Improving Inquiry in Social Science: A Volume in Honor of Lee J. Cronbach

Improving Inquiry in Social Science: A Volume in Honor of Lee J. Cronbach

by Richard E. Snow, David E. Wiley

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This volume celebrates Lee J. Cronbach's considerable contributions to the methodology of social and behavioral science. Comprised of chapters written by colleagues and contemporaries of the highly influential scholar, it offers a range of ideas, perspectives, and new approaches to improving social science inquiry.

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ISBN-13: 9781136467721
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 11/12/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 448
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Table of Contents

Contents: R.E. Snow, D.E. Wiley, Straight Thinking. P.E. Meehl, Why Summaries of Research on a Psychological Theory are Often Uninterpretable. D.W. Fiske, Macropsychology and Micropsychology: Natural Categories and Natural Kinds. D.E. Wiley, Test Validity and Invalidity Revisited. J.B. Carroll, A. Meade, E.S. Johnson, Test Analysis With the Person Characteristic Function: Implications for Defining Abilities. G.C. Gleser, L. Crespo da Silva, A Multivariate Generalizability Approach to MMPI Profiles. S. Messick, Psychology and Methodology of Response Styles. D.T. Campbell, C.S. Reichardt, Problems in Assuming the Comparability of Pretest and Posttest in Autoregressive and Growth Models. D. Rogosa, Examining ATI Analyses Using Models for Individual Growth and Models for Individual Differences in Response to Intervention. R.E. Snow, The Concept of Aptitude. R.L. Thorndike, Is There Any Future for Intelligence? J.T. Hastings, Tyler's Behavioral Objectives: Background Sources, Early Use, and Some Streamoffs. R.W. Tyler, Developing Tests to Assist in the Improvement of Education. V. Shute, R. Glaser, An Intelligent Tutoring System for Exploring Principles of Economics. H. Azuma, In Illinois and Japan: Lee Cronbach as a Mentor. L. Burstein, M. M. Ravitch, R.J. Shavelson, N.N. Webb, "I'm Sorry But...": Our Intellectual Heritage from Lee Cronbach. L.J. Cronbach, Methodological Studies--A Personal Retrospective.

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