An Idiot Girl's Christmas: True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List

An Idiot Girl's Christmas: True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List

by Laurie Notaro

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IT’S LAURIE NOTARO’S HOLIDAY HANDBOOK. PREPARE TO LAUGH YOUR TINSEL OFF.It’s the most wonderful–and most dreadful–season of the year, when boxes of truffles attack your thighs, drunken holiday revelers stay long past their welcome, and your grandmother has conniptions at the department store over the price of hand lotion. Welcome to Laurie Notaro’s Christmastime. In ten brand-new stories and three previously published favorites, Notaro shares the sidesplitting daily disasters of the holidays, like finding herself on emergency feminine product recon at midnight on Christmas Eve; surrendering to the inevitable Horrible Gift Parade by simply asking for holiday dish towels and giant white underpants from Sears; battling the morons in line at the Seventh Circle of Hell, otherwise known as the do-it-yourself craft store; and trying to live down her reputation as the Most Unfun Christmas Party Guest Ever, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding involving a fake overdose and emergency paramedics. So whether you find yourself at the Dull and Smart Party or the Raucous and Stupid Party this holiday season, you’ll always know where to find Laurie–just follow the chocolate trail over to the cheese platter. She’ll be the one dialing the cops.

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ISBN-13: 9781588365071
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/01/2005
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Laurie Notaro loves Christmas, despite the fact that last year she was the unfortunate recipient a jar of previously owned bath salts and an XXL sweater with a snowman on it. She does not adhere to the saying “It’s the thought that counts” when the thought is “If I clean it off and put a bow on it, she won’t know I used this,” but she does think it’s funny to call out on the Holy Night, “Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!” because it makes her mother mad. This is her fifth book.

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What I Really Want for Christmas

This year, I’ve finally come face-to-face with the truth: I’m getting crap for Christmas. I guess it really shouldn’t bother me, and should come as absolutely no surprise. I always get crap for Christmas. I, however, do not get as much crap as my friend Kate does when she goes home to Minnesota for the holidays, and then she has to haul all of the crap halfway across the continental United States.

This year, to avoid the disappointment of asking for a leather jacket and getting a windbreaker with a reindeer on it instead (last year’s tragedy), Kate has determined that she will beat her family at their own game. She is a genius.

We were out to dinner when she unfolded her ultimate plan of brilliancy. “Last night, my mom called and asked what I wanted for Christmas,” Kate said. “And I thought for a minute, and I really wanted to say, ‘It doesn’t matter, because you’ll just get me the first thing you see with a sale sticker on it at Wal-Mart.’ And then I decided, why be disappointed? I’m never going to get what I ask for, so I told my mom, ‘What I really want is some dish towels with puffy decals on them, preferably of a Christmas character, the cheapest washcloths ever made, and the biggest, whitest pairs of underwear you can find at Sears. That’s what I want.’ ”

According to Kate, her mother giggled with delight. “Ooooh,” she cooed, “that will be easy!”

So I’m taking the same route. This year, I’ve made my list and I’ve checked it twice, so this one’s for you, Mom, who never fails to get me enough white cotton briefs to outfit a convent for a whole year, and other people who see fit to unload the Crap Wagon on me on what is SUPPOSED to be the Happiest Day of the Year. It is the DISNEYLAND OF DAYS, but I always end up hauling shit home that belongs only on a shelf at Goodwill. And no, it is not the thought that counts when the thought is “Only a little is missing. She’ll never know I used this.”

What I Really Want For Christmas

by Laurie Notaro

What I really want for Christmas is a Big Mouth Billy Bass or a Travis the Singing Trout. The more the better, especially now that they’re available in outlet stores for ninety-nine cents, being that their novelty has worn a rut into the ground deeper than the Oregon Trail. I could hang them on my wall all together, like they would be in real life in a lake. They are the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and I never get tired of hearing them sing.

Pick out a whimsical hat for me, something you’ve never seen another person wear that just beckons to you from the hat stand as you point to it and exclaim in uncontained excitement, “THAT is Laurie!” If it resembles something a character from the classic ensemble Fat Albert or Captain Stubing of The Love Boat would wear or something you’ve seen on a pimp, it probably belongs on my head. If it has feathers on it, all the better—after all, who knows my style better than people who don’t even know that acrylic gives me hives, and will be expecting me to wear it when they come to visit.

