Included in Christ: Living A New Story from Ephesians (A Bible Study)

Included in Christ: Living A New Story from Ephesians (A Bible Study)

by Heather Holleman


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A new kind of Bible study…

After the success of her first two books, Heather Holleman received many requests to write a Bible study. And as a college English instructor, she wanted to make sure it really taught and didn’t simply inform. So she surveyed several women about what their dream study would look like, then got to work.

The result is Included in Christ, a narrative-driven study where you can bring your life before Scripture in the context of community. Together women will discern their personal shadow narratives—ways they are living outside of their identity in Christ—and then rewrite those narratives according to biblical truth.

This in-depth, 8-week study in Ephesians willequip women with six “signature stories” of God’s work in their lives—helping them combat exclusion, loneliness, weakness, decay, emptiness, and silence.

Designed to facilitate honest sharing and help you internalize biblical truth, Included in Christ will provide community and connectedness as well as spiritual nourishment. It will also guide you in how to share your story and the hope of Christ with someone who doesn’t yet know Him.

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ISBN-13: 9780802415912
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Publication date: 06/06/2017
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 790,506
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

HEATHER HOLLEMAN, PhD, is the author of Seated with Christ and Guarded by Christ. She teaches composition and advanced writing at Penn State and has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching and mentorship during her career. She also serves alongside her husband, Ashley, in graduate student ministry with Cru's Faculty Commons. They live in Pennsylvania with their two daughters, and Heather writes daily at

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

I can’t think of a better combination than a Bible study on Ephesians written by an English professor. Heather’s writing style is warm and relatable while delivering the timeless truths of Scripture for which we’re so desperate. If you’re longing to be chosen, filled, strengthened, and renewed, look no further than this study on Ephesians.


Kelly Minter

founder and Bible teacher at Cultivate Women’s Events

Author of All Things New, a study on 2 Corinthians



Heather does a masterful job of bringing the book of Ephesians to life and practice. With authenticity and wisdom, she highlights seven powerful verbs that refocused me on my identity in Christ. As a ministry leader, wife, parent, and friend, I am finding that, by reflecting on those life-giving verbs, I am regaining a renewed sense of His smile and delight.


Patty Rutter

Cru, US Leadership Development and HR



We all yearn deeply for value and significance. Heather winsomely guides us through Ephesians to our true identity—being included in Christ.

Jennifer Rich

Former Cru staff and current therapist/owner at Crossroads Counseling, Ann Arbor, MI

A soul-searching, challenging, but affirming look into the book of Ephesians. Heather’s tender heart and transparency leads women to embrace their unique Savior Story in a clear, personal way.

Katrina Campbell

C&MA Women’s Ministries, and Alliance Peacemaking


This is the Bible study I’ve been waiting for! Heather leads us to love grace more, to rest in the power of God’s Word, and to more freely and passionately follow our deeply personal Savior in the story He is writing with our lives.

Brooke Barnett

Area Director of Cru in Tidewater, VA 

Heather Holleman’s deep knowledge and application of Scripture, along with her memorable illustrations and use of contrasts, will propel you to a deepening and fulfilling relationship with Christ. You cannot complete this study without your heart and life being captivated and transformed!

Melanie Criste

Director of Women’s Ministry, Hunt Valley Church

Included in Christ is a fresh, applicable study for women. We all need to understand the significance of our “Savior Stories” and the toxicity of our “Shadow Narratives.” Heather’s expertise in the written word helps us to learn and remember His work on our behalf so that we can live in His story with victory.

Victoria Evans Peasley

Director of Women’s Ministries, Calvary Church of Valparaiso

Get ready for a fresh look at Paul’s powerful letter to the Ephesians. Be prepared to walk intimately with God along the way as He helps you see your own story from His perspective. You will love this study.

Susie Larson

National speaker, talk radio host, and author of Your Powerful Prayers

Before I was even finished reading the introduction, I wanted to stand up and cheer! God's Word is so full and alive, and seeing these familiar words from Ephesians unpacked this way excites me!

Amy Geist

Cru at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga 

With refreshing openness, Heather takes us through the book of Ephesians and skillfully guides us to identify the narratives that prevent us from experiencing who we are in Christ and to exchange them with our story of redemption. Included in Christ is a life-changing study for all who long to live in the fullness God designed.

Patricia Hunter

Freelance writer, and photographer of No Matter What, It’s a Good Day When

A well-written study, like a good verb, can change a life. Each time I opened this beautiful book, I envisioned myself seated at a farm table interacting with Heather and Jesus, unpacking vivid verbs and journaling about what God was teaching me. I have been changed.

Kourtney Goerges Street

Director of Operations, Cru17

My heart, soul, and mind so needed the truths in this study of Ephesians. Included in Christ is for every woman who desires to get to the root of her calling and purpose. It’s Scripture-saturated, honest, soul-searching, beauty!

Lyndsye Felsman

By Design podcast and blogger

Belonging and acceptance hold sacred space within many of our deepest longings and most painful stories. In Heather Holleman’s masterful work, we are invited into a creative and grace-filled journey toward a much sought-after place of rest, safety, grounding, and security. She has woven the gift of our stories, the power of imagery, and the elements of inductive Bible Study into a deep encounter with the metamorphic message in Ephesians that we are always and forever “included.”

Meggan Huntoon

Pastor of women and small groups, Cornerstone Church, Boulder, CO

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