Investment Strategies for Tortoises

Investment Strategies for Tortoises

by Robert G. Kahl

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Investment Strategies for Tortoises is designed to make financial theory more accessible to nonprofessional investors so they may manage better their own investments or work with a financial advisor more effectively. It is written for those who wish to improve their asset allocation decision process and implement diversified strategies using mutual funds, ETFs, and closed-end funds.

The book covers a broad range of investment topics including behavioral finance, the nature of risk, asset pricing theories, factor models, fixed income securities, currencies, precious metals, closed-end funds, the US financial system, some relevant macroeconomic theories, portfolio allocation, and fund considerations. If you want to boost your investment IQ, this is a good place to start.

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BN ID: 2940157420611
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 03/30/2017
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 164
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About the Author

Robert G. Kahl, CFA, CPA, MBA is a Chartered Financial Analyst ® charter holder, Certified Public Accountant, and has an MBA degree from UC Berkeley. He has over 20 years of experience in the investment management industry and more than 10 years of experience in accounting and corporate financial planning and analysis. He is the managing member of Sabino Investment Management, LLC. Websites for more information are: and

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Investment Strategies for Tortoises 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Brant Kipling More than 1 year ago
Practical. Efficient. Disciplined. If I had to choose a single word for how to describe this book I would juggle between those three. Investment Strategies for Tortoises has many practical applications that helped me in dialogues with my investment banker down at the local Chase. I am now able to be informed in the decisions that he is making with my money and I am able to question him when I feel as though there should be questions asked about certain financial positions. It was efficient in dictating the information to me. At around 160 pages, it made for an easy read, not to long like other economic and financial books that just bore me to tears (Wealth of Nations). It is short and to the point with everything, and is like that in every aspect of the book. This efficiency leads me to my next point, it is disciplined. None of the subject matter ever veers off course into some unknown territory. This discipline to each chapter and each sub-section with each chapter allows me to understand the information thoroughly making it all come back round to the first point it is practical. All in all I would recommend this to any one that looking to have a greater understanding of investing and finance in general.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My wife and I have been looking at how to invest some money for our new born’s college fund. We want to make sure that our precious angle has the chance to grow up, learn, and attend any school that she wishes. I being in the medical field and my wife being a librarian had no expertise in the subject matter of investing but are conservative with our money and looked for a place to begin to understand investments. I am so glad that we found this book! We have been able to build up our financial knowledge considerably in the course of few days with this book. It was easy to enough to understand for us financial newbs. I have recommended it already to my friends who are expecting or who have already have had children. Of those that have bought a copy they have told me that they have loved it too.
Jane Rigby More than 1 year ago
Being a fourth year accounting student I picked up this book to have a better understanding for some of the topics that are covered in the classes that I am currently taking. Kahl’s writing has not only helped me gain a better understanding, but also stand out in my classes amongst the professors. It has boosted my confidence, not only in the topics discussed in class but in my understanding of financial markets as a whole. When discussing consolidations in advanced accounting course, I found that the chapter on assets pricing theories to be very beneficial to further develop the in-class conversation on consolidations. Another chapter that I found very helpful was the one that discussed fixed income securities, this helped me when we covered the topic of bonds and how to account for them. Having he broad understanding of how and why bonds work the way they do helps me personally to account for them, boosting my confidence in the classroom.
Jack Wesley More than 1 year ago
I own a small business in LA and have always thought about where should I put money away for my kids future. Business is very hard with all of the regulations, taxation, and an unforgiving marketplace. I want my child’s future to be secure, I want for them to be able to have a great education when they are ready. This book has helped to enlighten me on the path of financial conservatism. Investing like a tortoise and avoiding all of the flashy “new” investments that are out there I believe is key. My success in business is not guaranteed but I know that my child’s education will be.
Samuel Botwright More than 1 year ago
Wow, this book is jammed pack with information! For only $18 you can sound like a financial genius with any of your friends and most of the people that you come into contact with. I am currently a second year financial student and lover of history, so this book worked really well for me. The stories about how things have come to where they are now were extremely interesting, it made me question things more and made me look critically at the things we see around us today. That’s what it’s all about when investing for life, we have to have an understanding of the past so that we can chart a course for the future. I would recommend it for any financial student out there, or heck any student in general; who wouldn’t want to know more about the world around them!
Kory Putnam More than 1 year ago
Investing Made Simple. That should be the title of this book. Every piece of content is broken down into bite sized pieces that make it easy to swallow. Please do not waster your tie with any other book on investing this is the one to get, I have recommended it to all my friends!
Walter Boon More than 1 year ago
When perusing Barnes and Noble I found this book. It was simple, green and vibrant. It stood out to me so I picked it up. I am so glad that I did. I have been mystified by the finances for a few years now. None of this stuff was taught in high school, but it should have. Kids as well as adults should know this information!
Miranda Kelsey More than 1 year ago
The dollar is being devalued so fast, with all of the debt spending that our country has been doing there is no end but for our currency to become worthless. I have started to look into different currencies to help save the cash that I have saved up. I picked up this book after a friend recommended it to me. I t gives interesting insight. But the chapter I found the most helpful was that chapter on foreign currencies. It has helped me greatly and brought security to my investments
