In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams

by Stevie NicksStevie Nicks
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Perhaps it's all down to Stevie Nicks being at peace with her legacy, perhaps she was coaxed back toward the '70s by producer David A. Stewart, perhaps it's the presence of Lindsey Buckingham on "Soldier's Angel," or perhaps it's the fact that she excavated a 1976 song called "Secret Love" for this album, but In Your Dreams is Stevie's first solo album to embrace the sound of Fleetwood Mac at their prime. Nicks never exactly ran away from the Mac, but her '80s solo hits were tempered by a steely demeanor and her subsequent solo albums strove too hard to recapture the magic that In Your Dreams conjures so easily. Despite the quite deliberate connections to her past, In Your Dreams never feels labored; the hippie folk drifts into the mystic pop, punctuated by some witchy rock that may be polished a bit too sharply by Stewart, yet he manages to keep everything warm despite its cleanliness. Stewart's real coup is focus: he keeps everything tight and purposeful, letting each element snugly fit together so In Your Dreams winds up capturing the essence of Stevie Nicks, which -- as her previous three decades of solo albums prove -- is no easy feat.

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Release Date: 05/03/2011
Label: Reprise / Wea
UPC: 0093624958680
catalogNumber: 527247
Rank: 43317

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Stevie Nicks   Primary Artist,Percussion,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Lindsey Buckingham   Guitar,Vocals
Ricky Peterson   Piano,Hammond B3
Mick Fleetwood   Drums
Mike Campbell   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Drums,Keyboards,Lap Steel Guitar
Glen Ballard   Guitar,Piano,Keyboards
Scott Campbell   Percussion
Lenny Castro   Percussion
Sharon Celani   Background Vocals
Chad Cromwell   Drums
Steve Ferrone   Drums
Neale Heywood   Guitar
Greg Leisz   Mandolin
Michael Rhodes   Bass
Mike Rojas   Organ,Piano
Dave Stewart   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Rob Cavallo   Guitar
Waddy Wachtel   Guitar
Ortiz   Bass,Guitar
Mike Rowe   Keyboards,Hammond B3
Lori Nicks   Background Vocals
Mike Fasano   Percussion
Mike Bradford   Bass
Ned Douglas   Keyboards
Tom Bukovac   Electric Guitar
Zac Rae   Hammond B3
Blair Sinta   Drums
Ann Marie Calhoun   Violin
Simon Smith   Bass
Torrey Devito   Violin

Technical Credits

Stevie Nicks   Composer
Mike Campbell   Composer,Producer
Glen Ballard   Producer
Scott Campbell   Programming,Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Neale Heywood   Composer
Dave Stewart   Composer,Producer
Waddy Wachtel   Interlude
Howard Kaufman   Management
Mike Bradford   Producer
Ned Douglas   Programming,Engineer,Pro-Tools
Marcus Johnson   Recording Assistant
Brian Warwick   Pro-Tools
Neel Hammond   String Section
Sheryl Louis   Management
Ann Marie Calhoun   String Arrangements,String Section
Shinnosuke Miyazawa   Recording Assistant
Chris Owens   Recording Assistant
Alisha Bauer   String Section
John McBride   Engineer
Karen Johnston   Engineer
Joel Bajrech   Logo Design
Piper Hinson   String Section
Mike Linett   Engineer
Mary Katherine Sloan   String Section

