In My Lifetime

In My Lifetime

by Neil DiamondNeil Diamond


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In My Lifetime is a triple-disc, 71-track box set spanning Neil Diamond's entire career, from his early Bang hits, through his heyday at MCA, to his latter-day adult contemporary hits for Columbia. Demos, alternate takes, and live cuts are interspersed throughout the box. Not all of Diamond's greatest songs are here -- obscurities like "Two-Bit Manchild" would have been welcome -- but all of the classics are present. Aside from the flimsy book-style packaging, the only real problem with the set are the rarities. While the songwriting demos from the beginning of his career are of interest to both dedicated and casual fans, latter-day demos and alternate takes are only of interest to hardcore collectors and break the rhythm of the set. Nevertheless, if anyone wants just one Neil Diamond album, In My Lifetime is the one to get -- it has all the songs you know plus several great lesser-known gems, presented in crisp, clear sound and with an excellent biography and discography.

Product Details

Release Date: 10/29/1996
Label: Sony
UPC: 0074646501320
catalogNumber: 65013

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Neil Diamond   Primary Artist
Chet Atkins   Musician
Sam Bush   Musician
Hal Ketchum   Musician
Jo-El Sonnier   Musician
Sandra Crouch   Musician
Barbra Streisand   Track Performer
Kooper   Musician
Robbie Robertson   Musician
Maurice White   Musician
Larry Carlton   Musician
Pete Christlieb   Musician
Victor Feldman   Musician
Herbie Hancock   Musician
James Newton Howard   Musician
Plas Johnson   Musician
David Lasley   Musician
Don Menza   Musician
Specs Powell   Musician
Don Randi   Musician
Jerome Richardson   Musician
Matt Rollings   Musician
Tom Scott   Musician
Bobby Shew   Musician
King Errisson   Musician
Bob Hardaway   Musician
Bill Bergman   Musician
Jesse Ed Davis   Musician
Burt Bacharach   Musician
David Foster   Musician
Paul Beaver   Musician
Valerie Carter   Musician
Bill Champlin   Musician
Gary Chester   Musician
Renee Geyer   Musician
Steve Gibson   Musician
Andrew Gold   Musician
Carol Hunter   Musician
Clydie King   Musician
Bill LaBounty   Musician
Ralph Grierson   Musician
Marilyn Baker   Musician
Louie Shelton   Musician
Philip Goldberg   Musician
Curtis Wright   Musician
Richard Nixon   Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
John Wesley Ryles   Musician
Gary Burr   Musician
Todd Cochran   Musician
Nathaniel Rosen   Musician
Murray Adler   Musician
Doug Anderson   Musician
Rusty Anderson   Musician
Kenny Aronoff   Musician
Peter Asher   Musician
Sherrill Atwood   Musician
Israel Baker   Musician
Sam Bacco   Musician
Tom Bahler   Musician
Mike Baird   Musician
Hal Blaine   Musician
Billie Barnum   Musician
Hidle Brown Barnum   Musician
Timothy Barr   Musician
Benjamin Barrett   Musician
Arnold Belnick   Musician
Meyer Bello   Musician
Benmont Tench   Organ
Richard Bennett   Musician
Norman Benno   Musician
Stephanie Bentley   Musician
Paul Bergstrom   Musician
Harry Betts   Musician
Debra Black   Musician
George Bledsoe   Musician
Harry Bluestone   Musician
