Imposter!: Get OUT Of Me! I Know Who I AM!

Imposter!: Get OUT Of Me! I Know Who I AM!

by Gladys L. Agwai


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You are an IMPOSTER and it's time to get real and recognize who you truly are! Throughout your life you have been an impersonator, a fake, a pretender when living your life. You are impersonating the life of others, the direction of others, or defined by others. You choose dreaming about a life you saw on TV. You pretend you are in control of your life yet you are so out of control. You fake happiness, joy, laughter, and success. You have been playing different roles depending on the situation and circumstances. How is that working for you! For me, it wasn't working. I felt powerless to be me. The real me. The authentic me! How about you? You now can get your power back to live your life authentically. I have been liberated and want you to feel it as well.
STOP putting a shade over your light playing small when you have the power within you to have a much greater impact on your life and the lives of others. It has become imperative in our global society that we expand our thinking, competitive edge, and our lifestyles from a simple local to global perspective. Sometimes life and environmental circumstances make it "seem" impossible to achieve personal and business aspirations. However, more often, we simply don't organize ourselves to turn our aspirations into reality - and then "wake up" and find that life and our competitors have passed us. By taking this journey of self-discovery igniting the fire within you, you will discover your authentic self and set in motion wisdom choices to affect the change in you to be liberated to live!
What's the caveat? You MUST do the work! No one can do it for you to get the results you really want. You have put the work in for everyone else - family, job, church - but not paid enough attention on you and what you want, why, and what you are willing to do to achieve it. Ignite the Fire Within Through Self-Discovery will 1) help you gain clarity through discovery of your innate gifts; 2) organize yourself by creating a strategic plan of action to lead you to success as you define it; 3) recognize and eliminate your mind viruses (negative thinking) that block your success along with those that will lead to your success; 4) and exploit your talents highest potential through global thinking and actions. This program is a holistic approach resulting in a balanced, authentic, and successful overall lifestyle. Ignite Within's Self-Discovery program will provide you with the information, motivation, support, and accountability required to authentically live your life on purpose, bring energy and joy into all that you do.

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ISBN-13: 9780692829776
Publisher: Amazon
Publication date: 02/21/2017
Pages: 56
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About the Author

Gladys Agwai is Founder and CEO of Ignite Within transitioning after 30 years as a corporate executive within IBM. Ignite Within moves its clients away from their fears to live and work in their highest purpose. After 30 years as a corporate executive leader within IBM in the US, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya, across multiple industries and functions, she leveraged her experiences to make this non-fear based transformative transition as a business owner.
As a John Maxwell International Certified Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Strategist, she provides inspirational and progressive enrichment programs to optimize individuals and businesses in the areas of self and business discovery, leadership strategies and values, transformative non-fear based transitions, and business strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Management and Human Resources.
Gladys has had a positive impact on others through the mentoring and coaching of individuals and over 100 small businesses' growth and development. She has also worked with women who were homeless and imprisoned on transformation strategies. Gladys has always had a passion for working with teenage girls and became a foster parent of adolescents and established the Girls Ignited program for high school students. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother and enjoys inspirational reading and beach vacations.

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