Isaac the Alchemist: Secrets of Isaac Newton, Reveal'd

Isaac the Alchemist: Secrets of Isaac Newton, Reveal'd

by Mary Losure


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A surprising true story of Isaac Newton’s boyhood suggests an intellectual development owing as much to magic as science.

Before Isaac Newton became the father of physics, an accomplished mathematician, or a leader of the scientific revolution, he was a boy living in an apothecary’s house, observing and experimenting, recording his observations of the world in a tiny notebook. As a young genius living in a time before science as we know it existed, Isaac studied the few books he could get his hands on, built handmade machines, and experimented with alchemy—a process of chemical reactions that seemed, at the time, to be magical. Mary Losure’s riveting narrative nonfiction account of Isaac’s early life traces his development as a thinker from his childhood, in friendly prose that will capture the attention of today’s budding scientists—as if by magic. Back matter includes an afterword, an author’s note, source notes, a bibliography, and an index.

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ISBN-13: 9780763670634
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Publication date: 02/01/2017
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 660,188
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)
Lexile: 1010L (what's this?)
Age Range: 10 - 14 Years

About the Author

Mary Losure, author of The Fairy Ring and Wild Boy, has worked as a reporter for Minnesota Public Radio and a contributor to National Public Radio. She lives in Minnesota.

Table of Contents

Prologue x

Chapter 1 The Apothecary's House 1

Chapter 2 Book of Mysteries 9

Chapter 3 Stars 15

Chapter 4 School 21

Chapter 5 Siege Weapons 25

Chapter 6 An Inclination for Mechanics 31

Chapter 7 Chymistry 39

Chapter 8 Triumph and Recreation 47

Chapter 9 Hemlock, Henbane, Mandrake Root 53

Chapter 10 What Good Is Such a Bookish Boy? 59

Chapter 11 Truth Is My Greater Friend 65

Chapter 12 Astrology … to Mathematics … to the Ghosts of Light 71

Chapter 13 The Comet 77

Chapter 14 Year of Wonders 85

Chapter 15 Isaac's Alchemy Begins 93

Chapter 16 Enter the Royal Society 101

Chapter 17 Isaac the Alchemist 109

Chapter 18 Transformations 117

Afterwords 129

Isaac's Notebooks 130

Chymistry Demystified {at Least Somewhat} 134

Stinks, Bangs & More Chymical Secrets 137

Acknowledgments 143

Source Notes 144

Bibliography 154

Image Credits 159

Index 161

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