Customer Reviews

In Your Dreams 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
BrianB42 More than 1 year ago
I have listened to In Your Dreams twice all the way through now and one word " brilliant" Stevie is no doubt the greatest songwriter/ singer of our time. She creates everything from the words she writes to the tambourine we here.if this CD does not sell millions time over I will have lost my faith in the Rock and Roll listener. This Cd just proves that Ms Nicks has a lot more music to share with us " Soilders Angel" will knock your socks of.what a beautiful tribute to our armed forces that are near and dear to Stevies heart. Can't wait for the tour, She performs live like no other artist. .
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Superb emotional music from Stevie Nicks, but what else would we expect? She has hit the jackpot with In Your Dreams.
Andy_Silverstorm More than 1 year ago
I have loved Stevie Nicks (& Fleetwood Mac) for two decades plus. I've seen Stevie perform at various venues as a solo-artist, and, I've listened a variety of her former solo-albums, along with their accompanied videos. FOR WHATEVER IT'S WORTH, never before has she affected me the way she does - with this album, today. "In Your Dreams" is vocally penetrating, and enticing as she touches the depths of my soul. The album has me feeling, more than ANY OTHER album in fact, of any alternate, various artists and/or genre ... AS IF I AM BEING personally SPOKEN and/or SUNG to. And this, I had felt immediately upon my first listen, on-line. Hence, I purchased the album. This latest release, "In Your Dreams", in a league of its own, and unleashed ten (10) years since her last solo-album, moves me ... and taps into a well of emotion. What Stevie has accomplished, is a way of creating and cultivating an album to its completion, and so effectively, that the listener feels as though it was tailored to their very heart. Their very being. Their "dreams." Distinguished from any other album Stevie Nicks has previously released, it is profoundly phenomenal. Thank you, Andy Silverstorm
Tommy_D_Angelo More than 1 year ago
I have loved Stevie for all of my 30 years, ever since my mom played Rumours non-stop when I was a baby. Stevie has the most distinct, charismatic voice I've ever heard, and she also happens to be one of the premiere songwriters of our time. I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I listened to In Your Dreams for the first time -- would Stevie phone it in? Would it be over-produced and artificial? Point blank: this album knocked my socks off. I'm thinking this might be my favorite Stevie solo album of all time, as much as I love Bella Donna and The Wild Heart. There is not one bad song on this album, not one song that feels routine, and it is a continuous feast for the ears. The songcraft on this album is simply incredible. It plays like an adventure, with each consecutive song pulling you in a different sonic direction, while still sounding utterly Stevie. It's the most solid, entertaining effort of her career.
Salek More than 1 year ago
The new album is fantastic from beginning to end and definitely Stevie's best work in decades. I've ranked this album in my top 3 favorite Nicks recordings (Bella Donna, Wild Heart, In Your Dreams). A MUST have for any Stevie fan - and please buy the album, don't pirate it!
Dreamflutter More than 1 year ago
Got to hear a preview of the entire CD and I have to say it is Amazing...there is really only 1 song on there that Im not particularly crazy about but the rest of it is totally everything that Stevie promised it would be....She considers this album her own little "Rumours" album...Im so excited to get my copy next week:)
tandy299 More than 1 year ago
All I can say is: If it is by Stevie Nicks, it MUST be GREAT!
fairyprincessKO More than 1 year ago
This solo album speaks of the peace and beauty of Stevie's life. Somewhat different from her past solo albums, but so unique. Stevie has the most beautiful female artist's voice of all time. She is an exceptional lady...Rock on, Stevie
rianbay1 More than 1 year ago
As much as I want to love everything by the beloved artists I have grown up listening to, something always seems to come up short when it comes to their more recent material. Oh sure, I can always find something to like but, to me, they are never quite able to re-capture those glory days and deliver something that truly blows me away. There are, however, exceptions... "In your Dreams" is one of those rare exceptions. After hearing the single for "Secret Love", I expected a solid but rather adult contemporary affair. I really liked the song but was still a bit skeptical on how good this album would actually be as a whole. What I have been listening to the last 2 days is an album that has surpassed every expectation I had. To sound cliche - IT ROCKS!!!! and may be the BEST Stevie Nicks album ever produced. Poetic, Haunting and Beautiful. If you have ever appreciated Stevie Nicks as a true artist, this album is not to be missed. Do yourself a favor, purchase it, then listen to it front to back at least once without interruption. Give it a chance to soak under your skin. I gurantee it will. If you can't find something to love on this album, you probably weren't much of a Stevie Nicks fan in the first place. Stevie should be proud of herself to have created something so special at this point in her career. I congratulate her and Dave for a job well done. Thank you both so much for this gift. Let's do it again real soon, shall we?
Scruffie52 More than 1 year ago
I have always loved Stevie Nicks...her voice, her beauty, her passion. This CD is just so much fun. The lyrics are soulful, Soldier's Angel...haunting and humerous...New Orleans. It is exactly what I wanted to hear from her, and she delivered beautifully. I got a cd for each of my daughters...we girls need Stevie Nicks in our lives. Excellent!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finnished listening to "In your dreams" for the first time and I agree that it is one of Stevie's best efforts to date. It is captivating. Every one of the songs is relevant and Stevie sounds great for the duratiuon of the album. Stevie and Dave Stewart really work well together. Hope she goes on tour som I get a chance to listen to the new songs live.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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