Israel's Shadow War against the Iranian Nuke

Israel's Shadow War against the Iranian Nuke

by Ephraim Kahana

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The history of the relationship between Iran and Israel has truly been a roller-coaster ride. It has had its share of good times and bad. It is a story of friendship, of estrangement and of enmity.

The two nations had good, established military and economic ties before the Iranian Revolution of 1979, which rewrote their entire relationship. To add to the conundrum, Iran also lost the US as an ally post-1979.

Enter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and what was a tentative peace at best evolved into a full-fledged cold war between Iran and Israel. The Mossad gave Iran the courtesy of its full, undivided attention, and Iranian scientists and nuclear researchers began dropping like flies. And when Ahmadinejad
challenged Israel’s very right to exist, Israel became keenly determined to sabotage Iran’s nuclear weapons programme and to ensure that Iran could never act on its former president’s statements.

So, on the one hand, Iran is determined to develop a nuclear programme, which it insists is for peaceful purposes only – including energy production and medical research. On the other hand, Israel is adamant that it will do whatever it takes to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions – even if it means a nuclear war – and insists that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons.

It remains to be seen whether the two countries will go to war or not, as the rest of the world watches in breathless anticipation, and powers like the
US, Russia, China, France, Germany and the UK attempt to salvage a crisis
situation through resolution talks at the negotiation table.

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