Imperative Life Questions of Truth and Consciousness: A Journey That Is Ever Changing...But Never Ending

Imperative Life Questions of Truth and Consciousness: A Journey That Is Ever Changing...But Never Ending

by Kevin McCorkle, Stephen Williams


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In each of our experiences, we come into this realm of being with a very limited remembrance or consciousness of the reality of who and what we truly are, both on an individual and collective basis. We are thrust, headlong into a world full of other beings that suffer from this same “truth” amnesia.

From here, we start the journey of our true self remembrance. A journey of our own creation, of life experience divinely designed to lead us back to the home that we only believed we left. Back, to the internal knowing of our connection to all of life. All of creation, that collectively make up this creative force from which we are fooled into believing we are separate from…that which we call God.

The journey of creation. The journey that is ever changing…but never ending.

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ISBN-13: 9781452521206
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/23/2014
Pages: 272
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Imperative Life Questions of Truth and Consciousness

A Journey That Is Ever Changing ... But Never Ending

By Kevin McCorkle, Stephen Williams

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2014 Kevin McCorkle & Stephen Williams
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-2120-6


The Box

"When we do not understand our true nature, or are unconscious of Truth, it is as if we are trapped within the confines of our own mentality. A mental "Box" that clouds us from our truest potential." - Kevin McCorkle

Before we were brought into this current life experience, there was already in existence, an established realm of unconsciousness, or unawareness of the Truth of who and what we are, and our purpose for being here. This is the realm that we like to refer to as "The Box". Or, the mental self-created enclosure, that we are unaware of, that we construct. That only serves to cloud our minds from our truest reality.

From our first breath, we begin to be bombarded with information. This information, or "story", of who and what we are, did not come forth in a short period of time. In fact, quite the contrary is true. This story, has been handed down, and mentally accepted, from generation to generation. Our parents were told by their parents, their parents were told by their parents, and on and on back through the ages of our ancestry. So long, in fact, that it has strongly solidified or engrained these beliefs into our mentalities.

These are the beliefs that we end up choosing to use to create and shape our own, personal, as well as collective, life experiences. We strictly adhere to these beliefs because down through the ages, most of us have simply not brought forth the courage to question any of it. I mean, if this is the way, it has been for so long, carried forward by so many, then, who am I to question any of it? Right?

If we were to question any of it, then it would bring all of it, or all of those beliefs, into question. Not to mention, all whom have repeatedly handed it forward. That thought, of all of the judgement and condemnation that would be associated with that act, would certainly be deemed as a blatant dishonor and disrespect to our very lineage. This, as well as the culture that it has formed.

This being so unthinkable, that it can only provoke fear. To face that fear, would be to say that maybe our ancestors were misguided or perhaps they got it distorted somehow. It would be to face the very accountability of your own Self having to somehow come to, and embrace what is Actually True. It would mean to have true faith in your own ability to receive the information within, (True Faith in the God Within). This would only serve to challenge all of that family, (as well as cultural), history that has always told us that we are not connected to God.

Therefore most would assume that any individual, (that wasn't anointed to do so), could do so, and would certainly be acting or talking out "against" God. This would certainly be blasphemy in the judgmental eyes of those who have only perpetuated this whole illusion.

And so, like helpless, mindless sheep, that can only seem to follow the massive herd, we surrender our Self reliance. We relent it to all that we have been told, and we proceed accordingly. This surrendering of our Self-reliance causes us to choose to base our mental Life-foundation or the mentality from which we begin to draw and create our own life experience, on what we have only chosen to believe to be true from the elders of our family of cultural ancestry. We are essentially given a name and led by the hand into a world, that through unconsciousness, reinforces it's own accepted limitations.

When we are in the womb, we need nothing. Everything is automatically done for us, and we have no concept of limitation, because we have just been brought forth by the Divine energy that has created All. It needs nothing, and only operates from the divine realm of possibility. It was not the intent of our parents to breed us into a state of mental enslavement that would only have us forget this truth. However, they, like us, have only been led into this state. So, we unwittingly choose what all of our so-called role models bring to us, via their words, actions, mentalities and behaviors.