Always on my list is a scrumptious delicacy from my mother’s favorite Wax Candle Baked Goods store. I don’t know where my mother found a wax store that specializes in baked-goods and pastry candles, but she did. Good work, Mom! Mmmm, mmmmm, just imagine a whole box of cupcakes—moist, rich chocolate cake underneath a virtual mushroom cloud of marvelous buttercream frosting, bursting with a delicious, irresistible cupcake smell. And I mean bursting, filling up rooms of the house like you’ve just baked them. It’s the perfect diet food, because biting into one is like biting into Jennifer Lopez’s double-decker ass at Madame Tussaud’s, kinda like sinking your choppers into a thick, dense bar of Irish Spring—without the flavor. Yummy yummy. Because having fake cupcakes that smell like real cupcakes around your house all day long every day is just what a fat girl needs to make her carrot-stick-and-cottage-cheese lunch last and last and last until it’s time to peel back the film on her steaming, overcooked-to-the-point-of-dehydration Lean Cuisine dinner. Yummy. I can’t say it enough. YUMMY.

Another thing I really want is chunks of hair from the hair carts at the mall. I want extensions, braids, and a big fake bun. How intriguing would I be, showing up every day with a new hairstyle? One day short, one day long, one day curly, and one day with cornrows? Please, make me beautiful (and mys- terious!) (and blond!) (and redheaded!) (and raven-haired!)! Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful hair! Shining, gleaming, streaming, flaxen, waxen, but most importantly, hair I never have to wash.

This next request may seem impossible, but I know it’s not! I would love every article of clothing you can think of with Tweety Bird on it that you haven’t already given me. Yes, everything! Go to that Warner Bros. clearance rack and just plunder! T-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, a coat, a hat, a windbreaker, sweatpants, tote bag, coasters—anything with Tweety Bird on it would be just incredible, even though I’m not the one who was so fascinated with Tweety Bird that I had him tattooed on my shoulder, it’s my husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Of course, I would enjoy nothing more than getting some really cheap bath crystals, so I could use them when I take a shower because I don’t have a bathtub. If you could get some that smell like Pine-Sol or an old lady’s teeth, I would squeal with glee! Happy piglet would I be. What else would be more relaxing than tossing up a handful of crystals and running around my shower stall so they hit me and stick to me like kitty litter?

Oh, and yes, you guessed it, Christmas socks! If there’s anything that says, “Let’s celebrate the birthday of your Christian Lord,” it’s an acrylic knit with metallic thread and a reinforced toe. I love Christmas socks! I love all kinds of Christmas socks—socks with snowmen, snowflakes, Santa, trees—and if I’ve been really good this year, get me ones with the word “Believe!” stitched right up the side. I BELIEVE in Christmas socks! Christmas socks with bells? Jingly, jolly, and rockin’ with holly! If you could score Baby Jesus socks, my God. Literally! Could I ever come down off that cloud? While you’re in the foot aisle at Safeway buying my Christmas present, take a step to the left and grab a can of Tough Actin’ Tinactin, too, because I’ll want to wear these socks so much you’ll have to kill me to get them off my feet, and eventually I’ll need something for the itch and decomposition of my toes.

Don’t forget a block of monogrammed Lucite, especially one with the meaning of my name documented on it to clear up the mystery and help ground my self-identity: “Laurie: Feminine form of the Late Latin name Laurus, which means ‘laurel,’ which was used to create victors’ garlands. Saint Laura was a ninth-century Spanish martyr, a nun who was thrown into a vat of molten lead by the Moors.” Ho ho ho! That’s right. Nothing says love, class, and Happy Holidays like a clear chunk of plastic teamed up with my name and the inspiring tale of a nun who was boiled to death like a lobster.

If all of the Lucite blocks are already sold out (you can’t take astonishing gifts for granted, you know), do me a favor; go the extra mile and bestow upon me a Rubik’s Cube with your photo on all sides! What’s better than one photo of you? Why, SIX of them! What fun it would be to writhe in the eternal task of spending my spare time putting six of your heads on six of the appropriate bodies! Grand fun, I tell you, grand. The only way I’d have more fun is if I was beating my arms against my body while cloaked in a killer bee colony intent on tickling me all the way into an anaphylactic coma!

If you’re in a jam and suddenly realize that my name has vanished from your shopping list and you never ordered that Six Sides of Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, and Then Me Rubik’s Cube, fear not, do not curse yourself; something from your house is fine, preferably if it’s used. Who wouldn’t mind a little pre-loved bath gel or lotion, or soap that you’ve found a little too fragrant for your tastes? In the immortal words of George W. Bush during the time of overwhelming insurgent attacks in a hostile country, BRING IT ON! Shampoo that’s not for you, pour some sugar on me! I understand that you’ve merely pretested it to make sure it lives up to the standards you set for giving gifts. I totally understand that. Kind of like when people would taste food for kings to make sure it’s not poisoned, except in this case, you spit a little back on the plate is all. That’s all. Just a little spit. What’s a little spit in a heartfelt Christmas gift? So little that you almost can’t tell it’s hardly there at all. Hardly. I would also love little sample soaps and tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner from hotels. Makes me feel like I’ve been on vacation without the expense or the hassle of enjoyment.

