Itchy Witch: Short I Phonics Picture Book Story

Itchy Witch: Short I Phonics Picture Book Story

by Karen Sandelin, Amber Williams


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Learn to spell naturally with stories! This engaging phonics story brings spelling to life and is full of Short I sound words, providing authentic context to make sense of phonics. Read about how Christy Witch asks LIzardy Wizard to help her find out which trick is it that makes witchy itch, and enjoy learning to spell the Short I sound at the same time!

The story includes 161 Short I words plus spelling and story based learning activities, word list and spelling groups, tricky words, reading comprehension, homophones and homonyms and a grapheme chart. The Short A sound letters are printed in green making it easy to 'sound out' words.

Clever Speller's unique story based learning approach to spelling helps students aged 4-10 to develop phonemic awareness, learn all the ways to spell sounds in words and improve grammar.

Easily Learn to Spell with Clever Speller Phonics Stories

Stage 1: Develop Phonemic Awareness, the ability to hear sounds in words. Listening to phonics stories full of words with a focus sound makes developing this skill easy and natural.

Stage 2: Learn all the Ways to Spell Sounds in Words with phonics stories full of words showing the different ways to spell a focus sound.

Stage 3: Perfecting Grammar, story based activities make learning to clearly communicate meaningful and connected

Clever Speller Phonics Stories Make Phonics Easy

  • Read the phonics story 'Itchy Witch' and listen for words with a Short I sound
  • Break words into sounds, eg p-i-g. This is often called 'sounding out'
  • Spell the Short I sound words by saying each individual sound of the word and then the whole word, eg p-i-g, pig
  • Learn 5 ways to spell the Short I sound in words

Helping Students to Enjoy Learning to Spell

For students with Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties:

  • spelling is confusing and doesn't make sense
  • words seem to run together
  • reading is hard work and not fun

This is because of difficulties with:

  • hearing sounds in words
  • learning letter sound associations
  • blending sounds together
  • identifying beginning, middle and end sounds in words
  • learning tricky sight words
  • reading fluency
  • retrieving words from vocabulary

How Clever Speller helps:

  • phonics stories are full of words with a focus sound
  • all the ways to spell the focus sound are in one place
  • stories provide the context for phonics to make sense
  • easy to follow word family patterns
  • focus sound words are grouped in lists from simple to complex
  • tricky sight words are grouped into a focus sound
  • rhyming stories help with predicting and memory
  • recalling spelling is much easier from a story than from a spelling list

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648432104
Publisher: Clever Speller Pty Ltd
Publication date: 03/05/2019
Series: Learn to Spell the Short and Long Vowel Sounds , #3
Pages: 50
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.14(d)
Age Range: 4 - 9 Years

About the Author

A teacher for more than 20 years, Karen is dedicated to creating interesting and meaningful learning environments. She lives in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia surrounded by Aussie animals and scrub. She has written and produced 10 picture book stories to make learning to spell easy and fun.

Amber is an artist from the Adelaide Hills of South Australia who is inspired by cartoons, nature, fantasy and animated films. Illustrating children's stories has been a passion since she was aged 12.

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