Now, you may ask yourself, how is it that such young children can be capable of making a choice? "They are just children." It is not that children willingly allow themselves to be led into unconsciousness. It's just that they are unaware that there is a better choice to be made.

The process is that once children come forth, they simply start to mentally forget the perfection and divinity that just brought them forth. With all that is pushed on us, from all of the various sources we are exposed to, our minds are trained to accept that our identity lies somewhere within all that we are told and shown.

The collective mentality of our society would have us believe this is obtained from outside of us. So much so, that our minds carry our thoughts farther and farther away from the Truth. Away from our original nature.

This is where "The Box" begins to take it's form. The walls begin to take shape, slowly creating an enclosure for the illusion from the instilled belief that life is confined by limitations. As we grow, we are exposed to multiple sources of influence that continually reinforce the mind's complete emergence into this illusion.

These other influencing sources, the nails that hold the walls together, include our schools, religions, governments, media, etc... These entities perpetuate altered-ego illusion because they are all products of altered-ego illusory thinking. This is the basis of the false sense of self that we know as the altered-ego.

The altered-ego is our false sense of who we believe we are, or our false identity. It causes us to base our self-worth on external factors, such as what we do, what we have, or what others think of us. The reality is that these are all mainly thought processes, or trained ways of thinking, that have been strengthened, perpetuated, and handed down from unconscious minds to other unconscious minds.

This occurs without the understanding of awareness, or consciousness, of the truly unaltered ego of our divine nature. This is our eternal connection to the Source of all of creation. It causes us to believe that we are separate from everything, each other, and that we are separate from our Creator.

The Source, or God, is whole, perfect and complete and needs nothing. This is because it is the consciousness, or platform, from which All that Is, is created. This misaligned, unconsciously chosen mental state of the altered human ego is the root of all forms of discord that we create and experience with ourselves, other humans, and the nature of our planet. Hence the importance of the understanding that we are bringing forth with these writings. It is this altered-ego which is the lid that holds the content of the mental illusion in place.

Because we are unaware of our ability to choose what it is that we create and thus experience, we buy into, or accept these false beliefs, and find ourselves smack in the middle of the box with our altered-egos starting to firmly take hold. Once the altered-ego has obscured our minds, it tells us all about the limitations of our mental box. Fear of what may be outside of this "box", keeps us operating from within it's confines. After all, if it's contents are not a part of everything that Is, then what exactly is All of this that is outside of "The Box" anyway? Where did All that come from?

Because the altered-ego is self-sustaining, it must be fully enclosed from the light of Truth. This means that for the altered-ego to exist, it must fully close itself off from the Truth or face non-existence. As long as we allow the proverbial "lid" of the box to remain sealed, then we are destined to experience the self-created consequences of pain, suffering, lack, discontent, discord, fear and death that the box holds.

These are only serving to break us out of what we have constructed in the first place. This is because we have accepted this misaligned, and therefore misguided foundation of belief, as opposed to our internal knowing of the reality of what truly Is the bases of what we bring forth.

So, with our thinking being the foundation of what it is that we are creating and therefore experiencing, ask yourself this question, if the foundation of what we are creating and therefore experiencing is misaligned with Truth, then what is this saying about what we are creating and experiencing?

Is it logical to believe that this process can truly bring forth what we desire? Or is it logical to know that the process can only serve to continually bring about what we do not desire, so we change it? Could this change realign us with our core Truth? And if we realign with our core Truth, will we then change what we think and then create and experience, as a process to lead ourselves into what we desire?

It is the intent of our writings to bring us into the remembrance of Truth, which lives within. We desire that it may do what it is designed to do, which is to destroy the proverbial "Box", and set us free.

