Jean Renoir: A Biography

Jean Renoir: A Biography

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Originally published in France in 2012, Pascal Mégeau's definitive biography of legendary film director Jean Renoir is a landmark work-the winner of a Prix Goncourt, France's top literary achievement. Now available in the English language for the first time, Jean Renoir: A Biography, is the definitive study of one of the most fascinating and creative artistic figures of the twentieth century. The French filmmaker made more than forty films from the silent era to the late '60s and today he is revered by filmmakers and seen by many as one of the greatest of all time. Renoir made acclaimed movies in France, America, India, and Italy and became a writer during the last part of his life.

An estimated 75 percent of the book details previously unknown information about the filmmaker, including Renoir's close affiliation with Communism in the '30s (when he was the Party's official director) and his work with the fascist regimes during World War II; his previously uncredited Hollywood film, The Amazing Mrs. Holiday; and new information on the making of his most famous films.

Drawing from unpublished or little known sources, this biography is a completely fresh approach to the maker of Grand Illusion and The Rules of the Game, redefining the very function of the movie director and simultaneously recounting the history of a century.

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Publication date: 01/03/2017
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About the Author

Pascal Merigeau is a highly regarded journalist and film critic. He has published numerous books in his native France, among them definitive biographies of Joseph L. Mankiewicz and Maurice Pialat. Merigeau lives in France.

Table of Contents

Foreword Martin Scorsese 1

Introduction: The Chameleon on Plaid 3

Part I Renoir in History: September 15,1894-December 31,1940

Chapter 1 The Invention of Renoir 17

Chapter 2 "Other Dogs to Sniff" 32

Chapter 3 Before He Became Renoir 48

Chapter 4 "A Kraut Movie" 66

Chapter 5 Poaching 77

Chapter 6 Soup and Grub 92

Chapter 7 Chamber Pots 104

Chapter 8 Pitiless 113

Chapter 8 Fog and Shadow 129

Chapter 10 Boudu Priapus Simon 137

Chapter 11 Adaptations 152

Chapter 12 Primitive 172

Chapter 13 In the Courtyard 194

Chapter 14 Fellow Traveler 210

Chapter 15 "Every Night I Remember" 224

Chapter 16 The Russian Way 241

Chapter 17 Between Two Wars 257

Chapter 18 "People We'd Like to Be Friends With" 289

Chapter 19 "Le P'tit Coeur de Ninon" 317

Chapter 20 Octave or Losing Balance 346

Chapter 21 Tosca and II Duce 370

Chapter 22 All at Sea 396

Part II The Legend: January 1, 1941-February 12, 1979

Chapter 23 A New World 426

Chapter 24 California Jean 451

Chapter 25 This Land is Mine 488

Chapter 26 Endgame 512

Chapter 27 Between Two Worlds 533

Chapter 28 "A Story about Children in the Indies" 566

Chapter 29 "I'm Bored without You" 591

Chapter 30 Suite Française 622

Chapter 31 Kicked in the Head 666

Chapter 32 "St Won't Be Made, It Won't Be Made" 704

Chapter 33 "I've Become a Museum Piece" 731

Chapter 34 Big "Snowflasks" Are Falling 775

Notes 801

Films 866

Plays 894

Bibliography 897

Index 906

Acknowledgments 927

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