If You Don't Already Have a Look

If You Don't Already Have a Look

by The DirtbombsThe Dirtbombs


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"The best albums are all compilations, anyway. Why? Because they're made up of SINGLES, duh," Mick Collins writes in his liner notes to the If You Don't Already Have a Look collection of various 7" sides, compilation tracks, and unreleased items, and you've got to admit that Collins walks it like he talks it. The Dirtbombs have released three albums and about twenty 7"ers (by themselves or as splits) during their first decade of doing the rock thing, and while the 2001 album Ultraglide in Black still stands as their most impressive sustained effort, if you're only going to own one Dirtbombs item during the course of your lifetime, If You Don't Already Have a Look may well be the way to go. Disc one features 29 Dirtbombs originals, disc two offers up 23 inspired covers, and if you want to hear Collins and his partners in crime letting loose with the full range of their sonic possibilities and influences, this set boasts a little bit of everything they do. You want punk rock? Cue up "Words That Hurt." You wanna hear some cool neo-Britpop? Try "Encrypted." Need a deliciously sleazy ode to the joys of summer, teenage style? "Cedar Point '76" fills the bill. How about some straight-up noise? "Brucia I Cavi" merits your attention. Gotta have a kick-ass car song? You need "High Octane Salvation." In the market for a glorious non-electronic Rolling Stones mash-up? The cover of "No Expectations" will make you smile. Solid '60s-style R&B your thing? "The Sharpest Claws" should be on your list. Wanna hear the greatest Lou Rawls cover ever? " A Natural Man" is track nine on disc two. Mick Collins has ruffled the feathers of a few fanzine writers here and there for loudly insisting the Dirtbombs are not a garage band, but while there's plenty of loud, fuzzy, sweat-soaked rock on If You Don't Already Have a Look, this set captures the group's almost schizophrenic eclecticism in grand style, and proves he's got a point -- this is band that can head out in five directions at once while still maintaining their sonic identity and rocking the house, and you can hear that on each track of If You Don't Already Have a Look. Points added for a derisive Tori Spelling reference.

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Release Date: 05/31/2005
Label: In The Red Records
UPC: 0759718512724
catalogNumber: 127
Rank: 78753


Disc 1

  1. Theme from the Dirtbombs
  2. The Sharpest Claws
  3. Stuck Under My Shoe
  4. I'm Saving Myself for Nichelle Nichols (No. 3)
  5. Here Comes That Sound Again
  6. High Octane Salvation
  7. Cedar Point '76
  8. Little Miss Chocolate Syrup
  9. Headlights On
  10. Never Licking You Again
  11. Don't Bogue My High
  12. Encrypted
  13. (I'm Not Your) Scratchin' Post
  14. Broke in Detroit (Again)
  15. Merit
  16. Trainwreck
  17. Infra-Red
  18. Jolene
  19. Candyass
  20. Pray for Pills
  21. All My Friends
  22. She Played Me Like a Booger
  23. They Hate Us in Scandinavia
  24. They Saved Einstein's Brain
  25. Correspondence
  26. Tina Louise
  27. Brucia I Cavit
  28. Words That Hurt
  29. My Last Christmas

Disc 2

  1. Possession
  2. Maybe Your Baby
  3. Brand New Game
  4. I'll Be in Trouble
  5. Lupita Screams
  6. By My Side
  7. No Expectations
  8. I Feel Good
  9. Natural Man
  10. Noise in This World
  11. Kiss Kiss Kiss
  12. Refried Dreams
  13. Insecure Me
  14. Mystified
  15. My Love for You
  16. You Don't Mean It
  17. I Want, Need, Love You
  18. Ha Ha Ha
  19. Tanzen Gehn
  20. Crash Down Day
  21. Lost Love
  22. What You've Got
  23. I Started a Joke

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Dirtbombs   Primary Artist
Tommy Potter   Bass Guitar
Jim Diamond   Bass,Bass Guitar
Patrick Pantano   Drums
Matthew Smith   Bass
Troy Gregory   Bass,Bass Guitar
Matt Smith   Bass Guitar
Scott Michalski   Drums
Chris Fachini   Drums
Adam Renshaw   Drums
Ben Blackwell   Drums
Tom Lynch   Bass,Bass Guitar
Dion Fischer   Fuzz Guitar
Mick Collins   Guitar,Vocals,Group Member
Ryan Pritts   Drums
Cathy Carroll   Drums
Tom Potter   Fuzz Guitar
Ko Shih   Bass Guitar,Fuzz Guitar
Deanne Iovan   Fuzz Guitar
Nick Lloyd   Drums
Joe Greenwald   Fuzz Guitar
Patrick Keeler   Drums
Gisella Albertini   Drums
Chris Handyside   Drums
Paul Something   Drums
Dion Fletcher   Bass Guitar
Ewolf   Drums
Joe Greenwald   Bass Guitar
Dana Spicer   Bass Guitar
Chris Fachini   Drums
Deann Iovann   Bass Guitar
Benjamin Jesse Blackwell   Drums

Technical Credits

English Beat   Composer
Mick Jagger   Composer
Ohio Players   Composer
Bobby Hebb   Composer
Rokko   Composer
Klaus Hirschburger   Composer
Bruce Lose   Composer
Joel Diamond   Composer
Libraness   Composer
Mick Collins   Liner Notes
Nicola Kuperus   Composer
S.A. Baron   Composer

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