"We all possess the power of God. In fact, it is what we are. For most humans, our false state is like being imprisoned in a cell, (the unconsciousness of the altered-ego), with the key lying right in front of us, (The Truth). We must simply embrace what we have, (The Key-Truth), and set ourselves free from our prison, (the unconsciousness of the altered-ego). This is the very essence of what Jesus meant when he said, "The Truth shall set you free." Free indeed, from this self created box that holds the illusion of our limitations." - Kevin McCorkle


The Life Illusion

"Like the weary traveler in the desert, who desperately longs for their thirst to be quenched, we desperately stumble through our lives, ever striving to reach a false destiny, (or mirage), only to find that what we perceived as fulfillment was but an illusion all along. Not realizing that our true fulfillment, true destiny, was within us all the while." - Kevin McCorkle

As a result of the creation of our mental confinement within this "story" that we have unconsciously chosen, we begin to define ourselves with a continuously instilled, misaligned, false mentality. A mentality that tells us, that all that we are able to obtain in this experience of life is to be pulled from, or obtained from somewhere outside of us. A mentality that keeps us from being accountable for the very creation of what it is that we desire.

It falsely tells us that there is always a step, procedure or ritual that must be accomplished in order to create, or "have", an enjoyable life experience. These steps include; joining with particular people, places, or things. In other words, we believe that there is always something that we must "do", to "have" anything, and until we "have" what we want or believe we need, we cannot seem to "get to" this thing that we call happiness.

For example, many would say, "if I could only get that job, then I would have the money necessary to be happy." That job finally comes along, and it is not long before the person realizes that there is another position, making more money, that would better fill what seems to be a void of happiness.

"If I could only be with this person, then, what seems to be a vacancy of love, would be filled." Then it's not long after being with the person they perceived as the love of their life, that they start to notice the attributes of another that would better fill the falsely perceived vacancy of love.

"If I could only have that house, in that affluent neighborhood, then, what I perceive to be my circle of success would be complete." Then, it's not long before we see a bigger house in a more affluent neighborhood, that it seems would better complete our circle of success.

What we are not aware of at this point, is what we are saying in reality. We are saying that what I Am, is not enough. It's as if to say that just in my "being" who it is that I Am, I Am not enough. That the pure piece of creation that Source has brought forth, needs to somehow be added to, to be complete. Wouldn't this be to say that God did not give us all that we need? That his creation is incomplete? We do not realize just how powerful these creative statements pertaining to ourselves can be. Think about that.

We have already stated that what we think, we create. So it stands to reason, that if we think that any particular thing is needed to get to happiness, then the supporting thought is that I do not "have" happiness. The truth is that you can only experience what you have, and what you have, is actually rooted in what you Are. What you Are, is a piece of All that Is.

If we do not deem that happiness is already incorporated in what we Are, then we will continually seek happiness, thinking that we do not already possess it. So, if the thought is that I don't have happiness, then how can I ever experience it? As it is said, there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

In our wanting for these things, our creative power is wasted. Wasted in the creation of experiences that validate what it is that we "want", as opposed to creating experiences based on the bringing forth of what it is that we all have. Based on the reality that we can only bring forth that which we Are, we can never truly want anything, because everything is already there. It is only a question of what we choose to utilize of it. Be it person, place, thing or even experience, it will always be a reflection ultimately of what we always Are, or we could not bring it forth.

So if what is desired is a change of experience, then what we choose to utilize of our power must reflect what it is that we truly desire. Because the function, movement and operation of every experienced moment, is a reflection of the very way in which we operate at a constant anyway.

What is being brought to light here, is that the act of "wanting", in the manner we currently perceive it to be, is really just another form of judgment. Judgment of our created experience, based on our chosen perceptions. And any judgement of anything, makes everything that one thing it is being judged as. Remember that it is all ultimately the same One thing.

