Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption

Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption

by Shellie R. Warren, India Arie


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Although born and raised in the church, Shellie Warren became a victim and survivor of sexual abuse, low self-esteem, rape, promiscuity and co-dependency. After multiple abortions and deep depression, she found healing, reconcilation and recovery in God. As she shares her pain, discoveries and triumphs, she draws young women who are dealing with sexual misuse to a place where they can be real and find wholeness and healing.

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ISBN-13: 9780974694221
Publisher: Charisma Media
Publication date: 06/28/2004
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.54(w) x 8.46(h) x 0.51(d)

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Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
pinkcrayon99 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Shellie Warren really gives us a transparent view into her life but mainly her relationships with the opposite sex. Shellie's life is not that different from most teenage and young adult women. The only difference is that Shellie had the courage to admit her faults and failings with the complicated beast called love.As we read Shellie comes of age dealing with rejection from her mother and a inappropriate sexual relationship with her stepfather. Her stepfather's sexually loaded comments about her developing body made Shellie more aware her body's influence in relationships with the opposite sex. A sexual assault in High School and the end of her mother and stepfather's marriage due to Shellie exposing his sexual advances and fondling transitions Shellie into college. In college Shellie takes us through several very different relationships that all produced monumental consequences. These relationships led to three pregnancies and three abortions and to the border of an attempted suicide. In the middle of it all Shellie did find real love with Damien which ended in tragedy.We all can relate to some part of Shellie's story. As I read Shellie's story I just wanted to interject and say stop. We see the same pattern of bad choices that lead to every bad relationship. It's always easy see the pattern when you on the outside looking in. Throughout the entire story we also see Shellie's faith in God at work. This book contained some of the most amazing poetry that I have ever read. I strongly suggest that book to teens and young adult women.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is book was absolutely amazing! I starting reading it and could not put it down. I read it overnight and was definitly not disappointed. It was honestly refreshing, encouraging, and real. I loved the way that she shared her life lessons to help others not make those mistakes that she made. Shellie writes in way that places you right in the middle of her experiences and emotions. It was just completely amazing. I could write forever about it, but you should stop wasting time and buy it! I promise it is worth every cent!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Shellie Warren was a guest on a local radio show on Oct.31. After listening to the interview, i was curious of what type of healing her book could inspire. I read the book with full understanding and it was very honest and insightful. This book should be read by both the young and the old, by women who have been through similar experiences and young ladies to avoid making some of the same mistakes. It takes a brave woman to admit to her mistakes and then put it on paper for all the world to see. Thank You Shellie for the inspiration to live a healthier life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Inside of Me' is a powerful and moving journey into some of Shellie Warren's most personal experiences. One of the things that makes the book so moving is how open and honest she is in sharing the details of her life...her story is uncut and at times painfully raw. I appreciate the way she is able to peel back the layers of each of her experiences to clearly illustrate the consequences of introducing sex into a relationship, as well as the role that family history and self esteem play in dating. The book is definately a must read for young men and women to help prevent them from making some of the same mistakes as the author. 'Inside of Me,' is also a powerful tool for people of all ages who may currently find themselves in the confusing and painful cycle of 'sexual misuse.' Although written from an unapologetically Christian perspective, I think people of all faiths can grow and be transformed through reading this book. Shellie Warren offers up her story as a song of redemption, showing the power of the Creator's unconditional love...and in turn her words empower the reader to take a better, wiser path.