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In My Darkest Hour I Found The Light

In My Darkest Hour I Found The Light

by Jerry D. Warren


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I was inspired to publish this mainly by my granddaughter. I had been writing for a few years already. The material was on three-by-five notebooks. My granddaughter gathered these notebooks and wanted to put them in a book for our family. While transferring the material form notebooks to paper, she suggested that I should try to get them published. That was about a year ago. So, I decided to see if someone was willing to take a chance, and Christian Publishing came up. Many of my poems were inspired by and the writing started while attending church service. I personally believe that the Holy Spirit was involved in some of these, if not all of these writings. They are about the constant battle between good and evil or darkness and light. For those who believe, it is an inspiration to continue and share belief when appropriate. The unbelievers will most likely never even look at this. Maybe it will inspire someone to turn to God and find the peace in the showdown of his light. The philosophical part are the "TO BE" verses. These may cause some to have a deeper thought about things we may witness on a daily basis. Most are common sense, some have more than one train of thought, and others are kind of blunt. Some the poems are political in nature while others have a different aspect, all the while keeping in mind of Satan trying to inspire people to turn from God. The universal love of God and the giving of his life for each of us who believe, allows us to start a new life through Jesus Christ who suffered and died for our sin.

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ISBN-13: 9781642583786
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 05/17/2018
Pages: 122
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