John- Teach Yourself the Bible Series: The Gospel of Light and Life

John- Teach Yourself the Bible Series: The Gospel of Light and Life

by Don Hillis

Paperback(New Edition)

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The Teach Yourself the Bible Series is one of the best New Testament studies you will find anywhere. Each book in the series is packed full of valuable questions on individual chapters of the Bible, check-ups to test your grasp of scriptural truths, and usable suggestions for group study.

Grow in your knowledge of God through each New Testament book, then go on to study six aspects of Christianity essential for all believers: doctrine, prayer, eternal life, prophecy, Christian character, and Bible study.

See the glory, the righteousness, the wisdom, and grace of God as you study the life of Christ through the gospel of John. John describes Christ as the Light of Life. See and hear for yourself the miracles and words of Christ as that Light.

Strengthen your relationship with the living God with all twenty-five books of the Teach Yourself the Bible Series. Each volume is a timeless, yet practical, study of the Word of God.

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ISBN-13: 9780802443755
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 09/08/1986
Series: Teach Yourself the Bible
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 64
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

DON W. HILLIS served as a missionary to India under The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) from 1937 to 1953. In 1960 he became associate director of the mission at TEAM's international headquarters, heading the Publications Department. Dr. Hillis moved to Florida in 1974 when he became TEAM's Southeastern Representative. He is now an honorary representative for TEAM. Don is author or co-author of a number of books including Answers to Youth Hang-ups, and God, You and That Man with Three Goats: Divine Providence.

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Johnâ?"The Gospel of Light and Life

By Don W. Hillis

Moody Publishers

Copyright © 1986 The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-8024-4375-5


Lesson 1

The Deity of Jesus Christ ____________________________

JOHN, Chapter 1

God's Revelation: "The Word was God" (1:1-18)

John describes Jesus Christ as the Light of Life. "In him was life; and the life was the light of men." 1:4

The "Word" of verse 1 is the eternal Son of God, Who took upon Himself flesh and blood (1:14) in order to reveal to us the true character of God (1:18) and in order to give light to all men (1:4).

1. How many times do the following words appear in John 1:1-18?

Believe _______________ Light _______________

Life _______________ Word _______________

2. What did "the Word" of verse 1 become?

1:14 _____________________________________________________

3. Whom did Jesus reveal?

1:18 _____________________________________________________

4. Who was the light of men?

1:4 ______________________________________________________

5. What must one do in order to become a son of God?

1:12 _____________________________________________________

Would you like to see the glory, the righteousness, the wisdom and the grace of God? You will see all of this and more if you will give yourself wholeheartedly to the study of the life of Christ in these lessons. God, who revealed portions of His truth in many ways to men by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, Jesus Christ.

6. By whom did God's law come into the world?

1:17 _____________________________________________________

By whom did grace and truth come?

1:17 _____________________________________________________

7. The new birth is distinct from natural birth. It is not the result of any human achievement. What, then, is its source?

1:13 _____________________________________________________

8. Through whom has the invisible God revealed Himself?

1:18 _____________________________________________________

John's Witness: "Behold the Lamb" (1:19-51)

We see here the testimony of John the Baptist concerning the Lord Jesus, and also the attraction of certain disciples to Christ.

9. When John said concerning himself, "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness," from what Old Testament prophet was he quoting?

1:23 _____________________________________________________

10. What was John's testimony concerning Jesus?

1:29 _____________________________________________________

11. In what form did John see the Spirit descend on Jesus?

1:32 _____________________________________________________

12. John referred to Jesus as the Lamb of God (1:29). What additional title did he give to Him?

1:34 _____________________________________________________

13. What testimony did Andrew give concerning Jesus?

1:41 _____________________________________________________

14. What Old Testament writers spoke of Jesus of Nazareth?

1:45 _____________________________________________________

15. With what words did Jesus describe Nathaniel's character?

1:47 _____________________________________________________

16. Nathanael, in turn, gave three titles to Jesus. What were they?

1:49 a. _______________b. _______________c. _______________

Ancient Jewish prophets foretold that a messenger would arrive before Christ, the world-Redeemer, to prepare the way for Him. John the Baptist was that promised messenger. To prepare men's hearts for Christ, John commanded them to repent of their sins. Those who repented he baptized in the Jordan River.


