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Cambridge University Press
An Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory

An Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory

by P. C. ClemmowP. C. Clemmow


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First published in 1973, Dr Clemmow's Introduction to Electromagnetic Theory provides a crisp and selective account of the subject. It concentrates on field theory (with the early development of Maxwell's equations) and omits extended descriptions of experimental phenomena and technical applications, though without losing sight of the practical nature of the subject. Rationalized mks units are used and an awareness of orders of magnitude is fostered. Fields in media are discussed from both the macroscopic and microscopic points of view. As befits a mainly theoretical treatment, a knowledge of vector algebra and vector calculus is assumed, the standard results required being summarized in an appendix. Other comparatively advanced mathematical techniques, such as tensors anf those involving Legendre or Bessel functions, are avoided. Problems for solution, some 180 in all, are given at the end of each chapter.

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ISBN-13: 9780521098151
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 10/25/1973
Pages: 310
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Preface; Part I. Basic Concepts: 1. Charged particles, force and field; 2. Charge and current density; 3. Practical units and magnitudes; 4. Development of the theory; Part II. The Vacuum Field of Charge and Current: Mazwell's Equations: 1. The field of static charge; 2. The field of steady current; 3. Faraday's law of induction; 4. Maxwell's 'displacement' current; 5. Maxwell's equations; Part III. Electrostatics: 1. Field and potential; 2. Energy; 3. Potential theory; 4. Dielectrics; Part IV. The Magnetic Field of Steady and Slowly Varying Currents: 1. Steady currents in a conductor; 2. Currents and field; 3. Energy; 4. Circuits; 5. Magnetic media; Part V. Electromagnetic Waves: 1. Maxwell's equations; 2. Monochromatic plane waves in vacuum; 3. Monochromatic plane waves in media; 4. Radiation; Part VI. The Electromagnetic Properties of Media: 1. Polarization and magnetization; 2. Free electron gas; 3. Dielectrics; 4. Magnetic media; Appendix; Index.

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