It's Not Magic: A Guide To A Better Life.

It's Not Magic: A Guide To A Better Life.

by Mike Thompson

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Over the past couple of years I have thought about writing this book, but I could not bring myself to take the leap from thought to paper. The reason for my lack of action was not due to any questions or fears towards my ability. The techniques I cover in this book have equipped me with overcoming such barriers, so much so that I have accomplished more than I had ever dreamed or imagined. The barrier to begin was in one pesky and persistent question…Am I worthy? My thoughts were repeatedly hijacked with numerous people more “worthy” than I to write a book on how to achieve the impossible. I have seen people without arms and legs, individuals with complete paralysis, powering through and doing the “impossible.” I have met people in stark poverty, living in straw huts, and surviving only on what the rainforest yields. Each of them has stories that are both inspiring and humbling- extraordinary testaments to the power that lies within us. Their personal obstacles were monumental, and yet their resolve was even greater…which as inspiring as this may sound, it is also extremely intimidating for me—rattling my confidence in my story, my experience, and leaving a nagging question of worth—Could what I know really help someone? Then, one day a strong sense of urgency came over me. It was my conscience telling me I had no other choice but to share with others what I have experienced and learned. I realized that a chance to possibly change EVEN ONE person’s life for the better was enough for me and that I do have a PHD in results. Thus, this book is an attempt to offer you the tools I have acquired through encounters with incredible teachers, while traveling this immense, yet intricate world. I pray the information in this book brings you even more riches, and most importantly, experiences that take your breath away, as it has brought me.

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Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 10/07/2013
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