The Levites were members of the tribe of Levi who assisted the priests. 1:19

Elias (Elijah) was an Old Testament prophet whom the Jews expected would return. 1:21

Esaias (Isaiah) was a Jewish prophet. 1:23

Pharisees were members of a strictly orthodox religious party of the Jews. 1:24

Son of man was a term Jesus applied to Himself because, though truly God, He assumed human likeness to accomplish our salvation. 1:51

Prayer: O God, through this study bring light into my life. Help me to know, to love, and to serve Thee. Amen.

Check-Up Time No. 1


You have just studied some important truths about John 1. Review your study by rereading the questions and your written answers. If you wish, you may use the self-check test as an aid in reviewing your lesson. If you aren't sure of an answer, reread the Scripture portion given to see if you can find the answer. Then take this test to see how well you understand important truths you have studied.

In the right-hand margin write "True" or "False" after each of the following statements.

1. John said, "Behold the Son of God which taketh away the sin of the world." _____________

2. John said, "I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God." _____________

3. John baptized with the Holy Spirit. _____________

4. The Pharisees asked John why he was baptizing. _____________

5. John admitted that he was Elias. _____________

6. John saw the Spirit descending like a dove. _____________

7. Andrew brought his brother Philip to Jesus. _____________

8. Moses and the prophets wrote about Jesus of Nazareth. _____________

9. Nathanael said to Christ, "Thou art the Son of God." _____________

10. Jesus said to Nathanael, "I saw thee under the fig tree." _____________

Turn to page 64 and check your answers.


Lesson 2

Signs and Salvation _________________________________

JOHN, Chapters 2 and 3

The Sign: "A New Wine" (2:1-25)

The disciples were attracted to the Light, the Lord Jesus Christ, by the testimony of John the Baptist. They brought others to Him by their own testimony. Some men were attracted to the Light by the "signs" that Jesus did.

The miracle at the wedding in Cana was the first of Jesus' miracles or "signs," and showed His divine power. The apostle John tells us that the signs that he recorded were included in his gospel for a definite purpose. (John 20:30-31)

1. Who were called to the wedding at Cana?

2:2 _____________________________________________________

2. What did Jesus' mother say to the servants at the wedding?

2:5 _____________________________________________________

3. How did this miracle of turning water into wine affect the disciples?

2:11 _____________________________________________________

Some time after this miracle Jesus went to Jerusalem, where He cleansed the Temple. That involved Him in a discussion with the Jews in which He revealed an important truth about His body.

4. Into what were the people turning God's Temple?

2:16 _____________________________________________________

5. What startling claim did Jesus make for Himself?

2:19 _____________________________________________________

6. What did He mean by such a claim?

2:21 _____________________________________________________

7. What had to take place before the disciples understood this remark?

2:22 _____________________________________________________

8. What happened to many who saw Jesus' miracles?

2:23 _____________________________________________________

9. Why did Jesus refuse to commit Himself unto men?

2:24 _____________________________________________________

The Salvation: "A New Birth" (3:1-36)

In John's Gospel we will see Christ denouncing religious hypocrites who have no sincere desire for truth. We will see Him showing infinite and loving patience with sincere inquirers, or even "honest doubters." In chapter 3 we have one of the most famous of Christ's discourses with an individual in his conversation with Nicodemus.