You may be asking yourself, how did we come up with such an unusual idea? It is simple. It always goes back to duality; right and wrong, good and evil, upper and lower, pretty and ugly, etc... It is the mentality of opposites. You see, when All of it is "All One" and the same thing, (God), then any accusation, (judgement), outside of that God reality, makes it untrue. Therefore, we then judge the people, places and things that we want in our lives, and how we want to experience them.

When judged as "good", versus what we are currently experiencing, which apparently must be judged as "bad", we will only create a further mental misalignment. The result will only bring forth the next phase of desired "good things", that seem to be fulfilled. How these misalignments are encountered, (in due time), will be judged as "bad", causing the "good" to be away from us again. So guess what? The chase continues. Leaving our moment of now with a false idea that it is without fulfillment, seemingly incomplete and less than perfect.

This continues to cause a recreation of our experience, to unfold in a perceived unwholistic manner, to back up our false mental claim of "it's" imperfection. This is no matter how much we think that this time, these items, and/or experiences will be the one/ones that is/are continuously satisfactory and fulfilling. Or shall we say, "the end all, be all, of all that Life can be".

As if to say that these things have seemingly filled our constructed mental "box". That same "box" that we spoke of in the previous chapter. As the saying goes, "Once you have received and are experiencing what you have told yourself you "want", then what?" Or, once we have seemingly filled that "box", then what of all that is outside of it?

This means that once we all realize that our search for what we think we are missing, is what's responsible for keeping us in an unconscious state of need, we then can mentally release what we are now aware of as "untrue". This is true no matter how much we've collected of those "at one time better things".

Now we can allow that which is true of ourselves, Wholeness, Completeness and Perfection, to then be "ItSelf" at a constant. So that it may automatically flourish in every one of our moment to moment experiences. Causing our heart's desires to always be fulfilled, without the chase and the idea that we are without. Making every moment of now, as well as, this moment of now, eternally "good".

Thus, the reason for the above statement, "we can never truly want anything", but the wholeness, fullness and completeness of that which brought us forth. Did God not state that we were created in his likeness? Does God "need" anything? Does God "not have" anything? Is God not happy?

Why is it that many of those people, whom we perceive to have the most, or all of the attributes that we believe create happiness ... are depressed, in rehab, hooked on drugs or even suicidal? And if it is depression we are experiencing, then what exactly is it that is being depressed? Depression is a feeling that is taking place within us. What in essence is it, that is within us, that is experiencing this feeling of depression? Obviously, it has to be the soul.


Excerpted from Imperative Life Questions of Truth and Consciousness by Kevin McCorkle, Stephen Williams. Copyright © 2014 Kevin McCorkle & Stephen Williams. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
Chapter 1: The Box, 3,
Chapter 2: The Life Illusion, 8,
Chapter 3: The Birth Of The Altered-Ego, 15,
Chapter 4: The Illusion Of Division/Separation, 19,
Chapter 5: Creations Of The Mind, 24,
Chapter 6: Fear/Loss, 26,
Chapter 7: Dis-ease, 32,
Chapter 8: Death, 37,
Chapter 9: Authority, 43,
Chapter 10: Education, 47,
Chapter 11: Modern Day Slavery/The Enslavement Of Self, 52,
Chapter 12: Greed, 56,
Chapter 13: Established Religion, 67,
Chapter 14: The Bible, 74,
Chapter 15: Faith, 83,
Chapter 16: The Devil, 89,
Chapter 17: Sin, 111,
Chapter 18: Jesus, 130,
Chapter 19: Eternal Life, 141,
Chapter 20: God/Source, 145,
Chapter 21: Accountability, 163,
Chapter 22: Within, 169,
Chapter 23: Love, 175,
Chapter 24: The Relationship, 182,
Chapter 25: Social Consciousness: The Created Life-Energy Matrix, 191,
Chapter 26: Consciousness, 205,
Chapter 27: Change, 216,
Chapter 28: Possibility, 225,
Chapter 29: Perfection, 230,
Chapter 30: Freedom, 236,
Epilogue, 249,
Afterword, 255,

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