The Illustrated History of the First Crusades: A fascinating account of the first, second and third campaigns to win Jerusalem, illustrated with over 300 fine-art paintings

The Illustrated History of the First Crusades: A fascinating account of the first, second and third campaigns to win Jerusalem, illustrated with over 300 fine-art paintings

by Charles Phillips, Craig Taylor


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In 1096 five great armies left Europe to answer the call from Pope Urban II to ride to the rescue of their fellow Christians in the East, and free the Holy City of Jerusalem from the 'infidels'. After gruelling marches, bitter infighting, desperate privation and brutal battles this first 'crusade' culminated in the triumphant capture of Jerusalem and the establishment of a Christian kingdom in Palestine and Syria that survived until 1291. The second crusade, begun in 1147 and the third, begun in 1189, were less successful but still full of the same fervour, high hopes and soaring ambition as the first. This book covers all three crusades in detail, following the journeys, events, battles and leaders of all three. The crusades were led by princes and kings who became involved for the good of their souls or earthly reputations, but they were dependent on the knights and entourages who fought for precedence and wealth almost as fiercely as they fought the enemy, and all were bolstered by the visionaries and priests who inspired devotion and sacrifice. These different players and their stories are all explored, as well as special sections on the fortresses they erected and the kingdoms they established. Historians argue over the character and legacy of the crusades, but what is certain is that they hold an enduring fascination for modern readers. The crusaders' enterprise retains a heroic element, a seemingly impossible objective entered into with enormous faith, self-belief and courage. However, if the crusades did have a noble and even heroic side, they also cast a deeply troubling shadow across the ages, and studying the causes and events of these medieval wars of faith remains highly relevant. This book discusses all aspects of these turbulent times, and evokes the colourful spirit of the period in over 300 illustrations.A highly visual account of the early years of the crusades, with a detailed examination of the first, second and third crusades, and the taking of Jerusalem Brings to life a turbulent period of history, and explores the religious fervour, motivation and ambitions of the crusading knights and their followers Offers not only a thrilling account of the epic journeys, ferocious battles and punishing sieges of the crusades, but also a fascinating insight into the political and religious complexities of the period Features the larger-than-life knights of the first crusades including Bohemond of Taranto, Robert of Jerusalem, Godfrey of Bouillon, Tancred Prince of Galilee and Richard the Lionheart, and discusses the controversies that still surround them Richly illustrated with images of the armies, leaders, battles, victories and defeats of these warriors, together with the lands they travelled across and the forces they confronted

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ISBN-13: 9781844769612
Publisher: Southwater
Publication date: 02/16/2012
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Pages: 160
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About the Author

Charles Phillips is an established writer of popular history and the author of The Kings and Queens of Ancient Britain (also published by Southwater). He was a contributor to Cassell's Dictionary of Modern Britain and Ancient Civilizations; and illustrated histories published by Dorling Kindersley, Guinness and Marshall Editions. He has a keen interest in British history and the story of the Royal Family and was a key writer of Time Life's Myth and Mankind series, which blends mythology with the art and history of ancient cultures. Charles is a graduate of Oxford University and holds an MA from the University of Westminster, London.Dr Craig Taylor is a Lecturer in Medieval History, and a Fellow of both the Societe de l'Histoire de France and the Royal Historical Society. He works on political thought and public discourse in late medieval France and England, chivalry and the Hundred Years War.

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