10. What was the religious rank of Nicodemus?

3:1 _____________________________________________________

11. What dogmatic statement did Jesus make to this religious leader?

3:3 _____________________________________________________

12. Nicodemus did not understand the new birth. With what words did he admit that?

3:9 _____________________________________________________

13. What Old Testament illustration did Jesus use to suggest His coming crucifixion?

3:14 _____________________________________________________

14. What well-known words explain the gospel?

3:16 _____________________________________________________

15. Why did God send His Son into the world?

3:17 _____________________________________________________

16. What is God's basis for condemnation?

3:18 _____________________________________________________

Nicodemus was a highly placed religious leader who recognized that the ministry of Jesus Christ was approved of God. He was attracted to Jesus by His miracles. The Lord Jesus swept aside that halfhearted belief and told Nicodemus that nothing less than a new start would do. That new start is expressed in the words "Ye must be born again."

17. Why do men love darkness rather than light?

3:19 _____________________________________________________

18. According to John the Baptist, from where does true authority come?

3:27 _____________________________________________________

19. With what words did John express his relationship to Jesus?

3:30 _____________________________________________________

20. How many things has the Father given to the Son?

3:35 _____________________________________________________

21. "He that believeth on the Son hath


22. "He that believeth not the Son


You will note that believe, light, and life are important words in this chapter. How many times does the word believe (include believed and believeth) occur? _________________________________

Check-Up Time No. 2


You have just studied some important truths about John 2 and 3. Review your study by rereading the questions and your written answers. If you aren't sure of an answer, reread the Scripture portion given to see if you can find the answer. Then take this test to see how well you understand the important truths you have studied.

In the right-hand margin write "True" or "False" after each of the following statements.

1. Jesus was invited to a marriage feast in Jerusalem. ______________

2. Turning the water into wine was the first miracle recorded by John. ______________

3. Jesus went to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles. ______________

4. Peter poured out the changers money and overthrew the tables. ______________

5. Many believed in His name when they saw the miracles. ______________

6. Nicodemus was a Pharisee. ______________

7. Jesus said that unless you belong to a church you cannot see the Kingdom of Heaven. ______________

8. Moses lifted up a golden serpent in the wilderness. ______________

9. John was still baptizing at this time. ______________

10. John admitted he was not the Christ. ______________

Turn to page 64 and check your answers.


Lesson 3

Water and Witness


JOHN, Chapters 4 and 5

The Living Water: "Everlasting Life" (4:1-54)

The teaching of Jesus concerning women would entitle Him to rank with the great teachers of the world. When Jesus shared His deepest teaching with women, He was breaking with the customs of His day.

1. What phrase in 4:6 suggests the humanity of Jesus?

4:6 _____________________________________________________

2. Because the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans, it was an act of humility for Jesus to ask the Samaritan woman for what?

4:7 _____________________________________________________

3. In return Jesus offered what to her?

4:10 _____________________________________________________

4. How would you evaluate the morals of this woman?

4:18 _____________________________________________________

5. How did she try to change the subject when faced with her sin?

4:20 _____________________________________________________

Notice that the Lord Jesus made the woman face the fact that she was a sinner. Confession of sin and true repentance are the first step toward a right relationship with God. The living water cannot flow until sin is taken out of the way.

The Samaritans were descendents of Jews and foreigners who intermarried. 4:9

Mt. Gerizim is the place at which Samaritans worshipped. 4:20 "Salvation is of the Jews" means that the Bible and Christ came through the Jews. 4:22

6. The Samaritan woman's first expression of faith in the person of Christ was expressed in what words?

4:19 _____________________________________________________

7. In what words did Jesus tell her that how we worship God is more important than where we worship Him?

4:24 _____________________________________________________

8. She finally expressed her faith in Christ to her own people. That expression was in the form of a question. What was it?

4:29 _____________________________________________________

Verse 24 of this chapter is very important. Memorize the verse.

9. For what two reasons did many of the Samaritans in Sychar believe on Jesus?

4:39 _____________________________________________________

4:41 _____________________________________________________

10. Jesus told His disciples that His "meat" was to do what?

4:34 _____________________________________________________

The second miracle that John records is the healing of the nobleman's son. The nobleman "believed the words that Jesus spoke unto him." Faith is vital for those who want to receive a blessing from Jesus.