Roger Bobo   Musician
Michael Boddicker   Musician
Samuel Boghossian   Musician
Hoyt Bohannon   Musician
Rev. Dave Boruff   Musician
Bob Boucher   Musician
Bruce Bouton   Musician
Harry Bowens   Musician
Susan Boyd   Musician
James Bradley   Musician
Bob Bralove   Musician
Oscar Brashear   Musician
Mike Brignardello   Musician
Bruening   Musician
Robbie Buchanan   Musician
Dennis Budimir   Musician
Larry Bunker   Musician
Kathy Burdick   Musician
Dennis Burnside   Musician
Fred Burton   Musician
Bob Bushnell   Musician
Rosemary Butler   Musician
Mark Casstevens   Musician
Lenny Castro   Musician
Roy Caton   Musician
Tamara Champlin   Musician
Vince Charles   Musician
Donald Christlieb   Musician
Gene Cipriano   Musician
Merry Clayton   Musician
Gary Coleman   Musician
Bert Collins   Musician
Paulinho Da Costa   Musician
Jim Cox   Musician
Randy Crenshaw   Musician
Sal Crimi   Musician
William Criss   Musician
Rollice Dale   Musician
Isabelle Daskoff   Violin
Donna Davidson   Musician
Nick DeCaro   Musician
John DeVoogdt   Musician
George Devens   Musician
Richard Dickler   Musician
Harold Diner   Musician
Assa Drori   Musician
Oma Drake   Musician
Tim Drummond   Musician
Robert Dubow   Musician
Dan Dugmore   Musician
David Duke   Musician
Sally Dworsky   Musician
Nathan East   Musician
Jesse Ehrlich   Musician
Alan Estes   Musician
Gene Estes   Musician
Dennis Farias   Musician
Henry Ferber   Musician
Brandon Fields   Musician
Venetta Fields   Musician
Bob Findley   Musician
Chuck Findley   Musician
Michael Fisher   Musician
Elliott Fisher   Musician
Ronald Folsom   Musician
Norman Forrest   Musician
Wendy Fraser   Musician
Roger Freeland   Musician
Donny Gerrard   Musician
Gerald Garrett   Musician
Claude Gaudette   Musician
Gene Morford   Musician
James Getzoff   Musician
Jim Gilstrap   Musician
Bob Glaub   Musician
Pamela Goldsmith   Musician
Mark Goldenberg   Musician
Anne Goodman   Musician
Emory Gordy   Musician
Gorgoni   Musician
Meg Grabb   Musician
Gary Grant   Musician
Mickey Gravine   Musician
Joseph Greene   Musician
Paul Griffin   Musician
Portia Griffin   Musician
Joseph Grimaldi   Musician
Louis Gutierrez   Musician
Rob Hajacos   Musician
Warren Ham   Musician
Terry Harrington   Musician
Monalisa Harrington   Musician
Allan Harshman   Musician
Hadley Hockensmith   Musician
Patricia Henderson   Musician
Jon Hendricks   Musician
Tom Hensley   Musician
Dennis Herring   Musician
Jerry Hey   Musician
Ron Hicklin   Musician
Dan Higgins   Musician
Lee Holdridge   Conductor,Musician
Garth Hudson   Musician
Dann Huff   Musician
Craig Hundley   Musician
David Hungate   Musician
Selene Hurford   Musician
Harry Hyams   Musician
Tris Imboden   Musician
Clydene Jackson   Musician
Jules Jacob   Musician
Jack Jennings   Musician
Gwen Johnson   Musician
Stacy Johnson   Musician
Jon Joyce   Musician
Robert Jung   Musician
Yukiko Kamei   Musician
Raven Kane   Musician
Armand Karpoff   Musician
George Kast   Musician
Pearl Kaufman   Musician
Jan Kelley   Musician
John F. Kennedy   Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Randy Kerber   Musician
Myra Kestenbaum   Musician
Jerome Kessler   Musician
Louis Kievman   Musician
