John Searle and His Critics

John Searle and His Critics


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For more than three decades John Searle has been developing and elaborating a unified theory of language and mind. What has emerged is an impressive and detailed account of intentionality embracing both mental states and linguistic behaviour. Though the developing theory has been presented in a steady stream of books and articles over the last thirty years, two items stand out as major landmarks: the publication of Speech Acts in 1969 and of Intentionality in 1983. Both of these seminal books offer structural theories; that is, they analyze the items within their domains (speech acts and mental states) as having a structure which allows for variation along a number of parameters.

John Searle and His Critics proceeds from an analysis of the importance and influence of these two works to an overall assessment of Searle's impact in the philosophy of language, of mind, of social explanation, and of reference and intentionality. Each of the chapters has been newly commissioned from a leading scholar in the relevant field and each section concludes with a summary and response from Searle himself.

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ISBN-13: 9780631156369
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/28/1991
Series: [Philosophers and Their Critics Ser.
Pages: 405

About the Author

John Searle is Professor of Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley.

Ernest Leport is Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University and editor of both Actions and Events (with Brian McLaughlin) and Truth and Interpretation: Perspectives on the Philosophy of Donald Davidson. Robert van Gulick is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Syracuse Univeristy in New York.

Table of Contents

Notes on Contributors.

Editors' Introduction.

Part I: Meaning and Speech Acts:.

Part II: The Mind-Body Problem:.

Part III: Perception and the Satisfaction of Intentionality:.

Part IV: Reference and Intentionality:.

Part V: The Background of Intentionality and Action:.

Part VI: Social Explanation:.

Part VII: Applications: Ontology and Obligation:.

Selected Bibliography of the Works of J. R. Searle.


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