Inspiration and Innovation in Teaching and Teacher Education

Inspiration and Innovation in Teaching and Teacher Education


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Inspiration and Innovation in Teaching and Teacher Education is an edited collection that offers a variety of conceptual and research-based discussions on teaching and teacher education in Canada and internationally. The ideas, research, and practices presented in the book focus on three broad themes: the essence of teacher education, innovative practices in teacher education, and emerging issues in teacher education. The book includes chapter contributions from a group of international scholars, teacher educators, and teachers who are adopting innovation in how they are conceptualizing teaching and teacher education and in how they are engaging in the practices of teaching and teacher education. The contributions examine emerging issues that have far-reaching implications for what we do in teacher education, elucidating the successes, opportunities, and challenges inherent in teacher education. The contributors to this book are inspiring others to examine their own beliefs and practices about what constitutes effective teacher education.

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ISBN-13: 9781498557214
Publisher: Lexington Books
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Pages: 262
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Karen Goodnough is an associate professor at Memorial University.

Cecile Badenhorst is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University. She has written three books in this area: Research Writing (2007), Dissertation Writing (2008), and Productive Writing (2010).

Gerald Galway is an associate professor and associate dean of education at Memorial University.

Robert Kelly teaches teacher candidates as a member of the Faculty of Education of Memorial University.

Table of Contents

Thomas Falkenberg
Karen Goodnough
Part I.
Chapter 1: The Essence of Teacher Education
Gerald Galway
Chapter 2: Bridging the Grand Chasm: Teacher Education — Schools and Teachers
John R. Wiens
Chapter 3: Re-orienting Postsecondary Educational Practice to Address Sustainability: The “Gravity” of it all
Garth Pickard
Chapter 4: Giving Higher Priority to Subject Content and Pedagogy in Pre-service Education
Clive Beck and Clare Kosnik
Chapter 5: Preparing Future Teachers for Inclusive Education
Carla DiGiorgio
Chapter 6: Students’ Perceptions of Effective Teaching in Higher Education
Jerome Delaney, Albert N. Johnson, Trudi D. Johnson, and Dennis L. Treslan
Part II.
Chapter 7: Innovative Practices in Teacher Education
Cecile Badenhorst
Chapter 8: Video-centered Communities of Practice: Empowering Teachers to be Reflective Practitioners
Ron Tinsley and Kimberly Lebak
Chapter 9: Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Making a Difference with a First Nations School and University School of Education Collaboration
Dianne Glasby-Debassige, Gayle Payette, Karen McColman, David Buley, Jan Buley, and Patricia Danyluk
Chapter 10: Critical Friendship in Self-Study: Fostering Co-learning through the Adoption of Just-in-Time-Teaching
Karen Goodnough and Pam 'smond
Chapter 11: Innovation in Graduate Education: Dealing with the “Front End” of a Transborder Hybrid Course Collaboration
Katina Pollock and Sue Winton
Part III.
Chapter 12: Emerging Issues in Teacher Education
Rob Kelly
Chapter 13: Inspirations and Challenges for Innovation in Teacher Education
Tom Russell
Chapter 14: Using Technology to Expand Teaching and Learning Opportunities in Rural Canada
Ken Stevens
Chapter 15: Challenging the Theory/Practice Divide in Higher Education: The Teaching Clinics Model of Work-Integrated Learning
Louise Watson, Jim Woolnough, Iain Hay, Lynne Hellyer, and Darryl Stuckey
Chapter 16: An Induction and Mentoring Framework for Student Teachers’ and Beginning Teachers’ Professional Development
Shun-wing Ng
About the Contributors

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