Jana King   Musician
Jesse Kirkland   Musician
Lou Klass   Musician
Larry Klein   Musician
Robert Konrad   Musician
Barbara Korn   Musician
Jacob Krachmalnick   Musician
Raphael Kramer   Musician
Bernard Kundell   Musician
Russ Kunkel   Musician
William Kurash   Musician
Joe Lala   Musician
Carl LaMagna   Musician
Marvin Lamonick   Musician
Michael Landau   Musician
Mildred Lane   Musician
Ronald Langinger   Musician
Jack Laubach   Musician
Rhett Lawrence   Musician
Diana Lee   Musician
Ralph Lee   Musician
Chris Leuzinger   Musician
Neil Levang   Musician
Paul Liem   Musician
Marvin Limonick   Musician
Alan Lindgren   Conductor,Musician
Linda Lipsett   Musician
Steve Lively   Musician
Charles Loper   Musician
Herb Lovelle   Musician
Steve Lukather   Musician
Joy Lyle   Musician
Bruce MacLeod   Musician
Charles Macey   Musician
Arthur Maebe   Musician
Bob Magnusson   Musician
Leonard Malarsky   Musician
Joe Mondragon   Musician
Bob Mann   Musician
Gordon Marin   Musician
Don Markese   Musician
Kate Markowitz   Musician
Jack Marsh   Musician
Marty Paich   Conductor
Brent Mason   Musician
Michael Masser   Musician
Hugh McCracken   Musician
Lew McCreary   Musician
Ida McCune   Musician
Peter Mercurio   Musician
Jay Migliori   Musician
Ollie Mitchell   Musician
Steve Mitchell   Musician
Tommy Morgan   Harmonica
Larry Muhoberac   Conductor,Musician
Buell Neidlinger   Musician
Erno Neufeld   Musician
Harvey Newmark   Musician
Gareth "Garry" Nuttycombe   Musician
Wilbert Nuttycombe   Musician
Marilyn O'Brien   Musician
Mark O'Connor   Musician
Robert Ostrowsky   Musician
Richard Page   Musician
David Paich   Musician
Earl Palmer   Drums
Jack Parker   Vocals
Kevin Parker   Musician
Dean Parks   Musician
Bill Payne   Musician
Bob Payne   Musician
Donald Peake   Musician
William R. Perkins   Musician
Stanley Plummer   Musician
Dave Pomeroy   Musician
George Poole   Musician
Joseph Powell   Musician
Linda Press   Musician
Reinie Press   Musician
Earl Lon Price   Musician
Emil Radocchia   Musician
Hugo Raimondi   Musician
Alan Raph   Musician
Jack Redmond   Musician
Michael Rhodes   Musician
Doug Rhone   Musician
Dwayne Roberson   Musician
George Roberts   Musician
Alan Robinson   Musician
Andrea Robinson   Musician
John "J.R." Robinson   Musician
Marni Robinson   Musician
Jaime Rodriquez   Musician
Tammy Rogers   Musician
Verlene Rogers   Musician
Jay Rosen   Musician
Nathan Ross   Musician
John Rotella   Musician
Henry Roth   Musician
Brent Rowan   Musician
Buddy Saltzman   Musician
Myron Sandler   Musician
Sheldon Sanov   Musician
Julia Tillman Waters   Musician
Ralph Schaeffer   Musician
Jason Scheff   Musician
Harry Schultz   Musician
David Schwartz   Musician
Sid Sharp   Musician
Jack Shulman   Musician
Paul Shure   Musician
Ray Siegel   Musician
Henry Sigismonti   Musician
Clark E. Spangler   Musician
Maurice Spears   Musician
Irving Spice   Musician
Stephanie Spruill   Musician
Dennis St. John   Musician
Nyle Steiner   Musician
Randy Sterling   Musician
Neil Stubenhaus   Musician
Sally Stevens   Musician
Harry Stinson   Musician
Linn Subotnick   Musician
Robert Sushel   Musician
Bill Suyker   Musician
Fred Tackett   Musician