And lastly, FREE GIFTS that you’ve received for buying something you wanted are always welcome in my Christmas stocking! After all, if you’re getting a free gift with something you bought, why pay for mine? Why should you fork out moolah for my gift just because I forked out moolah for yours? The look on our faces is payment enough when we open the Choo-Choo Train wall clock that you got as a bonus when you bought the “Riding the Rails” Hobo Train Set you’ve just spent the last hour showing us in great detail despite the fact that we have already seen it multiple times on television since the commercial offering the free Choo-Choo clock with purchase is on what you could term “heavy rotation” during the holiday season. Choo choo! Choo Choo! Every quarter, half, and full hour on the hour, choo choo! Enough to make a peaceful man take up shootin’, or to understand why you’d pass on a perfectly good free gift like this. Free gifts are not always pleasant, let’s remember, like parking tickets and VD.

Well, I can’t wait for Christmas now, as I’m sure everything on my wish list will be bought, ordered, or scavenged from the musty, danky hall closet and all of my dreams will come true. Except for the one in which I’m in a business meeting eating a doughnut and when I look down to brush off the crumbs (oh, there are always crumbs) there’s just a sprinkling of coconut flakes over my big, bare, naked boobs, although I am wearing a watch and a Hope Eternal Diamonique pendant from QVC that my mom got me last year. I hope that dream better not come true. That pendant is so full of fake sparkle it could bring in planes.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. Oh, I forgot one thing: I sure could use some more white cotton briefs, and the bigger the better! We used some of last year’s supply to cover bushes during the last freeze, and also as sheets for the guest bedroom. Toss in some nylon panties, too, because we’re thinking about taking up skydiving.

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Idiot Girl's Christmas: True Tales from the Top of the Naughty List 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
shelly dunn More than 1 year ago
This book had me laughing so hard I was crying. I can not wait to read the others.
emtgirlCV More than 1 year ago
I have to admit this was an enjoyable read, as it made me laugh...a lot:-)What I like was that anyone that has read these tid bit of stories could at least relate to one of them, loved the Christmas list, and the tree story and the taking the revenge out on your mom by leaving it up for a couple of months later ( which never did catch on fire )....BTW Laurie, I would have called 911 on that man that fell over the toilet limp and some what comatose ( you didn't ruin the party.....he did ) However, I did read it for the Christmas stories, not all were about the holidays, so this was disappointing to me, but it was a fun read that was fit in the holiday season.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Her stories are so funny they make you laugh out loud. She writes in such a makes you actually picture it happening. If you want to laugh then read this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I could not put this book down. Read all the way thru one sitting. I love all of Laurie's books. You smile and laugh outloud thru all of them. If you want a light subject to read, and want to laugh, then you will love it.
4daisies on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Laugh out loud funny
kresslya on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
The book starts out fun with stories about her mother and her family, but then it takes a down turn when she starts talking about her husband and their chirstmas party. I only kept reading beacuse I thought it would get better and it didn't. Maybe the other Idiot Girl books are better then this one, other wise why would they be published. This book was a disapointment.
BoundTogetherForGood on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
All right, I hate to admit it. Laurie Notaro makes me laugh. She can be vulgar and childish, yes. That is the reason for my reticence. However, she can also really make me giggle.I have had greater enjoyment from other books she has written. Parts of this book were taken from various other books she wrote in the past; this is a compilation with some new material also, I believe. Laurie shares that she is a clear-lights person with regard to Christmas trees and that she is "tired of living a brightly colored lie." She just isn't afraid to "call them as she sees them"; she says exactly what is on her mind. She writes things that some people would be embarrassed to think. And so I laugh.Here is what happens when she looks to her fiance for some encouragement after meeting his family for the first time at their family Christmas celebration: "'This is horrible, they hate me,' I told him as I handed over some of the presents. 'I think I'd rather have my next Pap smear broadcast over satellite TV or have my credit report published in the paper or just about anything than go back in there."A bit later, whlie explaining how she ruined the entire holiday she writes "I had completely destroyed the family's holiday even further than I had when they thought I was a pregnant, homeless stripper with knotted hair."I really enjoyed her spiel about hating Kmart stores and then finding that she was forced to shop at one on Christmas Eve one year.I have rated this title 3.5* out of 5.0.
kelawrence on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was my first book by this author. It wasn't horrible, but I kind of suspected that this would be a side-splitting adventure, which it wasn't. A few of the chapters made me chuckle, but nothing great. While I would probably read another book by this author if someone offered it, I don't think I would be seeking out this author on my own to purchase another title.
kayceel on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Notaro's stories remind me of a real-life (and much less bad-ass) Stephanie Plum - crazy grandma, many mother arguments, and outrageous situations mined for many laughs.This is a fun read for this time of year!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Her books always make me laugh out loud. My only major gripes are stylistic choices and questionable editing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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