In the Fast Lane of Championship Horse Shows, Book 2

In the Fast Lane of Championship Horse Shows, Book 2

by Johan Wassenaar


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Book 1 covered the struggle of Anake with extremely good equestrian results, but ends in her serious nervous breakdown which lands her in a clinic in Arizona.
André continues to expand their equestrian production business to include a new grand facility in Santa Ynez and several important facilities around Wellington, Florida. In this endeavor he is greatly assisted by Renata who agrees to marry him in spite of his ironclad loyalty to Madison who progresses rapidly from puberty into womanhood with astounding dressage achievements along the way. Together, André and Renata expand the company's board of directors to include Brian and Laura Forrester, a very influential financial couple in Illinois to work alongside John and Mary Murchison, Anake's friends.
Rolf contracts with the World Wild Life Fund to save the Siberian wolves and bears and André prevails on Anake's psychiatrist to release her to join Rolf in this enterprise.
In the meantime he works on an agreement with an Australian dressage aspirant living in Germany with her Danish Olympian husband to join forces with Anake to participate in a range of European championship dressage shows.
He takes the family to Brazil to formally marry Renata and with Carlos, her father, they venture to Sao Paulo to arrange for the formation of a Brazilian subsidiary, as previously envisaged.
Renata and Madison continue on to Europe to work with Anake on her freestyle choreography largely composed by Madison. André' flies in to give her a final boost several days before important championship shows. This places Anake in serious contention for a seat on the US Olympic Dressage Team as it culminates in her spectacular upset of the leading Dutch female dressage queen on her home turf. It causes the US Equestrian Federation to offer her a berth on the Olympic team, which André declines in favor of her competing for a place on the team at Gladstone where she succeeds spectacularly-all without removing her tinted spectacles.
With the stakes that high André involves himself in Anake's training in England right down to the wire of her Grand Prix Freestyle performance which earns her an Olympic gold medal, placing her beyond reproach and able to appear in public without her spectacles. It earns André and Anake permanent places in each other's hearts.

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About the Author

I was born in the northeastern part of South Africa near the Lebombo Mountains which forms the boundary with Mozambique. We lived in a Gold Mining town in the Drakensberg Mountains called Pilgrims Rest where my father was the District Surgeon. There was a steep pass down the precipitous edge of the gorge which led from a town called Graskop to the Bushfelt below which stretched out as far as the eye could see. That is the country that will always live in my soul. Amongst his black patients my father was known as "siksikane," the man with a knife.
I came to North America as a young engineer with expertise in thermodynamics to go to work in the Canadian aircraft industry in the nineteen fifties during the Cold War when the object was to outpace the Soviet Union in defensive capability. For the next dozen years I was wrapped up in super-secret projects which was then the creative center of America. It all ended with the war in Vietnam which in history will be seen as America's nemeses.
After that I made my living serving high tech industries with strategic planning services to diversify into non-defense areas. One of my clients hired me as the marketing member of a turn-around team and I hired a smart young Persian MBA who became a life-long friend
Mark Amin involved me in his business ventures which took us into the motion picture field which proved beneficial to my family. I continued my engineering ventures in energy conservation.
Living in Malibu turned me into somewhat of an environmentalist with practical ways of diminishing mańs footprints on mother earth.
I began writing novels in the late 1990's based on my life's experiences.
Love in the shadows of Apartheid
Die for me Argentina
Sex & Love Trilogy
Life in the Fast Lane of Championship Horse Shows-In Blind Faith Book 1 and 2
The Foster Care Dilemma, a series of editions exposing the dreadful problems afflicting foster children in our modern world today.

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