George Thatcher   Musician
Bo Tomlyn   Musician
Ron Tutt   Musician
Carmen Twillie   Musician
Lloyd Ulyate   Musician
Marcia Van Dyke   Musician
Carlos Vega   Musician
H.L. Voelker   Musician
Chris Wagner   Musician
Marty Walsh   Musician
Jackie Ward   Musician
Maxine Willard Waters   Musician
Luther Waters   Musician
Oren Waters   Musician
Biff Watson   Musician
Herschel Weiss   Musician
Jerry Whitman   Musician
Eric Williams   Musician
Andrea Willis   Musician
Carolyn Willis   Musician
Lonnie Wilson   Musician
Stevie Wonder   Musician
Terry Wood   Musician
Jonathan Yudkin   Musician
Curtis Young   Musician
Snooky Young   Musician
Graham Young   Musician
Andrea Zonn   Musician
Tibor Zelig   Musician
Shari Zippert   Musician
Vincent DeRosa   Musician
Dixie Blackstone   Musician
Dick Hyde   Musician
Gayle Levant   Musician
Arnold McCuller   Musician
Joseph Saxon   Musician
Anthony Terran   Musician
Waddy Wachtel   Musician
Mable Bishop   Musician
Joseph Ditullio   Musician
Jan Hlinka   Musician
Richard Kaufman   Musician
Jeff Kewley   Musician
Lucas   Musician
Milton Nadel   Musician
William B. Peterson   Musician
Orville Rhodes   Musician
Michael Hart Thompson   Musician
Timothy Allan Bullara   Musician
Philip Candreva   Musician
Baldassare Ferlazzo   Musician
Hyman Goodman   Musician
Jeremy C. Lipton   Musician
Abe Luboff   Musician
Dale D. Morich   Musician
Giacinto Nardulli   Musician
Alice Ober   Musician
Yoav Steven Paskowitz   Musician
Sven Reher   Musician
Walter Rower   Musician
Julian Spear   Musician
Mark H. Stevens   Musician
David D. Turner   Musician
Walter Wiemeyer   Musician
James Gregory Wilburn   Musician
Paulo Alencar   Musician
Robert A. Arbittier   Musician
Marva Barnes   Musician
Melodie Crittenden   Musician
Beth Hooker   Musician
Buffy Lawson   Musician
Vincent Unto   Musician
Joe Shepley   Musician
Artie Kaplan   Musician
Bob Mitchell   Musician
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Musician
Wayne Bergeron   Musician
David King   Musician
Jim Arkatov   Musician
Phil Azelton   Musician
Owen Wilson Brady   Musician
Christophe J Cartwright   Musician
John Robert Coniglio   Musician
Marjorie Cranford   Musician
James Dseker   Musician
Caesar Giovannini   Musician
Paul Hubunon   Musician
Mathew James Leum   Musician
Ekundayo Paris   Musician
Joseph Reilick   Musician
Dick Romoff   Musician
Laura Scatterfield   Musician
Gordon Schoneberg   Musician
Lee Shamburger   Musician
David Teicher   Musician
Phillip Whigham   Musician
Paul Watson Wims   Musician
Jim Kline   Musician
Pete Neushul   Musician
Ladd Thomas   Musician
Eddie Rubin   Musician
Louis Singer   Musician
Randy Cierley   Musician
A.P. Brisbois   Musician
Alexander Hale   Musician
Andrea Kostelas   Musician
Arthur Butler   Musician
Arthur Hoberman   Musician
Aubry Porter   Musician
Timothy L. Schmidt   Musician
Luella Howard   Musician
Dan Nicholson   Musician
Nancy Adams   Musician
David Burke   Musician
Donald Wyatt   Musician
Ronald Timby Young   Musician
Chase Craig   Musician
Sherlie Matthews   Musician
Michael Nowak   Musician
Glenn Dicterow   Musician
Donald Waldrop   Musician
Ernie Tack   Musician
M.B. Gordy   Musician