11. What request did the nobleman (ruler) make of Jesus?

4:47 _____________________________________________________

12. What was Jesus' response?

4:50 _____________________________________________________

13. What were the results of the nobleman's obedience?

4:51 _____________________________________________________

4:53 _____________________________________________________

A Living Witness: "A Work and a Word" (Chapter 5)

The third miracle was the healing of the man ill for thirty-eight years. The critics of Jesus persecuted Him for healing on the Sabbath day. The Sabbath was one day in seven set aside for rest and worship. The Jews rose in opposition when Jesus told the man to pick up his bed and walk.

14. What question did Jesus ask the impotent man?

5:6 ______________________________________________________

15. What command did He give him?

5:8 ______________________________________________________

16. On what day did this miracle take place?

5:9 ______________________________________________________

17. What warning did Jesus give this man after he was healed?

5:14 _____________________________________________________

Jesus defended Himself by saying that the work of God continues on the Sabbath. That angered the Jews still more because they recognized that Jesus was claiming to be equal with God.

18. For what two reasons did the Jews attempt to kill Jesus?

5:18 a. __________________________________________________

b. ___________________________________________

19. How did Christ explain the way of salvation?

5:24 _____________________________________________________

Jesus met the charge of blasphemy with a statement regarding His relationship to God the Father (5:19-23). He then claimed to be Mediator, One who stands between God and men (5:24-29). The co-equality of God the Father and God the Son is such that, "He who does not honour the Son does not honour the Father who sent Him."

21. To whom has the Father committed all judgment?

5:22 _____________________________________________________

22. What persons or things bear witness that the Father has sent Him?

a. 5:33 __________________________________________________

b. 5:36 __________________________________________________

c. 5:37 __________________________________________________

d. 5:39 __________________________________________________

23. If the Jews had believed Moses, whom else would they have believed?


Check-Up Time No. 3 ____________________________

You have just studied some important truths about John 4 and 5. Review your study by rereading the questions and your written answers. If you aren't sure of an answer, reread the Scripture portion given to see if you can find the answer. Then take the following test to see how well you understand the important truths you have studied.

In the right-hand margin write "True" or "False" after each of the following statements.

1. Jesus met the Shunammite woman at the well. _______________

2. Jesus said that He would give her "living water." _______________

3. Those who worship God must worship in silence and in church. _______________

4. Many of the Samaritans believed on Jesus. _______________

5. Jesus healed the nobleman's son without going to his house. _______________

6. The impotent man wanted to be healed in the pool of Salome. _______________

7. Jesus found the healed man in the Temple later that day. _______________

8. God has committed all judgment unto the Son. _______________

9. There was no greater witness to Christ than that of John the Baptist. _______________

10. The Scriptures did not testify to Christ. _______________

Turn to page 64 and check your answers.


Lesson 4

Manna and Mystery


JOHN, Chapters 6 and 7

Manna: "Bread of Life" (Chapter 6)

A great multitude followed Jesus when they saw that He healed the sick. On a mountainside Jesus performed another miracle. He fed a great crowd of more than 5,000 people with five loaves and two fishes. The people wanted to make Jesus king.

1. How many times do the following words occur in chapter 6?

a. Believe (includes believed) _________________________________

b. Life ______________________________________________


Excerpted from Johnâ?"The Gospel of Light and Life by Don W. Hillis. Copyright © 1986 The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Excerpted by permission of Moody Publishers.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Lesson 1: The Diety of Jesus Christ,
Lesson 2: Signs and Salvation,
Lesson 3: Water and Witness,
Lesson 4: Manna and Mystery,
Lesson 5: Light and Sight,
Lesson 6: Shepherd and Savior,
Lesson 7: Welcome and Washing,
Lesson 8: The Comforter,
Lesson 9: The True Vine,
Lesson 10: Persecution and Prayer,
Lesson 11: The Cup and the Cross,
Lesson 12: Resurrection and Resolution,
Suggestions for Class Use,

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