Amber Booth More than 1 year ago
Have you ever tried to enter the financial world and been confused by all of the language? Have been mystified by the use of technical terms that sound like that one thing but you really have no idea what it means? Yeah, me too. I have tried with other books to find a way to understand the financial world, because let’s face it, to quote Yoda, “It surrounds us, and binds us.” But every other book that I have picked up on the subject automatically assumes that I most have a least my MBA. This is the first book that I have purchased that has helped me to truly understand that financial world. Investment Strategies for Tortoises has allowed me to navigate the market place, talk to my personal banker, and just build my overall confidence when dealing with finances and investing my money. I am extremely glad that I picked up this book.
Sierra Poole More than 1 year ago
This book is about 150 pages. I never thought there could be so much high quality information jammed into a single book. There is no unneeded, or extravagant language in the book. It is very straight forward and I believe highly effective. I am looking to start my career in engineering and I have found that this book is going to help me save for the long run, so one day I can retire comfortably.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When I first saw this book I loved the cover, the tortoise beating the hare. The cover immediately brought back to me memories of when my father would tell it is better to be done right and slow than fast and faulty. This book highlights this theme over and over again. Life is the longest thing we will ever do, and we will always be in need of money to do those things which we enjoy and to have those things which we need. This book takes all of this in and delivers a common-sense approach to investing. It highlights and educates the reader on the different forms, gives insight and advice, but ultimately it is left up to the reader to pick the path that is best for them depending on their circumstances. That is another reason I love this book it is not a sell of a product; the author really does care for the reader. It reads as a good CPA or CFA friend was giving the best advice and info they could. If you wanted to be treated as a good friend instead of a wallet I would suggest buying this book.
Noel Byrd More than 1 year ago
I wanted to invest in precious metals, but had no understanding of where to begin. I have always kept up with the news for current affairs, and seeing that has made me think that investing in a physical asset such as gold or silver would be a good idea. So I picked up this book to help me make an informed decision, and it certainly has helped me to do that. When initially reading the chapter on precious metals I was blown away with the discussion on the history of currency and all of the forms that have failed in the past. This made me become more invested in the chapter (pun intended). I learned that there are taxes on the unrealized holding gains in gold that are taxed at a percentage of up to 28%, I had not thought about those kinds of consequences before. The chapter also went over different types of trusts that could be potential investments. My impression from reading this chapter closely and others casually is that Robert has a thorough understanding of the financial topics displaying his financial literacy and increasing my own.
Curtis Julian More than 1 year ago
Robert G. Kahl CFA, CPA, MBA shows his broad understanding early on in the book. As all great teachers due, Robert breaks things down to ideas simple enough a third grader could understand them. The first bit of advice that he offers is one that could sometimes be hard to follow, “sensible strategies are more likely to offer better results over a longer time horizon.” This practical advice that he expands on further in the book when he talks about not acting on feeling but developing a more analytical approach that ignores one’s biases. Overall this is a wonderful book, that is made up of bite sized pieces. The quotes at the beginning of each chapter add an impact that is great and help broadly outline the ideas of the chapter to follow.
Jason Hedley More than 1 year ago
This may be one of the best investment books that I have ever read! My grandfather always told me to start investing young that way when I am older I will have enough money to have a great an easy retirement. This book has completely helped me to understand investing and the different forms there are. Where many investment books can be filled with Jargon this one lays out things simply and easily which makes it for an easy read. Time is money and I never felt like I was wasting my time reading this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This should be on everyone’s reading list. Everything about this book is great. The book is filled with USEFULL information. A moment is never wasted when reading. I do not have much time in my life so this book fit my needs perfectly. If you are short on time but are dying to learn more, I would recommend picking up this book.
Sam Rockwell More than 1 year ago
This is a great investment book, everything in it is spot on. It is told with such great clarity and precision that to not read would not be smart. You could literally become financial versed in the course of a few days with this book. When I say a few days I really do mean a few days.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have never been able to read a non-fiction book from beginning to end, I tend to find the dull and boring, sometimes better than any sleep medication. This has been the first though that kept my attention. It was easy to follow, and each section of the book was so specific that it lead to it being an attention grabber.
Reed Fitzroy More than 1 year ago
Broad and sweeping in its revelation of financials investment knowledge. The information in this book can only be told by someone that has a great many years of experience of being a financial advisor. After reading this novel I looked up Robert Kahl and found his very impressive resume on the internet. This man has the experience, he has the knowledge, and has the craft ability to tasteful write his experience down on paper.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When reading this I was blown away. It seems like such a simple book, but when among friends I used the knowledge I gained and found out how much of the information in the book people did not know. I heard a quote a while back that to become an expert in something one has to only read three books in the subject. If you want to take the first step to becoming a financial expert I would read this, Investment Strategies for Tortoises.
Alyssa Martin More than 1 year ago
I have always lived life fast, spending money on things, never thinking to the future. I have always lived like the hare on the front cover of Investment Strategies for Tortoises. I had a life event where I realized may be it is time to live life more like the tortoise to be prepared for the long haul. To be prepared for a time that may come where I will continue living but may not be able to work. This book has helped guide me to being not only a tortoise but a smart, decisive, and conscious one. Kahl’s work has helped me to understand the financial landscape that we live in. This short book is great at explaining the complex topics that make up the financial world.