It's Going To Be All Right! A Collection of Positive Reflections

It's Going To Be All Right! A Collection of Positive Reflections

by Betty Sawyer


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“Betty Sawyer…an extraordinary lady full of love for her family, friends, and community. Her words of inspiration and delightful wit are sure to bless and reassure you that “It’s Going To Be All Right!” -Belynda Reneau, Advertising Sales Executive, Thomasville Times-Enterprise Newspaper

At 87 years old, Betty Sawyer has yet to “retire.” After over forty-five years’ experience as a social worker, years of writing articles for her local newspaper relating to health matters, and founding an award-winning Alzheimer’s/Dementia support group, she decided to write her first book.

Looking for a book that is motivational, inspirational, and downright fun to read? Here it is!

It’s Going To Be All Right introduces readers to a celebration of life through positive thinking; valuing family and friends; and recognizing the power of laughter. It is a wealth of knowledge gleaned from experience, research, and a love of using words to make a difference in people’s lives.

Written for families, healthcare workers, family caregivers, and grandmothers, or anyone looking to live an exceptional life, this book gives readers:

  • Guidelines on how to be a positive influence in the lives of others.
  • Personal stories that encourage, inspire, and give hope.
  • Practical advice on staying resilient – bouncing back from a bad situation or event.
  • Instruction on staying young while aging.
  • Assurance that faith in God yields peace and comfort, no matter the circumstances.

In the chapter on dementia, “Taking a Positive Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease,” the author describes her experience of eight years as a caregiver for her husband. Betty’s counsel on surviving the trials caused by the disease will be extremely helpful to family members assisting their loved ones. The chapter answers the following questions for the reader:

  1. What is dementia? What are the diseases that cause it?
  2. How does one handle financial and health care decisions?
  3. Are there techniques to curb destructive behaviors?
  4. What are the positive ways for caregivers to cope?
  5. How are support groups helpful?

This Christian author loves life. Her purpose in writing this book is to share her thoughts with the hope of inspiring, uplifting, and reminding readers to stay positive. An accomplished author and speaker, Betty Sawyer is a popular keynote presenter in the areas of aging, dementia and other topics related to gerontology. Because of her service to her husband, her extensive experience in social work, and her professional training, she is uniquely qualified to inspire and give hope to others.

Readers who spend an hour with this book will have their outlook changed for a lifetime. They will know that it’s going to be all right!

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ISBN-13: 9781977202529
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 10/17/2018
Pages: 92
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.22(d)

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