also edited the sports section and throughout the 1920s he toured Europe as a reporter and film and theatre critic. In 1933, Riess was forced into exile and finally settled in Manhattan where he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post. Throughout the Second World War, he was heavily engaged in anti-Nazi activity, serving as a spy, and then, once the USA had joined the Allies, as a specialist in the United States Navy. His final military job was as a war correspondent for the Army, and as such he became well known for his exposure of the moral depravity of Adolf Hitler’s regime.

Table of Contents

Biographical Note on Curt Riess 9

Introduction 11

Part 1 The Battle

I The Road to Hitler 17

II The Sorcerer's Apprentice 30

III The Streets of Berlin 49

IV The Landslide 70

V The Last Lap 89

Part 2 The Power…

VI The Dictator 105

VII Tomorrow the World 122

VIII Interlude 143

IX The Muffled Sound of the Drums 162

Part 3 …And the Glory

X Victories and Silence 181

XI The War of Many Fronts 203

XII World War 223

XIII The Catastrophe 241

Part 4 Goetterdaemmerung

XIV Fortress Propaganda 263

XV The Death of God 283

XVI The Time Bomb 301

XVII The Birth of the Hitler Legend 320

XVIII Finita Comoedia 335

End Notes 355

Index 359

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