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Can we affirm that a political theology exists in Islam? This apparently simple question is the core of Massimo Capanini and Marco Di Donato's edited collection of essays. Considering the wide range of meanings of political theology this book contains essays written by different authors having their own, specific, and specialized, point of view on the topics, from Shia and Sunni political thought, to Islamic classic philosophy, and philosophers until arriving at contemporary Muslim thinkers.

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ISBN-13: 9781498590587
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 05/15/2021
Series: Faith and Politics: Political Theology in a New Key Series
Pages: 212
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About the Author

Massimo Campanini was professor of Islamic History at Trento University.
Marco Di Donato is postdoctoral researcher in political thinking and political communication at the University of Genova.

Table of Contents


Chapter One
Alfarabi’s Political Theology in The Virtuous City
Catarina Belo, The American University in Cairo

Chapter Two
Ibn Al-Tiqtaqa’s End of History: The Just Ruler According to an Imami Shiite after the Fall of Baghdad
Leonardo Capezzone, Sapienza – University of Rome

Chapter Three
Political Theology of Violence: Religion and Revolution in a few Contemporary Islamic Thinkers
Massimo Campanini, Ambrosiana Academy, Milan

Chapter Four
Art and Political Context in Islam: Some Methodological Issues
Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky

Chapter Five
Muhammad Abduh and the Doctrine of Tawhid: From Theology to Politics
Margherita Picchi, Fondazione per le Scienze Religiose Giovanni XXIII, Palermo

Chapter Six
The Shiite Islamic Theology: The Debate Between Ruhollah Khomeini and Medhi Bazargan
Pejman Abdolmohammadi, University of Trento

Chapter Seven
Critique of Islamic Political Thought in the Middle Ages: Revisiting Abdessalam Yassine’s Political Theory
Driss Makboul, CRMEF, Meknes and Mohamed Elghazi, Ibnéohr University, Agadir

Chapter Eight
The Political Theology of Taha Abderrahmane: Religion, Secularism, and Trusteeship
Mohammed Hashas, LUISS University of Rome

Chapter Nine
Rethinking Political Theology in the Islamic Context: The Case of Iran
Ahmad Bostani, Kharazmi University, Tehran

Chapter Ten
Political Theology in the 19th-21st Centuries
Josep Puig Montada, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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