Technical Credits

Ray Kelley   Contributor
Neil Diamond   Composer,Producer,Liner Notes
Robbie Robertson   Producer
Larry Williams   Contributor
Bobby Caldwell   Contributor
Victor Feldman   Contributor
James Newton Howard   Contributor
Don Randi   Arranger
Brooks Arthur   Engineer
Ellie Greenwich   Producer
Chester Thompson   Contributor
Burt Bacharach   Arranger,Producer
David Foster   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Carole Bayer Sager   Producer
Steve Gibson   Contributor
Artie Schroeck   Arranger
Chip Taylor   Producer
Michael Thompson   Contributor
Timothy Leary   Contributor
Jim Gordon   Contributor
Michael Baird   Contributor
Jeff Barry   Producer
Alan Bergman   Composer
Marilyn Bergman   Composer
Adam Block   Director
D.A. Brisbois   Contributor
Neil Brody   Engineer
Bruening   Contributor
Robert Bryant   Contributor
Artie Butler   Arranger,Arrangement Collaboration
John Calder   Engineer
Tom Catalano   Producer
Ed Cherney   Engineer
Tommy Cogbill   Producer
David Cohen   Contributor
Michel Colombier   Contributor
Don Costa   Arranger
Nick DeCaro   Arranger
Jesse Ehrlich   Contributor
Bernard Fleischer   Contributor
Ronald Folsom   Contributor
Val Garay   Producer,Engineer
Humberto Gatica   Engineer
Bob Gaudio   Producer
Steve George   Contributor
Harris Goldman   Contributor
Gorgoni   Producer
Mick Guzauski   Engineer
Roy Halee   Engineer
Jimmie Haskell   Arranger
Tom Hensley   Arranger,Producer,Notes Editing
Ron Hitchcock   Engineer
Lee Holdridge   Arranger
Hilary James   Contributor
Nat Jeffreys   Engineer
Jimmy Johnson   Contributor
John Thomas Johnson   Contributor
Thomas "Snake" Johnson   Contributor
Kasha   Producer
Larry Knechtel   Contributor
Jacob Krachmalnick   Contributor
Nick Lane   Contributor
Michael Lang   Contributor
Bill Lee   Contributor
Alan Lindgren   Arranger,Producer
Doug Livingston   Contributor
Becky Lopez   Contributor
Steve Madaio   Contributor
Irvin "Marky" Markowitz   Contributor
Marty Paich   Arranger
Chips Moman   Producer
Larry Muhoberac   Arranger
Matt Muhoberac   Contributor
Justin Niebank   Engineer
Buell Neidlinger   Contributor
Harvey Newmark   Contributor
Michael Omartian   Contributor
Joe Osborn   Contributor
Bob Payne   Contributor
Greg Phillinganes   Contributor
Ray Pohlman   Contributor
Ricky Portera   Contributor
Allen Ralph   Contributor
Phil Ramone   Engineer
John "J.R." Robinson   Contributor
Rick Ruggieri   Engineer
Julia Tillman Waters   Contributor
Bill Schnee   Engineer
Doug Schwartz   Contributor
Allen Sides   Engineer
Lou Singer   Contributor
Jeremy Smith   Engineer
Dennis St. John   Producer
Armin Steiner   Engineer
Robert Stone   Contributor
Don Was   Producer
David Wild   Liner Notes
Dr. John   Contributor
Bernie Becker   Engineer
Patrick English   Contributor
David Roberts   Contributor
Clark Spangler   Contributor
William Henderson   Contributor
Tim Kramer   Engineer
Boyd H. Schlaefer   Contributor
David D. Turner   Contributor
Johnny Carson   Introduction
Claire Fisher   Contributor
Phillip Williams   Contributor
Leland Sklar   Contributor
Dennis Smith   Contributor
Andy Bloch   Engineer
David Kirschner   Design Consultant
Mark OConner   Contributor
Gabrielle Raumberger   Art Direction
John "Aruba" Arias   Engineer
Stan Pjlummer   Contributor
Jesse Diamond   Composer
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Walter Cronkite   Contributor
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David Letterman   Introduction
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Donald Wyatt   Contributor
Ronald Timby Young   Contributor
Ed Anderson   Engineer,Contributor
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Hilliard Atkinson   Contributor
Isreal Bker   Contributor
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Graynston Hale   Contributor
Mothy Halloran   Contributor
Clement Shuji Hanami   Contributor
Claire Hodgkins   Contributor
Jeffrey M. Kennedy   Contributor
David Kirshner   Design Consultant
Lance Lawson   Design Production Assistant
Lopez Lewis   Contributor
Shirley Marcus   Contributor
Larry King   Introduction
Evelyn Meyer   Contributor
Dwayne Moody   Contributor
Martin Shunji Normura   Contributor
Brian Dennis O'Conner   Contributor
Brian Tatsuo Okamoto   Contributor
Martin Paitch   Contributor
Bradford S. Ralston   Contributor
Dennis Wilson   Contributor

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In My Lifetime 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have this collection for a few years. I made a cassette for my car. It's the only tape I listen too. If your a romantic like me, listen to The Story of My Life, If There Were No Dreams and Hooked On The Memory Of You. I took it to work and all the ladies absolutely love this collection!