Impress Faith on Your Kids

Impress Faith on Your Kids

by Mark Holmen

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Parents want to be involved in the spiritual development of their kids, but where do they begin? How can we help them? Mark Holmen points out that passing your faith to the next generation is significant and encourages parents to build their home on Deuteronomy 6:7. Going beyond the why of passing faith to the next generation, the author gives practical tools for parents to use in sharing faith with their children. His desire for parents to succeed is evident as he shares personal letters with a parent who struggles, as all parents do, to practice this in daily life. Parents will gain a better understanding of God's plan for passing faith to the next generation and learn practical ways to make it happen in their homes. Each chapter ends with discussion questions for individual or small group study.

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ISBN-13: 9781614840602
Publisher: Randall House
Publication date: 04/19/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 128
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About the Author

Mark A. Holmen is a husband, father, pastor, coach, speaker and author of numerous books including "Church + Home" and his ever popular "Faith Begins At Home" line of books for parents. Mark previously served as the Senior Pastor of Ventura Missionary Church and during those years he developed and implemented a model for becoming a Faith@Home focused church that has grown into a national and international Faith@Home movement supported by Willow Creek Association, Randall House and Focus on the Family. Mark, his wife Maria, and daughter live in Ventura, California where they now serve as full-time missionaries for the Faith@Home movement. Visit Mark at

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During the past 15 years of ministry, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with thousands of parents. I can say with complete conviction that I do not believe we have bad parents today. In fact, I believe just the opposite: today we have parents who are absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to be the best parents they can be, seeking to establish a more stable houshold than the one they grew up in. Why is that the case? Because the majority of young adults who are becoming parents today grew up in broken or dysfunctional families with marginally committed parents. As a result, they have seen first-hand the pain this can cause a child. Thus, many young adults today are waiting longer to marry and have children because they don't want to make the same mistakes their parents made. I often here, "I am not going to put my kids through what I had to go through. I'm going to be a better parent." And that's my starting point. You don't want to simply be a good or average parents, but I believe you want to be the very best parent possible. But what would qualify someone to declare, "I'm a great parent"? A great parent is one who leads his/her children into life not death.

Table of Contents

Introduction; Chapter 1 Good or Bad Pudding?; Chapter 2 Do This So That; Chapter 3 Don't Do This; Chapter 4 True Love; Chapter 5 Impress Them; Chapter 6 Talk the Talk; Chapter 7 Walk the Walk; Conclusion

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RevHewett More than 1 year ago
I love when I get the opportunity to sit down & read books. Recently I have decided that no matter what I read I will be writing my thoughts down about what I personally took away from the author. Now. the first project seemed kind of weird seeing as how I read a book entitled Impress Faith on Your Kids by Mark Holmen. In these kinds of books I will try to not only comment what I think about the information (since I can't comment on being a parent . because I'm not a parent). Instead, I will try to give some commentary on what I find to be most beneficial from my stand point. I will write reviews according to my knowledge of God's Word & whether such books are deemed, by me, a good resource for ministers who are in similar positions as I - not having kids. The Review: Mark Holmen's book Impress Faith on Your Kids is a great resource for many people - whether you be a minister without kids or huge family. Through the book, Mark offers not only practical advice, but gives ideas for certain practices that can be applied within the home. The advice & practices are all supported Biblically & are presented in a way that makes this book great for personal use within an individual family. If you are a minister in search of resources or need a way to present the D6 model to parents of your congregation then this is an ideal read. Mark also includes very personal letters to the readers & discussion questions that would make this book a good resource for a small group of people trying to implement the D6 model into their families. Impress Faith on Your Kids is written in a very readable way that connects to the minds of people needing the information from a mind that has digested & lived the information first-hand. From identifying what it is to be a 'great parent' to the transition D6 requires to the problems Christian parents face, Mark discusses very well what the families in our churches in America can establish to start their journey to being a D6 family.